Gangaa 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga calls out for Sagar but he walks in the opposite direction unawares. Ganga climbs the wall from a corner and signals to him. this time he notices her and runs to her happily. Why are you so late? What are you doing here? She points out at the school door that is locked. I have brought your cricket kit. Come, lets play. Sagar jumps over the boundary happily. I thought you wont come today. She says I had to come as you had called me. he checks the bag. I have been waiting for you since so long. I would have been punished if you wouldn’t have come. She reminds him that he had asked her to come without telling anyone. Amma ji was sitting outside only. She sent me on the terrace afterwards. You know I descended from the terrace using a rope made of dupattas, just like thieves do. Sagar is surprised. You really did that? Will you teach me too? I too will try. It would have been fun. Were you not scared? She shakes her head. I was scared initially but then I remembered my God and came down. It was easy. They decide to go play cricket now.

Sagar and Ganga run towards the field where they will be playing. Sagar flies away the balloons of a balloon vendor. The man runs after them but they are pretty fast. They run past the Ghaat and finally reach the garden.

Ganga bowls and Sagar enjoys batting. He again gets out but denies. She agrees with him. let us go home now. he wants to complete 100 runs first. She is taken aback. You still have to score 26 runs? They are too much. I have run away from the house without telling anyone. Amma ji will be very upset if she gets to know about it. What if she throws me out of the house? Everyone must be looking for me by now. Babu (Niranjan) had also told me in the morning that I should not upset Amma ji; I should listen to everything that she says. Sagar talks about her promise of helping him score 100 runs today. if you break your promise now then I will make you keep this bat on your head and take 100 rounds of this place. This is a rule of breaking promise. Amma ji will be happy if you keep me happy or if I get angry then she too will get angry. Ganga has no option but to continue bowling for him. She prays to God that Amma ji is not able to find out that she has jumped off from the terrace using a rope (dupatta).

A man (the guy who sharpens knives) notices the dupattas hanging down from Chaudhary House. He looks around to make sure the road is clean and then parks his bicycle in a corner. He keeps his slippers next to it as well. He checks if the duppatas are hung really tight or not and then climbs up with its help.

Madhvi asks Maharaj ji about the maid. She tells him to soak kidney beans for tomorrow. She heads to the terrace. I had told her (maid) to give all the clothes for ironing. The thief hides in a corner. He takes out a knife from his pocket. He points it out at Madhvi just when she goes to pick the saree hung at that side. She immediately shouts for help and also holds his hand. She is hurt in the process. The thief runs down using the same dupattas asap. Maharaj ji comes up and shouts for help. People too gather outside so the thief has to leave his bicycle behind only. Amma ji wakes up because of the noise. Maharaj ji notices the bicycle of the thief. He is someone who sharpens knives. He is shocked to see the rope next.

Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to bring ointment. Pulkit too comes home. He is taken aback to see the wound on his mother’s hand. Amma ji tells him about the thief. Madhvi adds that the thief only came but couldn’t steal anything. Amma ji replies that he has seen the house. He can come over any day now. Pulkit goes to call doc first and then inform Niranjan too. Amma ji wonders how the thief could reach the terrace after all.

Sagar continues playing. He has crossed 100 but he wants to make more. ganga requests him to let her go as it is very late. Amma ji will get really upset. It is evening. He relents finally. But don’t tell anything to anyone. don’t tell them that I bunked the school or I will get upset. She affirms. He makes her swear in the name of God. You will have to take 100 rounds of this ground if you break your promise. She nods.

