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“How could you Khan? At least you should have informed me once” Shekar bent in front of Mr. Khan; Ragini’s department head. “What’s wrong Shekar. I don’t understand why are you worried? She has scored well so I have put her internship in one of the best industry” Khan looked at him confused. “Any company was okay Khan but Kapoor group of companies” Shekar hit the table irritated. “I’m seriously not understanding your concern Shekar. Please tell me clearly” Khan gave him a concerned look. Shekar looked at him. “That’s Vishambar’s company do you realize. You should have at least done a research before assigning this to Ragini. She is like your daughter and aren’t you aware of her condition? Today if she had gone there I don’t know how would she react. I’m helpless. We being father of a girl child become so vulnerable at times” he squeezed his hands.

“Not anymore Shekar” Khan smirked looking at him. Shekar looked at him confused. “What do you mean? You knew this?” he was shocked. “More precisely I planned this” he smiled. “I’m not getting you” Shekar cocked his eye brows. Khan held Shekar’s hands. “She is not just like my daughter. She is my daughter Shekar. That blo*dy moron has returned to India and this is the best time to trap him and punish him for his deeds” Khan was determined. “But why Ragini?” Shekar asked him worried. “It is her right to punish him Shekar. I want her to come out of that regret that she couldn’t punish him” he looked at Shekar. “And have you thought of Ragini’s mental condition? She fainted morning again due to the attack. And you want her to face him”

“I have thought about it uncle” Shekar was jerked due to a voice behind and Khan smiled at the person standing at the door of his cabin. The person walked and seated beside Shekar. “Laksh” escaped Shekar’s mouth. Laksh turned and smiled at Shekar. “How did you?” he wasn’t finding right words to express his astonishment. “How did I came to know?” Laksh showed himself. Shekar nodded his head.

“Now her condition will worsen Bhai saab. Kapoor Group of Industries” Raghuvendra spoke worried to Shekar. “Shhh” Shekar signed him to be quite. He did not notice Laksh heard their conversation. Then his eyes moved to Ragini whom Sanskar was injecting.

“Whom should I ask this? Who who who” Laksh roamed inside his room tensed. “Kapoor Group of Industries, Kapoor this name reminds me of something. Kapoor Kapoor” he bit the nail of his thumb. “Kapoor Yes Simran Bua. She was also a Kapoor. Vishambar Fufa ji. Yess they also were not to be seen when I came back. I asked mom a lot of time but she never told me and asked me to not to speak about their family. And I never saw anyone mentioning their name also after that. Are they related to this? How to find out?” he squeezed his hands.

“Khan uncle” his eyes shone. “Yes Khan uncle was best friend of Shekar uncle but he was more close to Simran Bua. I still remember. He can answer all my queries. And I just wish mom has not taken that promise from him at least. And moreover he decided this internship and he was so desperate to send Ragini here. I’m sure he can at least answer my maximum questions” Laksh wore his Jacket and rushed out of the house.

“Hello Khan Uncle” Laksh entered Khan’s house. “Arrey Laksh. What are you doing here at this time. Today was your first day at internship na. Haven’t you gone with Ragini, Karan and Akshat?” Khan leaned to his Sofa. “Wo Uncle suddenly Ragini got panic attack so we postponed it to tomorrow. Don’t worry I have informed them and they said ok” Laksh observed the expression change in Khan’s face.

“Uncle” Laksh dragged his attention. “Hm?” Khan replied lost. “Shall I ask you something?” Laksh studied his face. Khan smiled at him. “Sure beta” Khan smiled at him. “Why did Simi bua left India suddenly?” Khan looked at him shocked. “Lucky wo” he struggled to reply. “Please uncle I need to know this. For Ragzi’s sake. I know something has happened to her but nobody is telling me. I’m her childhood friend uncle. I know I never tried understanding her but I need to know what is bothering her. I can be of help” “Okay fine Laksh. I will tell you but promise you should not disclose it anywhere specially in front of Ragini.” Khan warned him. “I promise uncle I will never let her know that I know this I promise” he looked at Khan emotionally.

“No” gasped he collapsing on the sofa. “Yes that’s the truth Lucky. You can’t even imagine in what situation she was then. I had lost hope she will survive this. Thanks to Sanskar that she is with us otherwise we would have lost her. I don’t have kids Lucky. But I don’t know she makes me feel like I’m her father from the day I held her for the first time. And that beast snatched that very innocence of our Ragu. She became Ragzee. You always used to ask me na why I tease her or behave strict or let her make fun of me. Because if I can divert her mind for sometime also I will not hesitate to become a clown also” he smiled through his tears remembering his and Ragini’s bond. Laksh was sitting numb. He remembered Ragini’s behavior. It was the fear of men not her rudeness what he termed wrong all this years. He pressed his lips to control his emotions. His best friend was going through so much and what did he do just behave rude with her and hurt her. He was angry on her for killing his Ragu. Did he tried finding out the reason instead of blaming her. No. He just blamed her and hurt her.

“Then why are you trying to send her there again uncle?” asked Laksh wiping his face. “I have been tracking that moron from years. Finally he has turned up and I wanted to utilize this opportunity to punish him. And I wanted Ragini to come out of that regret that she couldn’t punish him. I know that haunts her still” “But uncle her condition will worsen if she sees him” Laksh spoke concerned. “I consulted Sanskar regarding this. Its high time to give Ragini this shock because that’s the only way to get her out of it. And anyways Karan was there beside her who can handle her” Laksh closed his fist hearing Karan’s name. He cooled his anger.

