Gangaa 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha comes to Chaturvedi house. She can feel the fragrance of yummy snacks in the house. She asks the maid about it. Has some guest come home? She is surprised to know about the Master ji who is here to teach Ganga. Amma ji tells Madhvi to make halwa for Sagar. Prabha greets her. This girl (Ganga) is so lucky. I have to think n number of times to send my Prince (Yash) to tuition. Then I have to make all the calculations for month. But a teacher is coming home to teach this girl! Your son is wasting his hard earned money on this girl and you are happy? Amma ji tells her not to waste her time in thinking all this. Luckily, Chaturvedi House has everything. Don’t take too much tension and eat some snacks. I will go and check what that Master is teaching to Ganga.

Master ji is busy in eating snacks. Ganga sits there worriedly. Maharaj ji tells Master ji to call him in case he needs something. Master ji is anyways amused / happy with what all he has got today. sagar hides behind a pillar to see what they are studying. Master ji tells Ganga to read an English kid’s rhyme. He asks her to repeat it. Amma ji interrupts him for teaching English rhyme in the first class itself. Tell her something religious. He reasons that it is not in the course. She knows it but feels that scriptures only will help Ganga in her life. She tells him to repeat after her. She indirectly starts taking a class of him. Ganga, Sagar and the maid enjoy watching the same. Maid tells the same to Madhvi. She decides to bring Amma ji downstairs so Ganga’s studies are not disturbed. She also tells Maharaj ji to seek Prabha’s help in deciding upon which halwa to make.

Amma ji points out to Master ji that his pronunciation is wrong. How will you teach the kids if you will talk like this? Madhvi interrupts them. She takes her away on the pretext of putting the medicines in proper bottles and for also guiding Maharaj ji regarding halwa. Amma ji murmurs to Madhvi that the teacher is ok but he has a big belly. If his stomach gets upset then he will surely take leaves. Sagar overhears this. Master ji continues to gobble on the food. He again turns his focus to Ganga. She confesses that she cannot read anything. He starts with ABCD. She is feeling dizzy.

Prabha sits down on the slab only as she pesters Maharaj ji to add more dry fruits in the halwa. I will take some for Prince too as he loves halwa. Sagar comes running there. He is desperate to take some for himself. He runs away with a bowl of halwa. Prabha tells him to eat carefully as it is hot. Amma ji stops Sagar. He says I will give it to Master ji first. Madhvi agrees but Amma ji is kind of against it. She falls for it when Sagar insists. We must respect our teachers. Prabha tells Maharaj ji to pack some for Prince too. Pulkit was watching everything and is curious. Sagar always wants to eat halwa first. What happened today? There is something fishy.

Sagar mixes something (laxatives) in the halwa. He next gives it to Master ji. Tiwari ji gets happy but he tells Sagar to bring one bowl for Ganga as well. Sagar denies. Widows cannot eat all this once the sun sets. Ganga is angry. Master ji falls for Sagar’s words and eats the halwa. He appreciates Chaturvedi family for playing nice host to everyone. He suddenly gets up sensing some disturbances in his stomach. He goes to washroom after telling Ganga to write ABCD. Sagar cannot control his smile anymore. He laughs badly. Ganga is irked with him for talking like Amma ji. He tells her what he has done. She is worried about Niranjan’s reaction but he is sure he wont be in a condition to talk now.

Master ji comes downstairs. Amma ji asks him the reason. he simply pulls Maharaj ji near him and signals him about washroom as he cannot speak in such a condition. Maharaj ji directs him towards the washroom. He farts once before leaving from there. The ladies and Maharaj ji hold their noses. Amma ji repeats what she had said earlier.

Master ji keeps going to the washroom very frequently. Ganga and Sagar laugh seeing him thus. Pulkit comes there and observes them. Madhvi tells Maharaj ji to give water to Master ji. Master ji has to go to washroom yet again so he cannot take it. he is all sweating badly by the time he comes out. he takes leave for the day. I will take my books back tomorrow. Madhvi nods. Sagar and Ganga go quiet when they notice Pulkit standing behind them questioningly. He demands to know what Sagar has done that the teacher is in this condition. Did you mix something in the halwa? Sagar denies. You can eat it and find out for yourself. He picks up the same bowl from which Master ji was eating. Pulkit walks away from there. Sagar mildly scolds him for it. what if bhaiya had eaten it? He reasons that Pulkit bhaiya would have doubted him if he had reacted like he was scared. Prabha takes it from him and eats it. She too can feel some rumbles inside her stomach in a minute.

Precap: Pulkit has punished the kids. He tells them to confess the truth or he will share it with Papa. Sagar confesses him crime. Ganga and Sagar try to save one another when Pulkit decides to punish Sagar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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