Gangaa 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
The gully cricket starts with sagar and ganga, on the ball and bat respectively. maharaj starts his commentary, while cheering for ganga, as madhavi and krishna emphatically cheer for sagar. they are ecstatic when sagar gets her out on the first ball. ganga fumes, while all are amused. then its ganga’s turn to ball, while sagar takes the bat. ganga throws the first ball, almost to hit rather than throw. niru and others are amused. the first two balls become no-balls as she continues to hit hard. with the third ball, he shoots for a six, and niru declares him the winner. ganga resignedly complies. krishna updates the scoreboard. madhavi and niru are amused.

By day 4, they decide for the next challenge from the bowl. ganga does the honoues, while all wait anxiously. the challenge is to get Krishna a beautiful dress. ganga is boggled, while niru explains. madhavi is about to say something to sagar, when niru stops and fixes the time for 1 o clock. he asks them to hurry up, as if they dont reach in time, they shall be disqualified. ganga and sagar rush out respectively in search for a dress.

Scene 2:
Location: Market
Sagar and ganga face all odds and difficulties, to find the perfect dress, and as fate would have it, they decide on the same dress and while fighting for the dress, they tear it up. sagar stands holding the dress, while ganga rushes away from there.

Scene 3:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
As its almost one, and noone has returned, madhavi gets anxious. when ganga returns back, madhavi is tensed for sagar, who reaches just in the nick of time. he limps, and says that he got hit by a cycle. then they get to dress showing. Krishna loves the dress that ganga brought fr her, and then turns to sagar, to ask him to show his selection. he does so, and anticipatedly waits for krishna’s decision and opinion. she chooses sagar’s frock, and they all like it too, and sagar is again branded the winner. ganga stands feeling dejected. sagar eyes her tension but doesnt say anything.

Later, madhavi notices sagar and krishna tensedly pacing in the room, wondering that if ganga wins the challenge tomorrow, then she clearly wins tomorrow. he says that he cant let that happen, at anyc ost and lose her and ganga forever, and that he shall definitely win tomorrow. madhavi hopes that the challenge is something that works in his favour.

The next morning, klrishna asks niru if sagar can take the chit out. he says that its ganga’s turn today. Ganga says that if krishna wants sagar to take the chit out, she is okay with it. niru complies. sagar then selects a chit tensedly, after much deliberation. he in turn goes to ask niru to take it out. all wait patiently, while niru reads it out, that its a dance competition. they are all shocked, while the couple themselves are tensed. krishna asks how will he dance as sagar is hurt in the leg. but niru shirks her doubts away.

Later, in their room, krishna discusses with ammaji and sagar that there isnt any hope now, and offers to go to niru to pelads to change it. he says that he shall manage as ganga isnt very good either. she says that she wishes to talk to him, but he is adamant that we shouldnt separate people, but in turn bridge them. they discuss and elaborately argue as to how he has to be faithful and honest enough to win this over anyhow. they all sneak into ganga’s room, as they find music coming out of it. sagar is confident that ganga isnt gud. he then leaves for his own practise and krishna stands beside him cheering him, while he is tensed about the wound in his leg. when he takes a break, krishna goes to check on ganga, and then comes back to tell about ganga’s wonderful improvement. this shakes the ground off sagar’s feet, and he gets extremely tensed. but then he pretends to be unfazed. she decides to help him clear all the steps. ganga overhears the music and is excited to go and see, but then wonders what would he feel and whether that gives him the wrong signal. but unable to resist, she sneaks in to see. krishna sees her and is amused. she thinks that this time, sagaris difficult to be defeated. she notices ganga and continues to ignore her. but then he falls down and hurts his leg badly. he winces and then sits beside a pillar, as its paining. she makes him realise what shall happen if he fails. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

PRecap: BOth present their performance. All enjoy. LAter, ganga slaps krishna and in retaliation she says that she hates her and wont stay with her and shall only be with her father. she rushes from there. ammaji and others are shocked. ganga is aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Areee…wow… Rimjhim….. Super fast….. Congo….

