Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) Episode 2

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Hey guys, I’m back with another episode.
Here goes the second episode
Scene 1
Oberoi mansion,( kitchen)
Rudra – bhaiya I want French toast
Om – shivaay let’s make chilli garlic noodles
Shivaay- today we will make something Indian
Om – OK shivaay (teasing) yeh sudden change kisliye
Rudra – ha bhaiya kyu?yeh bhabhi ke like he kya ?
Shivaay – Aisa kuch nahi hai,bas aise hi, for a change
Om – theek hai to hum Chole bhature bhanaiyenge
Shivaay – theek hai
Rudy – yeh lo bhaiya flour and he purposefully he makes it fall on Om, haha bhaiya u look so funny
Shivaay – hahaha
Om – Rudra ye tune kya Kiya,or shivaay tu bhi wait now see what I ll do
(Om chases Rudra all over the kitchen and instead of hitting Rudra with flour it fell on shivaay)
Om – haha
Rudra – aww, both of u look cute
Shivaay – Om what are u doing, and he throws the flour on Rudra
Om and shivaay and rudra – one for all, all for one(Lafzon ka yeh rishta……plays) (ps – guys this is just my imagination)
(they make Chole bhature for all, and serve it and everybody praise the dish)

Scene 2 sharma house
(Gauri gets ready and comes down she was wearing an orange color salwar suit, which she was wearing in dbo)
Gauri – hey sankarji I’m late, it’s 10 30
(saying this she ate her breakfast and was about to leave when)
Mallika – prasad to leke jao
Gauri – turning back OK give, I’m getting late, OK bye
Mallika – come back home early
Gauri – y..?
Mallika – I will tell you later, go now otherwise you will be late
(Gauri left in her scooty)

Scene 3 Oberoi mansion, om’s room
Shivaay- this deal is worth 25 crores, this deal is stuck since long time
Om- it’s OK shivaay, I will crack this deal
Shivaay – (pats on his shoulder,and hugs him) take care bye

Scene 4 – Gauri s dance academy
Gauri – follow these steps children and she dances on ( o re piya)
(Just then Om passes by Gauris dance Academy and he stops in front of it . and opens his car window)
Om s pov
(Om smiling) she is so beautiful, her grace,her eyes, her lips,her payal, her calm face,she is so cute
His thoughts are disturbed by the honking of the car.
Om – (while driving) she was so beautiful. Om what are u thinking about, focus
(just then his phone rings)
Om – shivaay s call he put it on speaker and was driving
Shivaay – Om u took the wrong file
Om – what! It’s OK thank God I still haven’t reached yet OK I’m coming home to pick up the file
Shivaay – OK come bye

Scene 5
Mallika – calling riya (assistant) tell the Oberois that the deal is postponed
Riya – OK ma’am
Scene – 6
Riya – sorry, Mr Oberoi the deal is not going to take place today as ma’am is busy,so the deal is going to happen tomorrow
Shivaay – Oh k
Scene – 7
(there was heavy winds outside)
Gauri – OK kids pack up, bye Neha, switch off the lights close the Academy and go, I’m going home early as mom told me to come early

Scene 6
Scene – 7
Gauri was going in her scooty when she noticed om
Om – oh god I’m getting late, and this car had to stop now only
Gauri – hey u need any help, I can drop u if u want
Om –( smitten by her looks)
Gauri – hello??
Om – (disturbed by Gauri) no no its ok
Gauri – it’s OK my friend is a mechanic he will repair your car wait (Gauri calls her friend), he will repair your car and will deliver it to your place, where do you live?
Om – Oberoi mansion
Gauri – deliver it to Oberoi mansion OK, cuts the call, he will deliver it in an hour
Gauri – hi I’m Gauri, you must be Omkara Singh Oberoi right so where should I drop u
Om – thanks, yup, Oberoi mansion
Gauri – OK come sit, Your painting s are awsm
Om – thanks you dance very well
Gauri – how do you know??
Om – I saw u dancing
Gauri – ohk
(By that time Oberoi mansion arrived)
Om – thanks for the ride
Gauri – no its ok
(Om while getting up his phone fell down and he didn’t notice, which gets noticed by Gauri)
Gauri – Omkara ji your phone
(while giving she slips)
But Om caught her through her waist they had an eye lock. Bg music, o sathiya…………. Plays. In this process Gauri s phone falls down. Gauri realises and stands up, and even Om realises and stands up.
Gauri – your phone
Om – thanks
Gauri – bye
Om – bye
Screen ends on Om s smiling face

Precap – gaurikara meet again

Hey guys thank you so much for your comments I was soooo happy from your response. If you like this episode pls comment positive or negative.

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  1. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr….. I loved it dr….

    1. Rasika

      Thank you so much maha

  2. Another lovely episode…keep writing nd post nxt part soon..

  3. .Amazing… Superb

  4. Anshupriya

    Liked it…

  5. Verna

    God one.. waiting for next

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