Code Red 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

December 2014, Nayi Aawaz Head Office, New Delhi:
Boss shows a news article to Kabir – a girl’s murder in the pub! One girl killed another girl in the pub with a bottle. The girl died on the spot itself. The news shocks Kabir. He is told to cover the story. You will have to leave for Mumbai right away.

Bandra Police Station, Mumbai:
Kabir meets Inspector Manjrekar. He finds it an open and shut murder case yet Kabir is curious to know the reason as to what prompted a girl to kill another girl in public so mercilessly. Inspector says the reason can be anything but yes, I cannot forget the face of the murderer. I have never seen something like this before in my life.

A day ago, Red Pub, Bandra:
Inspector Manjrekar comes to the pub with his team. He tells them to collect all the evidences. The girl (accused) is sitting right in front of the dead body of the other girl, all blank and with blood coming out of her nose.

Kabir is surprised. He wants to meet the girl. She has been taken to the hospital. She is behaving very weird. We are waiting for her blood reports. Kabir asks him if both the girls knew each other. Inspector says it might be so as they are from the same college.

K.G.P. College, Bandra:
The principal is not keen to hamper the college’s reputation so decides not to speak to Kabir over the matter. He requests her to help him find the root cause of the matter. This will actually help you in keeping your college’s reputation safe. She agrees.

The girl (accused) is Tripti Jadhav. This is her present photo. She also shows him another picture in the documents submitted in the college. This was 6 months ago. There is a lot of difference in both the pictures. Kabir nods. I had come here to ask about Anu who has died in that incident. She says I have full sympathy with her but we are worried as to how can Tripti do something like that. I still remember meeting her for the first time.

6 months ago:
Tripti comes to the college with her parents. She is in a very sober look (suit, oiled hairs). A Kohlapur’s government teacher’s daughter came here in this big college. She goes to check the list. A girl tells her to stay away from her. she is surprised to know that Tripti is a student here. She mocks Tripti for her look. I think you should have taken admission in a government college. This college a little high class for you. The other girls too laugh with her. Principal intervenes. People don’t get admission here just by donation but by their hard work / capability too. Tripti Jadhav is Maharashtra’s topper with 97% marks. She has got admission in the college because of her hard work only. She takes Tripti with her. Tripti makes her meet her parents. They all talk proudly about Tripti. Tripti’s father has mortgaged his land to pay for her fees. Tripti takes their blessings and then heads to her room with the principal.

Tripti’s room partner Zarina cleans her file hurriedly when the principal opens the door. She introduces Zarina and Tripti to each other. Zarina hugs her happily. Principal suggests Tripti to make friends wisely. She leaves.

Present: Principal is still not able to believe that Tripti could do something like this. Kabir asks her if there was some enmity between Tripti and Anu. There must be some reason. She nods. I had warned Tripti to choose her friends wisely but she made a mistake. I too was at fault. I shouldn’t have put her in the same room with Zarina but I too had no idea that Zarina is like this. she has taught her all the wrong things (drugs). Kabir wants to meet Zarina but she is on leave since last month. She has admitted it that she used to consume drugs. She is in a rehab now. Kabir gets a call from Inspector Manjrekar. The blood reports have come. A heavy dose of drug was taken by Tripti. It is a very dangerous drug. Kabir thanks him for the info. He next takes the name of Zarina’s rehab from the principal.

Moksha Rehab Centre, Borivali:
Kabir asks Zarina about Tripti. She is concerned for Tripti. What has she done? Is she ok? He tells her everything. She starts panicking. I don’t know anything. Who are you to ask me? I dint give drugs to her or anyone. he tells her that she will actually help Tripti if she shares the truth with him. did you use to consume Meow Meow drug? Did you give it to Tripti too? She refuses doing anything like that. Tripti is also brought to the same rehab. She shouts for people to leave her. Zarina and Tripti notice each other. Zarina cries. She agree to tell him everything. He wants to know how Tripti started taking drugs and why.