  2. Please give written update of 17th November.

  3. please update yesterday episode plss

  4. Tqa fr so speedy update

  5. @Rimjhim would you update yesterday episode, i don’t find it anywhere if you don’t update it.

  6. The child is suffering in between the parents and has to bear a lot more…. What not she has to see… May be the last competition is the cause of slapping krishna… The show is going to be dragged on…. Aditi and Ruhana r in London for the promotion of the show and interactive session with the viewers on 19, 20 th….

  7. Hi friends summer.and others. Krishna u r comments were super. Summer u thoughts are very nice. But these competition r childish. Even niru also judge..The y have to come one conclusion that a child needs both mamma and papa love some aspects mom is necessary and other aspects papa care is necessary for every child . If they r alive both should brought up the in very good manner. . .if parents separate the child becomes victim. Mentally they affect. So writers should insist this matter to the public and unite ganga and sagar .. AHappy joined family becomes healthy . This is my opinion. Widow remarriage. Title The serial end with subam sagar ganga. And krishna. Is living with grand parents

    1. Hi Br,

      Lovely to see you back on the forum, where have you been? The challenges between Sagar and Gangaa are rather juvenile, but i thought it improved with Niru took over. I think his purpose of the tickets put in the bowl is to bring awareness to them both, perhaps that it is Krishna well being and happiness at stake. For example, the dress exercise, they both could not agree on the same dress, but instead fought like infantile, to the point the dress was torn. It would have been nice to see them compromise and both win that challenge. Perhaps that would have given both a wake up call its not about them, but Krishna welfare. And if Gangaa struggles to find room in her to forgive, it would have been nice to see her separating her pain from what’s best for Krishna – co – parenting etc. At the moment, episodes up till now, demonstrates fighting for Krishna, but each have neglected Krishna’s emotions and her pain to witness both parents unable to compromise.

  8. todays episode was nice but thoda childish……………..

  9. I think that Krishna is not doing right by supporting Sagar only and completely ignoring Ganga in the challenge. She even help him with the food challenge. Ganga has been there for her since birth and now all of a sudden Sagar is everything. Anybody in Gangaa position would be hurt. There must be a reason for Ganga to slap her. She had been behaving like a spoil brat. I understand her wish to Have both parents. But the way the story is going a reconciliation is not going to happen any time soon

  10. Krishnaa

    thanks Br. 🙂 the actors are damn so cute 🙂 today and yesterday’s episode were so funny. Poor sagar and krishna. just like bhavani said the child is torn between parents. I hope writers show a good storyline rather than bringing negativity in the track by separating this jodi. family story will be better than separation. anyway I love all the actors, they really perform their respective roles well.

  11. Sagar is a stupid selfish human always has been ganga alway forgave him. And it’s wrong for to ppl to stay together just for kids sake. Sagar never trusted or had faith in ganga so why should she go back to him. These two can’t be in same room without arguing. At present all family member especially the grandmother is a selfish cow and a hipocrit. Let ganga live a peaceful life.

  12. I am really surprised to see negative comments about Sagar & Krishna..Sagar didn’t trust ganga..OK..but what about ganga? She didn’t trust Sagar too..when he said he didn’t remember anything that night, why didn’t she trust him and didn’t try to understand the can anyone be calm and accept anything if didn’t remember a single clue about it..if he is a cheater he should have married or in relationship with someone else in 7 years..or he could have lead happy life with jahnavi.. everyone do mistakes..but accepting them and correcting them defines the real character which Sagar shows always..but ganga she don’t accept her mistakes neither forgives others mistakes..ganga is the reason for all the mistakes Sagar has done so far.but director didn’t highlight them as he did for sagars mistakes..Sagar have choice to keep Krishna with him.too..he is asking ganga to forgive him even after winning custody for Ganga..he want to have happy that called selfishness???? There is no mistake Krishna supporting Sagar as she knows if Sagar wins she will have both parents..I feel ganga don’t deserve Sagar..I felt happy that Krishna said she hates ganga..hope ganga starts thinking about her behavior and changes herself..or she will start blaming Sagar for Krishnas behavior..

