Hamari Bahu Silk 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Rimjhim sent to jail; Naksh-Pakhi off for Honeymoon

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Rimjhim fell unconscious on the bed. Pakhi now takes the camera recording from the lamp. Naksh appreciates that Pakhi finally did it. Pakhi says, we did it. They hug each other. Rimjhim just sits up. Pakhi hides right behind Naksh. Rimjhim asks what Naksh is doing with her. Naksh inquires who? Rimjhim takes the bottle saying, this. She fell down once again after a few gulps.

Downstairs, everyone from the family wonder why she invited them here. Mosmi was furious over Rimjhim. Pakhi says Rimjhim had played her cards, yet their family unity rendered her attempts unsuccessful. She gives the good news that Naksh has regained his memory. Ketan and Mosmi were cheerful. Ketan dances with Naksh. Naksh tells Ketan and Mosmi about Rimjhim’s trap.

Later, Mosmi cursed why Rimjhim didn’t die after being born. Pakhi says she has thought a way out. Everyone assure their support for Naksh and Pakhi. They all go for sleep.

Pakhi was in the room with Naksh. Naksh kneels in front of her and thanks Pakhi accepting it’s a small word for what she did. He wonders what he had done in his life, had she not been there. She pulled him and his family out of the trouble, still thanking her. Pakhi holds him straight up, and demands something else. It was a trouble for both of them. Today, she wants him to promise he won’t hide anything from her again. Naksh pulls her close to himself and makes the promise. He had craved to see her happy and smiling eyes. He kiss her forehead. He tries to get intimate. Pakhi teases, what if Rimjhim comes here. Naksh had a spoilt mood. Pakhi encircles her arms around his neck, and says tomorrow Rimjhim would be away from their lives; right now she is asleep. Naksh says this gives them liberty to do anything.

The next morning, Pakhi stood with the family for aarti. Mamta prays for God’s blessings so that they can win a huge war. Everyone hug Mamta.

Rimjhim comes outs of the room. Pakhi comes to support her while she felt dizzy. Pakhi warns that no one else is there to help her now. Rimjhim was at once worried, she goes downstairs looking for Naksh. Downstairs, Rimjhim tries to take Naksh’s attention. Naksh clearly avoids Rimjhim and makes jokes with the family. Rimjhim wonders what kind of a joke this is. She was quizzical, as they posed as if they couldn’t even see her. Ketan and Naksh were planning a picnic. Pakhi serves tea for everyone. Rimjhim breaks a vase over the floor and was about to hit Pakhi. Naksh holds her hand right away. Rimjhim reminds Naksh that he hates Pakhi. Naksh says his memory is back, Rimjhim’s game is over now. Rimjhim asks everyone to speak to Naksh, he is denying their marriage. She says its time she tells everyone the truth. She goes upstairs and brings all the photos. She says the photos depict Naksh had given her the right of his wife. Mosmi and Ketan were puzzled. Naksh says Rimjhim did all this taking advantage of his memory loss. Rimjhim inquires what about her respect. Rimjhim warns she will hand everyone to police, and accuse him of forcing her. Pakhi snatches the photos and burn them in front of everyone. Naksh smirks. Rimjhim tries to snatch but Naksh stops her. Rimjhim says she has other copies as well, she will surely ruin their lives. Mamta now slaps Rimjhim. Rimjhim pushes Mamta backward in disrespect. She dials number of Mehela Police. Mosmi snatches her phone and says women like her ruin lives of others. Mamta tells Pakhi to play the DVD. Pakhi plays the recording from last night, Rimjhim confessed herself that it was a trap that night. Rimjhim now backs up while the family charges at her. Naksh threatens not to even run. Mamta says jail is her right place. Pakhi traps her way from behind. The police had arrived. Mosmi slaps Rimjhim as she feels ashamed to call her a sister. The police handcuffs Rimjhim and arrests her.

Everyone prays in the temple. Naksh and Pakhi touch feet of Mamta, and Ketan and Mosmi as well. Ketan gives them their wedding gift. Naksh was surprised. These were Mumbai to Shimla tickets. Ketan says they will go to Aashram to pick up Baa and will go Sikkim, but Naksh and Pakhi are going to Shimla. Naksh was playful and holds Pakhi in his arms, while carrying her upstairs.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. The serial was quite promising, but completely went off-track in its attempt to boost TRPs. The ‘Natasha’ track was ended abruptly, without any proper conclusion. Was it left on a cliff-hanger by the makers, so as to re-introduce ‘Natasha’ in a possible spin-off of this serial? Is this why a supposedly ‘happy’ ending has been shown for Pakhi’s character? What about ‘Akash’, ‘Pinky’ and the movie for which ‘Natasha’ could cross any limit?
    There was no clarity ever given on Naksh’s father either. His track could have been explored further and perhaps connected with that of Natasha’s. There was so much that could have been done, but ‘Rimjhim’ ended up gaining prominence and the serial became another ‘triangle’ of sorts.
    The entire cast performed well, especially Reeva Chaudhary (Natasha) and Chahat Panday (Pakhi). I wish the entire cast and crew of ‘Hamari Bahu Silk’ all the luck for their future endeavours!
    Thank you Miss Sona for regularly posting written updates on this serial.

  2. hi there… could someone tell me if that psycho rimjim really killed parki… it is confusing why they should kill off a main character

  3. Sapphire girl we are way behind Paaki is not dead and just imagine how the police over there are slack I am not going to mention a name because I will get a bashing? rimjim is so powerful that she got away from the police lmao. We are way I mean way behind so what we are reading here is not what we are seeing its like yeh teri galiyan where the villain is winning up to now.

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