GENUINE – Part 4

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Guys I feel it necessary to write about the way Lakshya and Ragini happened…I tried and don’t know if it’s good….But I enjoyed writing this…too much……

I can’t stand my own foot….I m dependent to others, infact we all are….
What’s that feel which unites human??? CARE….It’s the keyword…A lady and a baby get into this relation of MOTHER-CHILD and made the most purest and selfless relation ever…What’s inside it is Care…The Mother’s care for her child….To express your genuine love all you have to do is , untie your flowing care for them….It’s beyond words….CARED BY SOMEONE MAKES YOU ALIVE……

I had a teenage crush on Lakshya….I thought it was his looks which fascinate me…Man Was I wrong?? I definitely am….It’s the CARE I saw in his eyes….
It’s not that I m longing for it..Maa ,paapa, Sanky everyone is there…but still Lakshya’s care holds another meaning..Still I can’t put it under some relation head…..

I was only 13 when that incident happened..I joined to Sanky’s school for 8 th standard…That girl what’s her name..ahh I don’t want to remember , but I call her “CAKE” because she caked her face with make up…At that age..How ridiculous…..
She officially named me ~Oil Tank~ because my hair was oily…infront of whole class….It was the first humiliation I ever faced in my life…I cried a lot and Sanky was about to confront her but this black orbs guy who had most mesmerizing smile I ever seen stopped him…I hate him for that…At the end of the day he give me a note..I opened it

‘Tomorrow You are going to laugh laugh and only laugh’

I was able to decipher those words the next day when I see that ‘Cake’ with her hair all ‘OILY’crying…It was indeed a funny scene to watch…She was explaining to her friend, how a mask man breaks into her house the early morning and pour oil on her hair and face…My mouth hangs open…Then she snobbed and say the most shocking twist that all shampoos and soaps in her bathroom are stolen…..What??
I burst out laughing…Who did this?? Whoever it’s funny, I can’t stop laug…LAUGH LAUGH OH GOD LAUGH….LAKSHYA…what??? Seriously…I turn behind confused and saw Lakshya looking at me raising his eyebrows..He..How did he managed to do that….I laughed hard and he too joins….

“Trust me that bitter CAKE never comes on my way after that”…..Note this I m going to take these words back…

There started everything…I became more comfortable with Lakshya…He joins me in bunking classes for gol gappa…It was his final year still he does that…I felt a vibe around Lakshya..

When he breaks the jaw of the gym trainer who tries to misbehave with me ,When he checks me every now and then while doctor suggested me bed rest..My comfort zone towards Lakshya turns into some unknown feeling…My eyes searched for him everywhere…My ears tempt to hear Lakshya and my Heart races for Lakshya…Totally a foreign feeling…The Care he gave me…it added fuel I say…

Suddenly he is gone to Newyork for his higher studies…Music is his passion..It was then I named my feeling for Lakshya, LOVE….I missed him like anything…He didn’t try to contact me also why???

After his comeback the only person I saw is he calls himself…LAKSHYA is nowhere to be seen..I can’t recognize or relate Lucky…He just gives me that acknowledging smile whenever we see each other..that’s it…

2 years back he came to my college to train the music group for a festival..I can see the effect Lakshya had on girls…I saw the BOY is now a MAN…I was invisible for him on those days..It hurts..If he see me coming towards him,the next second he is not there…I heard many link up rumors of him…Lakshya’s name remains constant whereas the girl’s name keep changing…

But on that day when I saw him kissing another girl…Yaa my heart still knows that taste… BROKEN…..It was on the youth festival day..I went to congratulate him and I never seen anything sick as that in my life…He was practically shoving his toungue inside Maya’s mouth….Her legs wrapped around his waist,she sandwiched between wall and him….moaning ‘Lucky’ in between…LUCKY NOT LAKSHYA

What was that??? His guilt…Don’t understand???…..Maya is the same ‘Cake’…Maybe he is repenting his that old mistake by returning a mind blowing kiss..I had an urge to vomit….

I cried and cried and cried….I was broken beyond my imagination….Shona came to know about this on that day only…That’s why she hate him…can’t blame her…I also hate him…..yaa trusted…

That’s when the reality strikes me hard…I was treated like a princess by my parents, Sanky and Shona, so I don’t know the real me…

“I m boring good for nothing..That’s why Lakshya throws me away”…Shona slapped me as soon as those words left from me…She cried along with me..Aww My Shona….She always knew I had a thing for him…Is it that obvious???
She consoled me and make me promise to forget that MORON..that’s what she calls him….

Tried….partially succeeded…But what happened today drops down all the efforts I took…YES TODAY AGAIN I SAW IT IN HIS EYES……CARE…THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE GOOD……………………..

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