Doc tells Chaturvedi family that the wound is not deep but apply this ointment for a few days regularly. He leaves. Prabha says the knife could have been at the neck as well instead of the hand. Bhabhi got saved luckily. I was shocked to know that thugs have come in the house. I left everything and ran to Chaturvedi House. Pulkit whispers a joke in her mother’s ear. Prabha tells Madhvi not to worry at all as she is here now. I can even stay back here for a few days if you want me to. Don’t worry I will take care of you. I will handle this house nicely. Amma ji denies. We all can take care of Madhvi. Maharaj ji brings juice for Madhvi but she denies. Prabha eyes the glass longingly. Maharaj ji turns to go but she stops him. I don’t like wasting food so I will drink it. Everyone waits patiently as Prabha finishes the juice in one go. She tells Maharaj ji to make juice for Prince / Yash too. he had just returned from the school. I was about to serve food to him when I spoke to him about what happened here. This kid left everything and cried that he wanted to meet hi Bua (Madhvi) right away. Prince leaves with Maharaj ji.

Police comes there. Niranjan asks him about the lax in security. Thieves stole from Mishra ji’s house in the afternoon and now they tried to do the same here. You will have to do something. In most of the houses, women and ladies are at home at afternoon. It is your responsibility to protect them. Police Inspector tells him that it was a random guy who sharpens knives. It looks like he only was the thief. Amma ji too finds it odd. He was roaming outside since noon itself. Inspector points out that his cycle is still outside. Don’t worry we will find him soon. I cannot understand who made this rope using dupattas and hung it from your terrace? Was someone upstairs? Maid takes Ganga’s name. Amma ji only had sent her to keep the birds away from the pickle. Prabha goes near her and speaks in low tones. Connect it all. Ganga was upstairs. Madhvi Didi was attacked on the terrace only. Her life was in danger. She got saved luckily but how come Ganga dint see anything? The main thing to think here is where is Ganga actually? Everyone starts wondering about it.

Sagar and Ganga come home. They notice police outside and are curious. Sagar tells Ganga to go from the main door. I will come in a while. Everyone will question us if we go inside together. Ganga leaves reluctantly.

Amma ji yet again points out that she has been right. I told you not to keep anyone without knowing about their background. See what she has done. Prabha adds fuel to the fire. I had a doubt on her already that she belongs to some gang. Madhvi takes Ganga’s side but Prabha calls her innocent. These people look innocent but they are not so in reality. Ask your husband if you don’t trust me. He can identify thieves just like that. Niranjan is all quiet.

Ganga enters. Prabha is the first one to notice her. Everyone follows her gaze. They all rush to her and bombard her with questions. Where were you? Why did you go when we had told you not to! Maid points at the cricket kit slung on her shoulder. Amma ji gets angry. Were you dying to play? Maharaj ji is unable to understand how Ganga got down the terrace. Ganga addresses Niranjan. I just went outside for a while. He retorts angrily. What did I tell you? don’t trouble Amma ji, listen to her. This is what I told you to do yet you dint listen to her and went out, why? Did you make this rope using dupattas? Did you get down using this very same rope? She keeps quiet which infuriates him further. I dint expect this from you. do you realise what all could have happened today because of your carelessness? A thief came up using this rope. He attacked Madhvi and she is hurt. It is all because of you. Ganga bows down her head sadly.

Sagar comes home. Niranjan asks for an explanation but Ganga keeps quiet. Pulkit looks at both of them doubtfully though. Madhvi too asks Ganga who looks helplessly at Sagar. Prabha remarks that this girl wont speak up so easily. Niranjan says I had brought you here on my own. I upset Amma ji. I told everyone that a girl should not be left alone, but now I feel that Amma ji was right. I made a very big mistake by keeping you in this house. Sad title track plays. Ganga is heartbroken. I am regretting my decision for the first time in life. I wonder what I did that I did! Sagar stands there with his head bowed down. Ganga is in tears. Niranjan leaves from there. Madhvi feels bad for Ganga. Prabha follows Amma ji inside. Epi ends with Sagar and Ganga looking at each other.

Precap: Amma ji tells Prabha to help her in getting rid of Ganga. My son and my DIL just say it for the sake of it that it is a matter of few days only. The girl will leave. If I trust them then that girl will stick to our home for forever. Prabha and Amma ji decide to take some action fast.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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