    1. Krishnaa

      well said kakshmi. sagar’s mistakes had always been the source of ganga’s mistakes.

    2. Krishnaa

      *lakshmi. sorry typed your name wrong.

  13. Custody of Krishna*

  14. In a recent interview of the actress dadhi… She said she cant disclose who is going to win the challenges…and she also said something big is going to happen… Any clues guys….. They might have shown ganga repenting for believing zoya blindly…. But left that topic… Niranjan also asked Zoya to leave the house… Is this the exit of the character r she will return again…. Next week what is going to happen…. Tension.. Tension… Tension…

  15. Lakshmi..Sagar only win the custody case because he put ideas in Krishna head. Telling her if she choose him she will have both parents and if she choose Ganga she will only have mama.

    1. Hi Pooja, Sagar didn’t cheat Krishna..whatever he promised he is trying for that..he is trying to have both the parents for Krishna .. nothing wrong in it.. initially when Krishna asked to choose ganga or Sagar, she went for Ganga…after knowing her father well Krishna trusted him and selected him in the one can force Krishna..she can leave if she want to…but she also knows that ganga will not allow to stay together with his father..and supporting Sagar to get ganga to their home..

  16. Krishnaa

    well said lakshmi. sagar’s mistakes had always been the source of ganga’s mistakes. its wrong to point only krishna and sagar wrong. ganga is equally at fault.

  17. Plz any one say y ganga slapped krishna if any one has the idea about it

  18. Hi Friends,

    Drawing on Lakshmi comment regarding lack of trust from Ganga towards Sagar: when Sagar was misunderstood taking advantage of Ragini, other members of the family doubted Sagar and didn’t know what to make of the situation. Having found Ragini in Sagar bed…but Ganga trusted him blindly and did not doubt him. This i see is trust. However, when Sagar claimed he did not remember that night of passion, I don’t think Ganga did not trust him, but she was ‘hurt’ by Sagar’s response. On top of that, the hurtful things he had called her ‘ characterless’ etc and although he had agree to continue with ceremony, his words and actions clearly demonstrated he did not trust Ganga or believed her. Irrespective of being drugged, these are hurtful words especially when you love someone. Due to her pain, hearing Sagar words, and trying to comprehend the news of her expectancy – all in all have clouded her sensibility to reason – even to make Sagar understand what happened that night. The point is, its not about whether he was drugged therefore leading to memory loss, it was about the underlying trust- without this she didn’t want to marry someone with that constant doubt.

    Moving onto Jhanvi, Sagar married Jhanvi in a fit of rage. He was angry with Ganga because when Ganga saw Niru getting really ill, he pleaded to Ganga to promise to return his Son. When Sagar heard her response he got angry. He could not be happy with Jhanvi even if he tried because his heart belonged to Gangaa and that is what made himself miserable. He trapped himself in a loveless marriage. This was no mistake of Ganga’s, he could have yelled at Ganga and once calmed down tried to understand, like reasonable adults. But you see, from my point of view, i see that Sagar tends to have a habbit of lashing out but then regretting his mistakes afterwards, apologising and then seeking forgiveness. Therefore I don’t see how Ganga is to blame for his mistakes..she has always forgiven him, but this time i think she is struggling to find it in her heart. Sagar has broken her heart a number of times before, but this is different. Sagar questioned her character and this goes to hurt her self-respect/pride. Also, on the day she gave birth to Krishna, when Niru passed phone to Sagar, he did not acknowledge her or the baby.

