Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol plays an important role in Durga Maa’s puja

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol opening the almari and finding a saree falling down. She recalls Vishu giving her saree and gifting her another saree for next year puja. Kajol smiles. Anurag thinks don’t know what Kajol will do. Kajol thinks Vishu replied to her and wanted her to go to Durga Puja. She thinks she will celebrate Durga Puja this year, and may be Arjun’s truth is out before Naina due to the puja. NGO girl comes to Anurag and asks what is he thinking? Anurag says I am thinking if your Kajol di will come or not. The girl asks her to close her eyes and ask if she will come or not. She gives him flower. Kajol comes to Pishimaa. Pishimaa asks her to have something. Kajol says I will have it after puja and shows the saree, which Baba had given her last year. She says he wanted me to wear this saree this year. Pishimaa says if you want to go, then you can go. Kajol says I will tell Maa, she will understand that it is tribute to baba. Pishimaa stops her and says you told me and it is enough. Kajol says she don’t want any misunderstanding to come between Maa and her. Anurag plucks the flower petals and says if she will come or not.

Shyam tells Chandana that the marriage shall be simple. Naina asks if Baba had left anything for Kajol’s marriage and says her marriage shall be grand. Chandana says Naina is right and says her marriage will be grand. She tells Kajol that she shall not come for marriage and shall make arrangements for money, as you are handling printing press. Kajol tries to speak. Chandana says her head is paining and asks her to make tea. Pishimaa thinks she shall lie to Kajol. Anurag tells the girl that Kajol will come. Pishimaa asks Kajol to go and says I talked to Chandana, and she asked you to go. Kajol asks really? Pishimaa says yes and asks her to get ready fast. She says I just talked to Chandana, don’t tell Naina, else she will stop you. She asks her to tell that she is going to office.

Anurag thinks she will come, if she wanted and asks himself not to think of calling her. Priyanka comes there and waves him hi. He looks at her and goes. Priyanka thinks he has ignored her, but it is not that easy. Pandit ji asks Sharmila to bring mata’s shringaar stuff and her nose ring. Sharmila says ok, I will bring and hopes Kajol would have been here. Priyanka says I will play song for you and dances with the kids. Sharmila comes back and asks Priyanka to stop. She tells Priyanka that this music will not work today. Priyanka looks for Anurag and asks him to dance.

Anurag starts dancing and stops seeing Kajol coming there. The kids bring Kajol inside to dance. Anurag looks at her. They dance. Anurag holds her hand and says thank you so much for coming Kajol. He is actually holding Priyanka’s hand and thanking her. The kids laugh. Priyanka thinks so he is waiting for Kajol.

Pandit ji tells Sharmila that bade Pandit ji can’t come as someone met with an accident in his house. Sharmila says then who will do the puja, as just 10 mins is left for mahurat. Arundita says why Abhishek da has invited Mukherjee family. Arjun says Anurag and Sharmila went to invite them personally. Shreya asks why are you so bothered Arjun? Arjun says I have to bothered for Naina. Shreya taunts him. Ayaan asks him to stop valuing people with their status. Arundita says once Naina comes here, she will not have any relations with her mayka. She says we shall go there, and shall know that what khichdi is cooking between them. Arjun says Kajol will not go, as her mom refused. Anurag tells that he don’t want any hurdles to come in this puja, as my mom used to value this festival. Priyanka says if anyone can decorate Maa’s eyes. Pandit ji says even I can’t do this. Anurag says now who will do it? Kajol comes and says I will do. The kids come to Kajol and greet her. Kajol comes to Sharmila and tells that she will not let any problem come in Anjali Madam’s Durga Puja. Sharmila asks if she can do? Priyanka says Pandit ji said that only an expert can do. Kajol says she has years long practiced. Anurag says you can do it.

Rajesh comes to house and says he wants to discuss with Kajol. Chandana says she must be in office. He says office is closed. Pishimaa signs him not to say, and tells that Kajol said that she is going for school order. Rajesh says I will talk to her and goes. Naina says only Pishimaa knows about Kajol, and says we might get news about her from newspaper tomorrow that she is celebrating with Dr. Anurag.

Priyanka says how can Kajol do it, being a woman. Kajol says Maa has never differentiated between man and woman, and says my baba has taught me. Anurag says we shall change the customs and asks Kajol to go ahead. Tai ji says if Kajol has decided to trap Anurag, then she will go there surely. She asks Arjun, Ayaan and Shreya to go there. Arundita says watch out for her.

Kajol begins designing Durga Maa’s eyes and imagines Vishu helping her. Her hand is shaken up. Anurag goes and holds her hand. Priyanka is upset. Kajol designs Maa’s eyes and smiles. They fold their hands before Durga maa.

Precap: Anurag helps Kajol in preparing food. He tries to make a roti, but shape doesn’t come properly. Kajol watches him. Kajol’s finger gets burned. Anurag blows air at her finger. His friends wonder who is Kajol whom Anurag is helping so much. Priyanka says that he has kept her for puja’s work, assistant type. Kids say Kajol didi is not an assistant, she’s Anurag’s best friend.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    You guys realize how they are pronouncing the names Kajol being Kojol, Arjun being Orjun, Naina being Noina,what is it with the O,😁😂😃😄

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    Raven yes the same thing come to my mind always Ayaan being oyaan 😀😀😀

  3. That’s the bangla way of pronouncing. Just like Rasgulla is rosogulla in bangla pronouncation

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