“I’m in this Uncle. I will not leave him at any cost. He will pay for it and Ragu will punish him. We have to make a stronger plan so that he will fall in this trap” Laksh spoke determined.



“Lucky” Shekar looked at him with grateful eyes. “We will do it Shekar uncle. We will punish him and people will remember they cant take girls or women for granted. They are not weak” Laksh held Shekar’s hand and he nodded his head in agreement. Khan smiled looking at them.


“So princess ready to board your cart?” Laksh smiled standing in front of Ragini. Akshat coughed looking at him and Karan was shocked for the behavioral change in Laksh. Ragini looked at him annoyed. She opened the door which hit and he winced in pain and she sat in the back seat and crossed her arms. Karan smiled at her childish behavior. Laksh held his stomach and sat in the driving seat. Akshat was controlling his laugh looking at Laksh’s situation. “Alele” said he holding Laksh’s chin and got glares in return. Laksh looked in the mirror and found Ragini pouting like a small kid and his annoyance vanished and smile covered his lips. He blushed and drove the car.

“Here we are Kapoor Group of Industries” said Laksh smirking standing out of the building. Ragini looked at him. “Now a days I feel your brain is misplaced HK” she walked passing him. He smiled and walked with her. “Hmmm ya true Princess. And all credit goes to you” he folded his hands back and leaned to her. His closeness made her nervous. His eyes made her eyes nervous and she looked away before she can get drowned in them. Karan and Akshat was walking behind them. Akshat was controlling his laugh and Karan looked at Laksh confused. “Stop bluffing HK. Now don’t blame me for everything” she walked fast. “Arrey I’m telling truth Princess. Everytime I see you my brain acts crazy I swear” he back walked in front of her. “Enough HK. I’m warning you. Stop trying these tricks on me otherwise….” she showed her index finger. “Otherwise what? Let me think. You will fall for me” Laksh winked at her. She opened her mouth shocked. “Fall for you? Meri Joothi. Get lost” she pushed him aside and entered the building.

“What the hell” a person cussed as the pin pierced his finger. “I’m so sorry sir” the person in front of him begged his pardon. “I think the staple pin wasn’t pressed properly and I was in a hurry” the person pleaded. The figure raised his hand to stop him. “That’s okay. Last time I’m forgiving you. What about the interns who were about to join yesterday?” he wiped the blood and held it tight to prevent further bleeding. “Sir actually due to some emergency they couldn’t join yesterday. They will join today” said the person hesitantly. “I had told you Shirish. I don’t like people who give reasons. This should be the last time. Make sure they understand and abide by the company rules. You can leave” he signed him to walk out. Shirish nodded his head and walked out. He sighed and relaxed as he stood out of the cabin.


“These are the company rules and you have to abide by this. And one more thing be on time. We are very particular about times” Shirish spoke to Laksh Karan Akshat and Ragini who were standing in front of him. They nodded their heads. “Come I will introduce you to the staff” he walked to the cubicles and they followed him. He was introducing each employee to all four of them. Laksh was analyzing the surrounding.

“So this is your cubicle. You people will work here. And I will give you the project in half an hour. Please be seated” said Shirish making all of them get settled in a cubicle.

“So Princess you liked the new place?” asked Laksh turning his chair to Ragini. “One more time HK I’m warning you don’t you dare to call me that” Ragini fumed. “Lucky please yar she is uncomfortable then why are you addressing her that way” Karan spoke defending Ragini. “Oh please Karan she is my childhood friend and I don’t need your permission to call her anything. I will call what I want” Laksh showed his palm to Karan. Karan felt bad. “Lucky” Akshat held his shoulder to cool him. Karan walked from there.

“Barfi…” Ragini walked behind him. “That HK na. He is mad. Don’t take his words seriously” said Ragini holding his hand. “I’m not feeling bad Ragzee. He is right I should not interfere between you both. You both are together from childhood and I just came few months ago. I can understand” he composed himself. Ragini held his shoulder and gave him a sweet smile. “We cannot decide who is close to us with time. People spend life time and don’t understand each other and sometimes just months and know the other person more than anybody can” Karan nodded his head smiling at her. “Come” she dragged him with her. Laksh was fuming inside looking at them.

“This is your project” Shirish handed them a bundle of papers which Akshat received. “All the best” said he smiling and walked away. All of them sat in a group and discussed how will they carry out the project and who will be handling which part of the project.

“So we will finish the remaining tomorrow. Shall we leave?” asked Karan. All nodded their heads. All the employees were exiting the office.

“Oh fish I forgot my phone I guess. I will just come” Ragini rushed inside. She found her phone on her desk and smiled. She picked it and walked to the corridor. In next moment she collided with someone. “I’m so so sorry” said she looking at him.

“Help me…. Popu….. Help me” her own voice ringed in her mind as the past surfaced. She stood unmoved looking at the person who gave her the regret of a lifetime of leaving the very moron unpunished. Her hands started shivering looking at him and finding him so near to her. The day replayed in her memory which increased her fear.
Cast: Mr. Khan – Boman Irani
Vishambar kapoor – Ashuthosh Rana

Okay guys please let me know are you people liking the story because I find people are loosing interest in my plots. I don’t know whether I’m writing up-to your expectations or I’m disappointing you people.

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