    In that 7 years Sagar did not marry – not because he is a womaniser but because he was too much in pain, hurt and sad. He believed Gangaa was unfaithful to him, and with this knowledge he felt betrayed and angry (understandable considering the circumstances). It is this precise anger and hurt he felt that made Sagar bitter towards women and unable to trust. Unknowingly, he harboured this sorrow for the last seven years, believing he was wronged.

    In this scenario there was no winners, both were losers because Prabha won.

    Sagar wants to reunite his family back, that is not selfish in fact wonderful, but it was the way he went about it. When he realise Krishna was his child, he wanted custody. Perhaps, if the writers had included that Sagar and Ganga, both talking trying to come to an understanding of what happend..especially after Yash revealation it would have showed that both parties misunderstood each other at no fault of their own but the perpetraitors. Instead, Sagar realises his mistake decides to seek custody of Krishna and expect happy families: forgetting the building trust bit has to be earned and not expected.

    1. Hi summer,
      Not able to read your comments fully..very long post :)…Sagar is also equally hurt as ganga..he was in a situation like he don’t want to loose ganga at the same time he cannot accept her completely.I remember that he is ready to accept ganga even though he don’t remember anything..but I agree that self respect will not allow her to
      do that.. I still can not understand how anyone can accept such a big think when don’t remember single bit about it..reg ragini, ganga was unsecured or jealous when Santoshi reveled that ragini has feelings for Sagar.. eveyone in love will have insecurity or jealousy at somepoint of time.. its all about the way we look at it..going against parents and marry a widow is not that easy..Sagar showed his
      love with this one example. Can’t ganga set her ego away for such a daring and true love..reg the way Sagar has chosen to gain gangas she allowing him to explain or show his love..he has tried several times , requested her to forgive..but she always arrogant and close doors on his can he could have showed his love.. Sagar didn’t manipulate Krishna..Krishna loved and trusted him..she wants to with him and vice versa..
      Actually someone with self-respect will not easily accept the fact that biological father is not the reason for pregnancy..they will fight and prove the truth despite of all the hurts and insults.. self-respect is not something leaving everyone and live alone..and ganga never lived alone anytime..either with chaturvedis help or with rahat help..she can put aside her self respect away when she is in need like in the court saying Sagar is not krishnas father or using zoyas jewellery for Krishnas fee..she can be little soft and understand what really the other side people up to.n it blindly believing Zoya,palash and blame Sagar..

    2. Hi Lakshmi,

      I can understand what you are saying. Yes, Sagar has apologised saying how ‘sorry’ he was and explaining that he was drugged etc and therefore not at fault. However Sagar failed to reciprocate the trust that Ganga gave him when he was questioned the scenario of having Ragini in his bed. Yes, Sagar was ready to accept Ganga and her pregnancy, but he still doubted her, this troubled Gangaa. He was prepared to continue with the ceremony and then seek a paternity test after the rituals. So, you can see the writers have done a good job to cause confusion, doubt and hurt on both sides.

      With the scenes that have been portrayed so far, you see Sagar apologising but he also expects her to forgive him, just like so, especially after he learns that Krishna is his child. Sometimes, words are just not enough, its actions. As the saying goes…action speaks louder than words. When Ganga was not ready to accept his apology, Sagar was quick to get angry and question ‘ but why, i am apologising, its not my faulty, accept my apology and lets move on’. Sometimes, its just not that easy as portrayed, Ganga has forgiven him, but struggles to trust him again.

      Personally, if the writers scripted Sagar trying to woo Ganga back and Ganga’s heart softening and eventually forgiving Sagar that would have been nice. Instead, we watched Zoya dominating our t.v. screens, plotting and manipulating to be the sole heir of the mansion.

      Sagar is aware of Zoya scheming character, but even he was fooled when Zoya lied to him about who called.

      Yes, Zoya took advantage of the situation and manipulated Ganga, played on her insecurities which is why she believed Sagar is only after Krishna, after 7 long years. During that period he did not want to acknowledge Krishna or believe she was his biological child.

      When Niru was trying to explain to Amma Ji how Ganga felt and to try to see from her point of view, Niru had it right.