Zarina says Tripti was made my roommate. I was taking M-Cat / Meow Meow drug in the third week. Tripti comes to her room so Zarina hides the drugs in her drawer. Zarina starts smiling for no reason. tripti notices the difference in her eyes. Why is your nose always red? Zarina wears shades. She teases Tripti for studying all the time. Don’t you have any interest in guys? Tripti admits that she likes someone. Zarina is all super excited (extra). She takes Tripti outside to see the guy whom Tripti likes. Harry is playing guitar. Zarina says you like a high fi stud? Tripti agrees. Why will he like a girl like me? Zarina suggests her to change her look, her style so Harry might like her. your marks wont decrease by doing that. Tripti denies but Zarina helps her. zarina talks about drugs as confidence booster. Tripti is against it but Zarina says I take it twice in a day. She browses about M-Cat drug online and shares the same with Tripti. Only students can purchase it with a student card. It is sold openly. There is nothing wrong in taking it. Tripti denies but Zarina requests her to do it if she wants Harry. She even shows Tripti how to take it. it is heaven! Tripti tries it for Harry. She is instantly high. Both the girls laugh under its effect. Zarina says the first drag turned into a habit very soon and then necessity. Tripti felt that M-Cat drug could get her everything that normal / ordinary Tripti could never get.

Tripti and Zarina come to a disco in short dresses. Harry is already there. He notices her. zarina notices Harry looking at Tripti. Zarina is glad that Tripti’s life is getting changed for good. The girls go to take a drink. Harry greets Zarina. He has actually come to talk to Tripti. He asks Tripti for a dance. She takes Zarina aside for a minute. Harry comes there when they are setting it on the table. He too takes drugs. Tripti was completely under Harry’s spell. She used to do whatever Harry told her to. All three of them take loads of drugs and are high. They hit the dance floor next. Harry and Tripti share a very close hug.

Zarina says it became a ritual between them actually. Wherever and whenever they used to meet, they used to take M-Cat. One day, all three of them were on the terrace. Tripti was standing almost near the edge. Zarina tells her to come back as it is risky. She has some work so she leaves from there after taking M-Cat. Tripti shouts I love you Harry. Zarina overhears this and stops. Harry shows drugs to Tripti. Tripti takes it. Zarina says Tripti got addicted to M-Cat while she was with Harry. Harry started using it against her. Harry took money from Tripti to maintain his lifestyle (for 3 months). Tripti fulfilled his every demand as she was completely blinded by his love.

Tripti demands for money from his mother on the pretext of new project. Her mother talks about how they cannot bear so many expenses. Be a little careful while spending money. Tripti is falling short of patience. I will return every single penny to you once I find a job. I don’t want your money. Tripti agrees to arrange it anyhow and send money to her. Tripti’s father takes the phone. Tripti complains to him about her mother talking like a villager. He calmly handles her. We have sent you to the city so you don’t become like us. He agrees to transfer 5k to her right away. She cuts the call the very next second. She updates Harry. Please come here with M-Cat. Harry continued giving her that drug. It is one thing to take a drug and another thing to make it a necessity.

Some other day, Tripti is irked as Harry is not picking up his phone. She needs M-Cat. Zarina doesn’t have it anymore. She is having a hard time calming Tripti. She shouts for M-Cat. Tripti starts hitting herself on the head. Someone knocks on the door. Harry comes there with the drug. He is only concerned about the money though, not with Tripti.

Present: Zarina remarks that Tripti was not scared of anything or anyone anymore. She could do anything under its effect. We used to get small quantity of M-Cat in small pubs but the quantity was bigger in bigger pubs. Harry started taking Tripti to bigger pubs. Tripti dint mind. She had even started to sell her books and jewellery. She only wanted Harry and drugs with her. I confessed everything to my mom after seeing her condition and she sent me here. Tripti was getting deeper in that. Its all my fault. I made her an addict to it. I am a very bad person. He says people are not bad, habits are! You had a bad habit. You have come here to fight with it. I am sure you will never think about drugs again. she agrees. I don’t know anything about the murder though. I was here. He nods.

Kabir feels it is important to report this drug case. We have to stop it before the drugs spreads around. Society should be warned about it. Sakshi (host) too wants him to do so so that law agencies also get alert. They should know that it is important to ban this drug (M-Cat / White Magic / Meow Meow).

