Gangaa 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga agrees to help her mother. She is told to wash the utensils first and then clean the house. Ganga begins her task.

Pulkit wakes up Sagar. Madhvi too comes there. It is Sunday. Wake up now. Sagar lies that he is having fever. Madhvi puts thermometer in his mouth so she can check his temperature. Amma ji gets to know about it and panics. She tells Madhvi to bring turmeric milk but Niranjan stops her after checking Sagar’s temperature. Sagar is not ill. Sagar continues to pretend that he is not feeling well. Amma ji falls in his trap. She is all hyper and scolds Madhvi for not bringing the turmeric milk. NIranjan again stops Madhvi. Sagar is perfectly fine. You both stretch small things for no reason. he will feel lazy and tired if he sleeps till late. He has to literally scold Sagar so he gets up. Pulkit goes to study. Niranjan sends both the ladies downstairs but Amma ji runs back in Sagar’s room. She tells him to rest for a while.

Amma ji suggests Niranjan not to be so hard on Sagar but Niranjan doesn’t want them to spoil Sagar like this. kids should be able to bear some things. Madhvi points out that the doc too has advised us to take extra care of Sagar. Niranjan doesn’t want them to everything that Sagar asks for. He is becoming stubborn. He throws tantrums and even refuses to eat of we don’t do what he wants. This is wrong. Hope you don’t harm your own son in your motherly love. He walks away. Amma ji calls him a typical lawyer. He has become so unwell in one day only. Madhvi nods. He is feeling alone as Ganga is not here anymore. Amma ji is irked hearing Ganga’s name.

Sagar looks down from his balcony. All the kids are pacing around his house, waiting for him, with a kite in their hands respectively. We have to defeat him. it will be fun! Sagar hides in a corner. Pulkit notices him hiding. He asks Sagar what it is. Sagar tells him about the kite flying competition in which Ganga has trapped him. Pulkit encourages him and even offers to help him. Sagar knows that he doesn’t even know how to fly a kite. Ganga knew but she left for her new house.

Ganga is doing dusting when she thinks of Sagar. He doesn’t know anything about kites. He wont be able to take it if he loses! Plus those wicked kids wont spare him if he loses today. But how can I help him from here? She recalls Niranjan giving her his telephone number on a piece of paper. Ganga takes it out from her bag happily. She dials Niranjan’s number.

Initially, Ganga is all quiet after hearing his voice. He is surprised to receive a call from her. Are you alright? Do they take care of you? She replies in yes. I am just cleaning the house. Rashmi takes the receiver from her. She talks to Niranjan. She finds out from him that Ganga is the one who has called him. He wants to talk to Ganga so Rashmi has no option but to give the receiver back to Ganga. Ganga wants to talk to Sagar. Niranjan calls out for Sagar but there is no reply.

Pulkit and Sagar are not able to prepare a kite so it is ready to fly. Sagar suggests to accept defeat beforehand only but Pulkit wants to try it once. One should never give up. Maharaj ji gives phone to Sagar. He is angry to hear Ganga’s voice. I don’t want to talk to you. today is kite flying competition and you took this challenge yet you are the one who left. What will I do now? But why will you worry! You are wrong that I wont be able to fly a kite and win the competition. I will prove you wrong. He disconnects the call.

Even Rashmi scolds Ganga for calling without seeking her permission. Don’t do this mistake ever again. you wont call anyone without seeking my permission. Ganga stares at her in confusion. Rashmi says you have no relation with them anymore. Those people had shown pity on you so they took you to their home, but you are our daughter now. We only will take care of you for life. Go, resume your work. Meanwhile, Rashmi hides the paper.

Pulkit and Sagar come on their terrace. They see other kids on their terraces too. Pulkit assures Sagar that they only will win. The other boys tease Sagar but Pulkit tells them not to think of what they are showing. Focus on the competition. Sagar tells them to start the competition. They advise him to accept that he cannot win from them but Pulkit cheers up his brother. Sagar promises to emerge as a champion.

Ganga is cleaning vegetables when she notices few kites stuck in a tree outside. How will Sagar win? The other boys will taunt him like anything if he loses the game. Poor Sagar was telling that he cannot fly a kite. I got him in this situation. This is the reason why he is so angry with me. Ganga wants to go to Chaturvedi House for a while to meet her friend. Rashmi’s mother asks her how she will go. Ganga had seen the route while they were coming here. I will find Babu’s house. It is very important for me to go. if I don’t go then my friend Sagar will lose the competition. Rashmi tells her not to argue with her over this matter again. Baby cries so Rashmi’s mother goes inside to attend to her while Rashmi tells Ganga to make milk for the baby.

The competition is on in full swing. He is not able to handle it so well.

Ganga comes the baby’s room but finds no one there. She calls out for Rashmi (as Maiyya) but gets no reply. She notices the open door and smiles. She runs out of the house and in the streets.

Pulkit and Sagar are having a hard time in flying the kite. Ganga is on her way to Chaturvedi House. Sagar lets go of the thread as he is not able to fly the kite properly. There is no chance that we will win now. Ganga reaches there just then and holds onto the thread. She pulls the string properly and is able to fly it nicely. Sagar is super happy to see Ganga and so is Pulkit.

Niranjan and Raghav ji are about to get into a discussion about some case when Amma ji tells him to not work on Sunday atleast. We have to do Upnayan ritual of Pulkit. He agrees to do whatever she will ask from him. Amma ji explains what all a father has to do.

Rashmi comes running there. Is Ganga here? They deny. Rashmi pretends to be concerned about “her daughter”. Amma ji thinks that maybe the girl ran away. niranjan talks about their convo a while ago. Rashmi shares that Ganga had wished to go to Chaturvedi House. Prabha too comes there with Yash. She has come here after attending Rashmi’s call. Is Ganga here? Madhvi denies. Prabha looks worried.

Ganga guides Sagar and he flies the kite really well now. The kids are surprised to see this. She is sitting on the ground so no one notices her. Sagar hurts himself in the process.

Precap: Sagar is not ready to give credit to Ganga for his victory. Now you can go with your new mummy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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