Bhootu 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Suchi And Aarav’s Nok Jhok

Bhootu 11th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suchi angrily walks out of house and asks Pihu to follow her. Pihu is unable to go out of house and tells Bhurbhuri/Suchi that she cannot go out and asks Suchi to go alone. Aarav eagerly looks from inside house. Suman calls Suchi if she does not want to come and happily asks Gulgule to get back luggage from taxi. Gulgule yells if Suchi did not want to go, then why did she do such a big drama.

Suchi walks back into house. Aarav taunts her that she is a coward and cannot face reality. Suchi says her heart is in this house and she cannot part ways with it. Aarav continues taunting her. Pihu says Suchi did not go because of her and angrily asks Gopal to give her power to lift a bell and hit Aarav. Gopal agrees. Pihu lifts bell and runs towards Aarav. Such rushes to stop Pihu. Aarav sees bell in her hands and thinks she has gone mad. Pihu drops bell on Aarav’s leg. Aarav writhes in pain. Suchi feels bad. Pihu then runs towards dining table and picks apple. Suchi tries her, but she throws it shouting she will not spare khadoos. Suchi holds her hand and throws apple on Aarav shouting she will not spare him and continues throwing fruits. Aarav calls Suman for help. Suman comes and scolds Suchi not to misbehave with her would be husband. Suchi says husband my foot.

Suchi takes Pihu to room and scolds that nobody can see her, then why did she throw things on Aarav, what if he started doubting. Pihu says she will not spare whoever will trouble bhurbhuri. They sleep. Next morning, Suchi wakes up at 6 a.m. and asks Pihu to get up and take bath before Aarav stops water. Pihu says she is sleepy. Suchi says today they cannot miss meeting Anandita. They both walk out and see Aarav sound asleep. Pihu asks to throw water on him. Suchi says he sleeping so peacefully, let us not disturb him. Pihu says she does not trouble Khadoos at all. Gopal smiles and says he knows what is in Suchi’s heart.

Precap: Pihu takes Gopal’s flute and asks him to do what she says. He listens. Aarav goes out near his car and sees cycle instead with a note to go on it wherever he wants to.

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  1. Heart warming & funny!!!

    Loved the scene where Suchi implied Pihu to be her life & that she would even fight with Gopal for Pihu.

    Another scene which really touched my heart was when she defended Aarav saying he loves his sister just like she loves Pihu.

    Although Suchi is my favorite character, I did find her quite dumb during this whole track. She was quite strategic while dealing with Rishab. In this whole murder mystery she blindly believed anyone & anything & without any strong evidence blamed Aarav for everything.

    Today after a long time got to see her sensible side where she wasn’t being adamant on proving any point but acknowledged Aarav’s feelings also & indirectly supported him.

    Wish to see such light hearted yet emotional episodes more 🙂


    I knew it… Suchi will not go…
    I know aarav is hurt, but he should know that mansi did a crime of killing a innocent child, and she need to bear punishment…
    Anyway suchi and aarav nok jhok was nice….

  3. Yes ,a very pleasant but funny episode ,for a change ,nice to see Suchi defending Aarav and not pouring that bucketful of cold water on him.
    I loved that scene with Pihu standing in the doorway,unable to cross the threshold and Gopal making her aware of her limitations with Suchi and Aarav as the onlookers.The funny thing is Suchi can only see Bhootu ,not the God (ofcourse everyone can not see the almighty) but can see Pihu speaking to Gopal and Aarav can see none except Suchi.He would have got a shock had he seen all those flying fruits and cutlery hurled at him by Pihu.Still not understood the reason why Suchi wants to keep Pihu’s existence a secret especially from Aarav and Anandita.Anyways enjoying the light scenes after all those murky murder investigations.

  4. Aleya.marzan

    whatta ei it was
    its like my birthday gift.

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