Gathbandhan 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak finally tells the truth to Raghu

Gathbandhan 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak brings Raghu in the room and says I need to tell you something. He asks what happened? She looks at the bracelet in his hand and thinks that this might be dangerous. She takes the water and acts like mistakenly throwing it on his bracelet. She says sorry. Raghu says you want a water fight, he grabs her and they both fell down a chair. Haariya plays as he caresses her face. They recall their loving moments. Dhanak blushes and moves away. She gets tensed. Raghu says tell me what is it. Dhanak says this is not the real Mai. This woman is fake. Raghu is shocked.

Fake Mai tells Akshay that I don’t know how he got saved. Akshay says you are useless.

Raghu asks Dhanak if she has gone mad? Dhanak says your life is in danger. Raghu says are you mad? Dhanak says I will prove that she is not the real Mai. I know you will trust me, he leaves. Dhanak is tensed.

Scene 2
Dhanak tells Sejal that we have to expose fake Mai in front of Raghu.

Dhanak comes to fake Mai and says you can try as much as you want but I will keep protecting Raghu. Kalavati says that you don’t know me, I will keep trying to kill Raghu. Dhanak says God is with me and I will keep protecting him. Kalavati says okay, I promise to kill Raghu in front of you only, she leaves. Sejal comes to Dhanak and shows her the video recording of Kalavati saying all that. Akshay sees them with the video.

Dhanak hides the phone in Ronak’s room and says we have to keep this clip protected. Akshay hides and sees where they hid the phone. Dhanak leaves with Sejal. Akshay smirks and calls Kalavati but her phone is off. Akshay goes to take the phone.

Akshay takes the phone and is leaving the room. Raghu comes to Dhanak and brings her to the room. They find Akshay there but he leaves. Raghu tells Dhanak that something is wrong. Dhanak sees her phone gone and says where did it go? Raghu says Akshay must have took it. Sejal says I have the video in my laptop also. She shows Kalavati’s video to Raghu. Raghu is shocked and thinks that this woman is not my Mai.

PRECAP- Kalavati tells Akshay that we should kill Dhanak. Akshay grabs her and says don’t say that. Raghu comes there and beats Akshay. He says that don’t you dare hurt my Mai, she is my God. Dhanak comes there and says this is not your God, she is fake. Raghu says enough.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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