The Survivors (raglak and swaron) Chapter 21

Hey everyone. Sorry for such a looooooooond delay due to my periodic tests and then I forgot the plot.
Chapter 21
Swayam was shocked as his captor did not hit him but threw away the rod. He raised hiso head a little to see what had happened. Lakshya was still struggling but the captors had stopped beating him. A man in jism early 20s was standing in front of them. His face and features looked familiar, like someone had described him. Then it struck his mind. Nairan. He was Naira’s brother. Or was he?
Swayam : Are you Naira’s brother?
Man :yes I am. Unfortunately I am brother of that monster.
Lakshya : don’t call her a monster you ……..

He could not complete as he was slapped immediately. He spat blood on ground due to the force.
Man: why.? Why should I not call her a monster? She got hit by the Dart but lived. Not for a day or to but a wholemail week. And as you met her I must conclude that she lived for 2 months. No normal human can escape the poison that spreads in you body after you get it. She is a monster. She also destroyed Kartik’so conscience. He is not able to diffrentinterview between right and wrong.
Swayam : oh please. Kartik remained with her because he lovedoesn’t and cared for her. He did not fear death. He was ready to die taking care of her.

Man: speech was emotional but not logical . And as you are here,I conclude that Naira is around and you got our death with you. You brought our death but u won’t go from here with life.
Hearing his words the otherror mob members starated beating the two friends . Swayam felt if pain was flowing instead of blood in his body. Every movement caused him to scream. Until he heard the voice” We are attacked.

Precap: a forest fire.

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