Kabir meets Tripti’s parents at the police station. They say Tripti was not like this. Please don’t malign her name. Kabir says media wants to create social awareness too. Tripti’s mother cries. Tripti is our only daughter. We lost our son when he was young. Please save her. he asks them when they met Tripti for the last time. Tripti’s father tells him that Tripti used to call theme every other day to ask for money. I used to send it to her. we felt something fishy so we went to her college 10 days ago.

10 days before the incident:
Tripti’s parents are surprised to see her wearing short clothes. Tripti stops in her tracks seeing them. Her eyes are all red. Meanwhile, Tripti’s father tells his wife not to say anything to Tripti regarding her clothes. She is in a city after all. Tripti wears glasses. She doesn’t even hug them. what was the need to come here? You could have called me instead. Tripti’s mother says we came to see you and give money to you. are you alright? Tripti is rubbing her nose all this while. I can ask for money. I need it for projects. She takes money from her father. Her mother talks about her swollen nose but Tripti dismisses it. you should have thought about your clothes before coming to my college. You are insulting me. Tripti’s father agrees to leave in the evening itself. Harry notices her and goes to talk to her. Who are they? She cannot think of an answer so her father tells him that they are Tripti’s relatives. Harry greets them. Tripti’s parents leave. Tripti gives money to Harry.

Present: Tripti’s parents feel that Harry is responsible for Tripti’s condition. Kabir goes to talk to Inspector Manjrekar about Harry (Harish Chandra Mane). We have detained him. the drug M-Cat is legal but we got cocaine from him. he is in jail and we are taking care of him.

Harry asks for M-Cat but Inspector threatens him of electrical current. He confesses everything. I had found a way to get money through Tripti. He had started pedalling Meow Meow drugs through her. She used to give drugs to the clients and bring money in return. I started using her more as the money increased. He gave her drugs one day and then made her sleep with some other guy. He took 20k for that deal. Tripti wakes up and is shocked to see some other guy with her. She cries. Harry made her do everything that she might never have done otherwise. Tripti takes more drugs.

She comes to the pub in inebriated state. She finds Harry dancing with some other girl. she demands for an explanation. I love you so much. Why did you leave me like this? he ignores her. enough of our love. you will find many more people. He starts walking away while she requests him to talk to her. he pushes her and she falls on the floor. A bottle breaks in the process. He starts walking away with his new girl again when Tripti follows him. he notices the bottle piece her hand. the girl tries to tell Tripti to let go but Tripti absentmindedly hurts her with the bottle. The girl dies. Harry runs away from there. Tripti sits down on the floor. How could you do this to me Harry! I loved you so much. Why did you do it?

Present: Kabir wants some strict action to be taken against this drug. Inspector talks about the repercussions that the people buying the drug might face it if they are caught. This particular drug is not illegal actually under NDPS Act 1985 so it is available openly. We will have to seek Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha’s permission first to make it legal. It is a process. Kabir offers to help him with his articles then.

Tripti cries as she meets her parents in the rehab.

A charge sheet was registered against Tripti under Section 302 of IPC. Harry was charged under Section 498A, 376 (for physical abuse) of IPC and under Section 8(c), 20, 29, of NDPS Act 1985. Tripti’s story has shaken everyone. This drug came in light. Police and NCB started raiding and helped in curbing it to a bigger extent. The drug was included in NDPS in March 2015 after people appealed the government for it. now Meow Meow is illegal. Though very recently a middle aged woman was nabbed with 120 kg of this drug in a Mumbai bus.

Almost every parent tells her kids against taking any kind of drugs. But still approx 1.5 crore kids are addicted to it. Have you wondered why? It is not just enough to advice or send kids to bigger schools / colleges or by fulfilling their every demand. Spend time with them. show interest in them / their talks. Talk to them their way. Notice the changes in them keenly. If their eyes are always red, they don’t show any interest in anything, argue over unimportant matters, negative attitude, sudden weight loss or making demands for money suddenly. These are a few symptoms that can help you realise the truth in time. In that case, your kid will need your support and love along with medical help.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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