Gauri Drabble Series: Bawri:#1-Haan…Hun Mein Bawri

Her eyes shone brighter than Sirius A, brighter than the brightest star as she heard the words, “He is coming…”

Yes, he was coming back, after a long time of four years spent in US studying, he was coming back to his hometown, her happiness knew no bounds, she would meet him, her childhood best friend after four years, she would confess her love to him…Yes, She would tell him that she loves him, a lot.


A smile climbed up her lips as she saw him entering through the gate of the colony, the content smile of having him back, he too smiled as soon as he saw her, Gauri’s smile widened.

“Come…”He said as he gave his hand to someone standing behind the door.

Gauri’s smile started fading away slowly, losing its colour with each passing second as the girl came to forefront, closing her eyes for a second, Gauri resumed her smile as a lone tear started moving in her eyes.

“Gauri, She is Radhika…My girlfriend!” He exclaimed smiling.

“And Radhika, she is Gauri…My best friend, Remember, I told you about her? My Bawri…” Radhika smiled looking at Gauri who didn’t let the tear fall down, just smiled back.

“Acha…lets meet my family…”He dragged Radhika by arm while Gauri stood there smiling as tears fell down her eyelids.

“Haan, Hun Mein Bawri…Tumhare Pyaar Mein Dev…”Drops of tears continued falling.


A/N:Hello friends, So back again but this time it is with a Drabble Series, This is basically going to be a series of Interlinked Drabbles, Every Drabble will be a continuation of previous Drabble but each Drabble will have an end which might be sad(As in this one) ,happy or indicating towards something good in future, I would continue the series as long as I keep getting ideas of new phase in the story. It is basically Gauri oriented more than RiKara and hence the name. I am going to update the next part on this Saturday. P.S.- Dev is played by Avinash Sachdev and Radhika by Surbhi Jyoti.

    Take care and stay safe ?

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