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Hi guys I hpe u ppl wud hav not forgotten me… but I knw u wud hav forgotten me but what to do guys had project viva and busy with all application designing and coding, testing the project all the time to give the best to get full 200 marks doing master’s is really atough job and that too to give the best in project that is something we should concentrate that’s y late and I do missed many of the ff’s and liked many ff’s but couldn’t comment sorry for that… to mention few which I remember- ff by maha, rena, jerry, vhm, savera,and priya di.. and many more I coulnt remember names coz all were similar and missing so many ff’s I hope they will update it soon and sorry guys If I dint mention any of ur names but I hav poor memory of remembering the names….
If anyone forgot the story line pl click the below link…


The story starts after the end of Tia’s drama and shivay himself telling he cant see any middle class girl to his mother and that convo over heard by dadi and anika and anika leaving OM….dadi confronting mom and son and tej who lost all his patience burst out the secret of shivay’s birth and his real mother leaving everyone shocked.. Shivay who couldn’t accept it moved out from OM to his lady love and story taking a leap of three years…..and shivay and anika along with sahil and soumya and her mom staying as a family at lucknow and they own two different industries and successful in their business as well as hiding from their family…..meanwhile in OM pinky is under trauma when shivay left and the whole family is shattered being angry on tej for he is the reason for him to leave and shakthi now became a drunkard coz of the negligence from his mom and his wife and is admitted in rehabilitation centre….shivay and rest are unaware of the mishap happened is leading a happy life with his lady love who is seven months pregnant…. Meanwhile Tia and robin come to meet shivay and anika came to know what happened for them to be away from their family…. Tej comes to know about shivay and goes to lucknow to meet them and finally he met and convinced them to come back to Mumbai to set things fine…. So they all moved to Mumbai and decided to stay in robins residence and then start their mission to set everything back to normal………
Swetlana’s truth will be out and that will be by chulbul..
Gauri will be in disguise as chulbul all these 3 yrs as omkara’s best friend..
Om will come to know about gauri being innocent and it was all his misunderstanding about her and will be searching her with guilt..
Gauri will be unaware abt omkara’s realization and decides to stay as chulbul forever near him..
Shivay’s real mother will be introduced and she will share a connection with anika..
Anika’s past will be revealed and her parents and last long siblings will be found..
Ranveer is not an negative character he but an angry arrogant police officer who has his own reasons to be arrogant and angry towards oberois…..
Rudra will realize his love for his sumo and will be waiting for her…
Saumya also will share a close bond and relation with anika’s family..
Tej will be justified for his action towards jhanvi and his children…
Om will patch up with his dad and will know his goodness..
Before getting into the characters let me clear one thing tat the characters that are introduced will be anika’s parents and her grand parents both maternal and paternal and they are close frnds of oberois before but not now and the reasons will be reviled..

Anika’s parents..( THE RATHORE”S)
vaishnavi mahant- parvathi kailash singh rathore ( anika and gauri’s mother), loves her children very much and she is an independent women who owns her own business and also helps his husband in is business…
sooraj thapar- kailash singh rathore ( anika and gauri’s father), loves his business very much, top most businessman and loves his family and his only son, had hatred towards his daughters but now he regrets for his hatred….
ayush anand- ranveer rathore (younger brother of anika but elder to gauri), loves his siblings very much and hates his parents thus became very arrogant and rude police officer he is known as only ranveer and he sacrificed his parents for a mistake done buy his dad towards his siblings….
Anika’s grand paretnts – paternal (RATHORE’S)
Sudhir pandey- Raj Singh Rathore, father of kailash singh rathore, loves his family very much , top most international businessman rich than oberois , hate his son but outside world doesn’t know about this….
Anita Kanwal- Vidhya Raj Singh Rathore, mother of kailash singh rathore, top most business woman tough competitor to the oberois when it comes to ngo’s , kind heart and loves her family much but hates his son and loves and misses her grand children a lot…..

Anika’s grand parents – maternal(SHEKAR’s)
pratima kazmi- leela karan singh shekar, loves her family and a dedicated business women best friend of vidhya rathore and hates her daughter and SIL, misses her grand children very much…and also
MIL of kailash rathore, have two daughter and one son. Elder daughter is parvathi and married to kailash, younger daughter (no traces of her), son Kishore shekar married to only daughter of rathore family…..
Ashok lokhande- karan singh shekar, one of the famous and top most international business man, same like his wife hates his SIL and daughter equally.. also misses his grandchildren…
Anika’s aunt and uncle..(SHEKAR’S)
sanjay batra- Kishore singh shekar, only son of shekar ,younger brother of anika’s mother, loves his family equally and a tough competitor in business world and loves his family and wife equally… according to him NO COMPROMISE WHEN IT COMES TO FAMILY….
anita kulkarni- meera Kishore singh shekar , only younger daughter of rathore , wife of Kishore and hates his brother…. Very well known fashion designer but none has seen her….
Yash dasgupta- mohit Kishore singh shekar, only son of Kishore and meera, youngest business man and tough competitor to oberois, hates oberoi’s……
geetanjali tikekar- sita sharma,( saumya’s mom, anika’s mausi, parvathi rathore’s youngest sister she eloped with sharma coz they loved each other but kailash rathore opposed their relation due to his status so she eloped and married him).

And this is the overview of the story and yeah as to how will everything be plotted and connected and everything falls in its place….for this I need ur comments and views and any suggestions regarding ths story coz I got less comments for my previous plots that’s why..and pl do comment and share ur views so that I can continue…..untill then
Tata…take care….

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  1. It’s was an awesome update. I’m like your character sketche. Iam waiting for your ff update soon.

    1. Thank you dr…… But seriously I wasn’t sure as to how to take the plot…. So thought of this character sketch I’m happy that I liked it…

  2. Sanjanagarg

    Amazing. Continue soon

    1. Thank you dr sure ll continue ma…

  3. Continue soon…

    1. Sure dr happy tat u liked it…

    1. Thank you dr

  4. Good dear… Waiting for the next update please post ASAP…

    1. Thank you dr….. Ll update soon ma…

  5. Gayathri.visu

    Very good… Please continue.

    1. Thank you dr

  6. Amazing….update soon…

    1. Thank you Lilly dr…..love u all…

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