Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga(episode 4)

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Finally the wait is over. Here I present to U the Omika’s love track….

Next day, in the morning;

Sunlight falls on Om’s face. Om opens his eyes and holds his head as it pains. He then tries to sit but is not able to as his arms pain badly. Someone comes there blocking the sunlight from the window. The person extends her hands towards Om. Om looks up. Its Anika .

Anika : Good morning!
Om wishes her too giving his hand. She helps Om and makes him sit. She keeps a pillow at his back.
Om: U r here so early?
Anika: So u r not happy? Should I leave?
Om: No I didn’t mean that.
Anika: Coffee?
She gives a cup of coffee to Om. Om takes it and looks at other side of the room blankly. Anika notices it.
Anika: Would u like to hear a joke?
Om: No.
Anika thinks of other ways to make him smile. She is about to say something when Om says…
Om: Anika, can u pls go out 4 a minute? I want to change.
Anika : And u will lock the door from inside.
Om: No
Anika: promise?
Om nods.
Anika: OK. I will count till 10 and will enter then.
Om: OK.
Om removes his shirt. He sees wounds on his body and gets upset. He tries to take out a t- shirt from his cupboard but his arms pain. Other side Anika finishes her counting and enters while Om is still shirtless.
Om: ANIKA!!!
Anika turns her face away.
Anika: u r so late,. Do it fast. U have to come 4 breakfast then.
Om tries again but fails.
Om: Anika will u pls give me my t- shirt.
Anika comes and starts looking for it.
Anika: This blue one?
Om: no that black one.

Anika: This? This will not look good.This white T-shirt will suit u.
Om: but it doesn’t fit.
Anika: so what? It looks good.
Om tries wearing it but it sticks at his face. Anika helps him.
Anika: pull that in. U can do it Om.
Om: I can’t.
Anika tries herself.
Om(shouts): I can’t breathe.
Anika tries hard. Finally the t- shirt comes in. Om breathes heavily. His long hair is all messy.Anika laughs. Om laughs too. Anika is happy to see Om laughing. She corrects his hairs and asks him to come on terrace.

Om is standing on the terrace. Anika comes there with the shaving kit.
Om: What is this?
Anika: I have to present u before Dadi as a good boy.
Om: Anika its not needed. Why r u troubling yourself 4 me? I m very weak. I m a burden. I should have died.
Anika keeps her fingers on his lips.
Anika: don’t say that again. U r very strong Om. Only a strong man can love someone like that. And don’t worry about me,I m just doing it 4 my best friend. Okay Mr. Artist?

Anika makes him sit on the chair and starts shaving his rough beards…

Apni aankhein khali kar de
Kaash tu meri aankhein bhar de-2

Hum mar jaayenge….starts playing.

Anika wipes Om’s face.
Om: Aaah!(moans in pain).
Anika notices a cut.She bends down and caresses it lovingly with her fingers…

Mere yaara tere gham agar paayenge
Humein Teri hai kasam hum sanwar jaayenge-2

Do yeh saugaat tum, to zamaane ki hum -2
Har khushi se mukar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge

Anika then tries to stand up but is pulled back by something. She falls upon Om with her hands resting on his shoulders and Om holding her by waist. They have an eyelock. When they both come to senses they find Anika’s locket stuck in Om’s jacket. Om tries to separate it but it breaks.

Om: Sorry! I think it was special 4 u.
Anika thinks that Shivaye gifted her that locket. She doesn’t needs it now.
Anika: Why r u feeling sorry? Its alright.

Next day,Om and Anika at seashore.

Om tries to stretch his arms.
Anika: Yes Om u can do itit. Come on!
Om fails.
Anika comes to him she takes his arms and helps him in stretching. Tear comes in Om’s eyes as he feels strong pain. Anika wipes his tears and hugs him.

Tere kaandhe se hi lag ke
Yaara beete umar saari
Sochi kaisi hogi kismat
Hua yuun to phir humaari
Saare aansoon toh ho tere
Air aankhein ho humari
Tere dard humein, jo mile pyar meinmein-2
Hum khushi se yuun bhar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge-2

Anika sees some children making houses with sands. Anika asks Om for same. Om agrees. Anika competes with children. Om and Anika make house together. They win. Anika dances happily. She goes into the sea and calls Om. Om denies and just looks at her and smiles as she plays and splashes water everywhere.

At home;

Om is trying to paint one of his sculptures. He is not able to raise his arms. Anika comes and holds Om’s hand. She starts painting with Om. A breeze blows Anika’s hair and Om just looks at her silently….

Chaahe dukh ho, chaahe sukh ho
Dil ne tujhko hi pukara
Tune humko hai baanaya
Tune humko hai sanwaara
Jahaan ko to rab ka hai,humein tera hai sahaara
Bas tera saath ho, chaahe jo baat ho-2
Tere kehne se kar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge ho o..
Hum mar jaayenge

Mere yaara tere gham agar paayenge
Humein Teri hai kasam him sanwar jaayenge….

They complete the painting. Anika notices Om looking at her.
Anika: What?
Om: Nothing.
They both look at each other and smile.

Dadi notices all this;
Dadi: Why didn’t I notice it before? It was always in front of me. Anika is the right girl 4 Om. I will talk to them regarding this.

PrecapPrecap(Monday): Om and Anika are eating pani- puri. Ridhima comes and invites Om for her engagement.Om accepts the invitation.

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  2. Wow its so amazing i am a new one but loved???ur ff .ur idea is the new one i.e. omikas love story ???
    Plz update new one soon eagerly waiting for it.???

    1. ARK

      Welcome Christi!!!
      Glad that u liked it.

  3. Grt epi.. Monday omg try to update n weekend if possible means

    1. ARK

      Have to prepare 4 exams dear!!!

  4. Akansha

    its sooo perfect….. i miss shivika but this is diff… waiting fr ur nxt ff

  5. wowww it is nice to see omika with each other intresting waiting for next

  6. ???am soooo loving thisss❤

  7. Shivika


  8. brilliant update . continue soon

  9. Jazz1

    Good one. Pani puri delicious ?

  10. Omika…. I liked it alott … Specially d ashiqui 2 scenes which u have added… Plz post mxt asap… All d best for examz dude

  11. Nansshivika

    I just love the way u made omika together bcoz of their pain. It was so lovely and emotional. All scenes are so good

  12. Tulasi

    Awesumm pair…n an awesum song chossen for them…luvd it sooo much

  13. Awesome omika scene I loved it

  14. Nainaa

    Awesome! You just rocked it? and Omika couple is something for which i have been waiting since a lobg time… Now i am feeling happy….. keep going
    Do read my ff Love for life also…. you can get the links on my wall….

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