Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti asks anguri how is she and anguri tells tat she is sad and and he asks wat happen and anguri tells tat he was very upset and she wants to know tat y is manmohan sad and then she tells tat he was crying in his dreams and vibhuti jokes tat may be his shop must have been stolen so he must be crying and anguri says please don’t say like this and then tells tat she has made halwa as it is manohans favorite and will bring some for him to eat and then comes in manmohan and asks vibhuti wat are u doing here and he says tat I m waiting for halwa and manmohan drags him out to tell something and both sit near the compound wall and manmohan tells tat u r the reason for all this anita is doing because u r jobless and vibhuti then says tat he will do whatever he can to save his married life and then manmohan starts laughing and says tat from tomorrow can come at my house to wash utencils and panditji comes out of his house and throws garbage on them and then sees them .
Vibhuti goes to anita and says tat he feels very sorry tat he never took her seriously and so he has decided to do job and has applied at agarwals company and anita gets very happy listening to this and then vibhuti says tat please give him only 1 month and anita says tat she will give him 4 months and vibhuti gets happy and anita then calls him close and kisses him and then vibhuti goes to manmohans house to tell him this news and manmohan is eating halwa and vibhuti comes in and tells tat anita agreed to him and is very happy and she even hugged me and kissed me and comes anguri with tea and halwa and then he haves tea and anguri says tat she heard ur voice so she brought tea and then he also asks for some halwa
The same night anita tells vibhuti tat she is very happy tat u took ur job seriously and sleeps and then vibhuti wakes up and she asks where are u going andhe says to drink water and he goes and calls manmohan and anguri picks up the phone and vibhuti asks her how is she and she asks y have u called so late and vibhuti says tat he was missing someone dear to him and then manmohan asks anguri who is she talking to and he takes the phone and vibhuti tells him tat anita is very happy with him and she just gave him a long good night kiss and manmohan says tats good and asks him to go to sleep and then switches his phone off so tat he wont trouble him and after some time vibhuti turns his side and finds tat anita is not beside him and he thinks tat she has fled with her new love jasveer and vibhuti then tries calling manmohan but could not connect as his phone is off he then goes out and finds a ladder and when is climbing it comes saxena and doesnot let him climb as he thinks tat he is a robber and going to rob and then vibhuti gets angry and hits saxena and he faints and vibhuti climbs stairs and calls manmohan and tells him tat anita is not at home may be she ran away and both start crying and saxena gets conscious and then he removes the ladder and goes and vibhuti tells manmohan tat saxena has removed the ladder and manmohan then pulls him in and he falls on bed very close to anguri and keeps staring at her and manmohan sees this and pulls him and then both of them start crying and come sto vibhutis house and take anitas photos in hand and start crying and then comes in anita and asks wat is manmohan doing here
Vibhuti gets happy seeing her and asks where was she and anita tells tat she wants him to meet someone and anita calls jasveer in both vibhuti and manmohan close their eyes and then comes in jasveer and anita then asks them to open theie eyes and vibhuti is happy to see his friend jasveer and then tells manmohan tat she is a schollf riend and used to be a big prankster ad then manmohan says hello to her and then he leaves and says thank you to anita nd anita wonders y was he tahnkfull and vibhuti says may be he met jasveer so he is happy and asks jasveer to make some patiyala drink and anitatoo asks her to make for her and jasveer agrees and then vibhuti says to anita tat he loves her very much and says tat he will do whatever she wants him to do and then anita asks him to wake up at 7 am in morning and go to sell policies and vibhuti says tat u gave me time of 1 month and wat happen now and anita says tat she changed the plan and leaves.

Anguri is dancing to amitabh bachhans song and vibhuti sees her and then asks her tat is she such a big fan of him and she agrees and says tat only manmohan knows about it and later anguri sees tat vibhuti is travelling with a dummy of amitabh bachhand and she almost faints and later he brings amitabh bachhan to meet anita ,manmohan and anguri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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