  19. Lakishmi , very well said . I agree with you . Ganga trusted Zoya and never trusted sagar and after finding out that zoya was the culprit Ganga never come back to sagar and aplolgise to sagar for not trusting sagar and always supporting Zoya . Ganga does not deserve sagar because she is very selfish.

  20. Lakishmi , very well said . I agree with you . Ganga trusted Zoya and never trusted sagar and after finding out that zoya was the culprit Ganga never come back to sagar and aplolgise to sagar for not trusting sagar and always supporting Zoya . Ganga does not deserve sagar because she is very selfish.

  21. I totally agree with Summer. Sagar couldn’t control his emotions. He will do some nonsense and then start feeling guilty. Marrying Jahnavi is the best example.
    Ganga’s love is always pure. She always trusted him. She never doubted his character. Best example is Ragini issue.
    Believed Zoya because of the fear of Sagar might separate krishna from her. Finally Sagar did the same.

    1. Hi Sujatha,

      We have yet to wait for the truth to be revealed about Zoya, how she falsely accused Rudra. Hope they will find that Sd card soon. I missed 12th Nov episode, went on ozee, but it is not full episode, showed beginning, then skipped to bit in middle and end of viewing. Any ideas where I can watch full episode..anyone? Thanks. 🙂

  22. All episodes r ready to watch on ozee, ditto tv… Nice to see all comments…. The show is really worth watching and put so many questions in our minds… Recently i observed a lot of changes in writing dialogues and wondered how rudely the main female lead dialogues r written…. And the reason behind it is change in dialogues writer… Request to the writer to lessen the bitterness in dialogues… Always soft spoken and at the same time confident dialogues are good for main leads… My guess regarding gangaa slapping krishna is that Krishna fought with juhi and might have beaten her which made ganga furious and disturbances in chatur sadan…

  23. Krishnaa

    good news to everyone, ganga is soon going to forgive sagar, this is what aditi and ruhana told the host in london but didnt mention when though :D:D:D

    1. Hi Bhavaniasapu,

      I will check out ozee the channel again because the first time, i didn’t get whole episode. Thanks for the info though.

      Krishnaa and Lakshmi, fantastic news!! Yay…about time they made peace.
      Well, one thing the writers got right, however the story is developing, they certainly got us all talking about Gangaa. Really looking forward to seeing further peaceful happy episodes. 🙂

  24. Gangas will forgive Sagar soon, says Aditi to host in London, not revealed about episode no…as per official fb page… waiting for that cute & lovely episodes….

  25. That’s really good news for all of us. I think it happens by the end of the competition.

  26. Yeyyy….thanks krishna and lakshmi for the news…. If it is going to happen then m guess is that….. In her school.. Krishna speaks about her father loneliness in an elocution and both Saga gets emotional… Sagar seizes the moment and expresses his love for Gangaa…. Later ganga moves to chandapur village with Krishna….. And now what i guess is sagar also lands in the village and ganga challenges him to prove his love by staying in the village…. Maine pyaar kiya wala type challenges maybe…. Are yaar this guess of mine is like a fan page….. Ha ha ha

  27. Hi friends, dance competition is going to be a tie. Given on Facebook

  28. Bhavani, your guess is fantastic. what about the goons attack

    1. Hi Sujatha and friends,

      Sagar becomes the saviour, he fights the goons and Gangaa swoons over her shining knight bravery and in her eyes, he is a hero. Once commotion comes to peace, they eye lock and shyly and both embrace in a loving hug..Krishna cheers ‘go dad!’ and punches the air….lol

  29. So nice to watch. Given any where or it’s your imagination.

    1. Just my imagination! I thought I continue to answer your question regarding ‘goons attack’, the unlikely possibility of what may bring Sagar and Ganga’s reunion ?. 🙂

  30. Summer you have a vivid imagination. ?I

    1. LoL, thanks Pooja! You’re not the first to say this to me. 🙂

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