Ghar Ek Mandir 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Genda lies to Kundan

Ghar Ek Mandir 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kundan asks Genda who was she hiding from, Genda says I got locked and I got scared and fainted and when I gained conscious I heard your voices and tired opening door again, and it opened, Gopal says and what about lights, Genda says light is flickering from the time I am in shop, Varun says she is right, light is problem in shop, I will repair it. Kundan stops Varun and asks Genda why did she do all this, and why did she go out of house so late and didn’t she think of reputation, and insulted her family again, Gopal says calm down, you should be happy, you were praising Varun and look your daughter in law is taking part too, even if son doesn’t work daughter in law will right, Kundan says hear how people are insulting me Genda and from now on you won’t leave the house late night, you are a daughter in law and you belong in the house and not here in shop or else you know my anger, a man runs shop and woman a house and these are society rules and no one greater than society rules and you need to follow these. People praise Kundan for taking such good stand, Gopal thinks soon people will find Genda works and not Varun and he will be thrown out of community. Kundan says Genda go home, Genda says sorry Papaji, Kundan says Varun take her home.
Genda leaves with Varun.
Maharaji thinks Genda you disappointed me, if you would accept today your further hurdles would be easier but now I have to make you tell the truth.

Kundan in front of whole house, says Anuradha I was praising my son and look what my daughter in law was doing, and daughter in laws in this house don’t feel need to talk to elders, look how they take advantage of freedom.
Kundan says Anuradha did I ever talk to you about shop or think I am negligent, Anuradha says no, Kundan says then why are you short in running this house, look how your daughter in laws are behaving, can’t you handle this house and if you can’t tell me, I will handle it my way, its your last warning. Anuradha says I promise this won’t repeat.

Anuradha says I listen to everyone and so you think you can do anything with me and now before taking any step you will ask me especially Nisha and Genda, you won’t breath without my permission, and when I say no, its a no, this is my house and will work as I want. Genda and Nisha nods yes. Nisha thinks because of her I will have to bear consequences.
Kundan says all go to your room. Genda looks at Varun.

Genda apologize to Varun, and says you told me to take care but I couldn’t, I insulted everyone, Varun says its okay, and you handled everything, and there is so much work left how will we manage now, Genda says let’s start working again, Varun says Genda you heard mummy and if we get caught again it will be very risky. Genda says but the delivery matters, because of our reputation.

Maharaji in his room says Genda you will have to repay for these lies and as punishment you will have to bear more consequences.

Maharaji in his shop gives Hetal’s friend Mohini flowers, and says Hetal told her about him and Agarwals and she is waiting for her Jewellery at Agarwal’s and is very excited, Maharaji says they won’t break your trust. Mohini leaves, Maharaji says Genda soon you and your family will get trapped in these lies.

Kundan in shop, he gets call taht president is here and says will come soon, Kundan sees Varun worried and asks whats wrong, Varun says nothing, Kundan asks is order ready there is delivery in evening and I know it’s ready and now I will go to association meeting and come back.
Kundan leaves, Varun starts panicking, Varun finds locker keys on table

Anuradha sees Nisha and Genda making Kachori, Anuradha says don’t you know Papaji is not allowed to eat a this, Nisha says Genda is making it for Varun, Anuradha says and no one cared to ask me about it, even after a that happened last night, there won’t be different food and all have to eat what is cooked for everyone, and now make food again, Genda asks what about this, Anuradha says give it to poor. Nisha thinks now even she is behind like Papaji and all because of Genda.

Varun tells Hetal’s friends he can’t give delivery now and needs more time, Mohini walks in, Varun says its not ready, and tries to buy more time, Mohini says it was gift for wedding and now give us our advance back we will order from somewhere, Varun begs for more time and not ruin their shops reputation. Customers don’t listen and keep asking for money and ask for Kundan to talk, and insult Varun. Varun says enough, and opens lockers and thinks what should I tell Papa now.

Pre cap: Kundan asks Anuradha for shop keys. Maharaji says to Kundan, people trusted you with delivery, like you trust Varun.
Genda finds locker keys in Varun’s pocket and asks him why didn’t he give it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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