Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman thanking Naksh for his super idea. Naksh says yes I m smart and give good ideas, but everyone think I m kid and don’t give any work. Devyaani asks kids to take care of Muskaan and they leave. They all decide about Alok’s family not liking the arrangements. Karishma says they will like everything. Alok’s family is happy with Muskaan’s family as they kept their respect and praises them. Alok smiles seeing them happy.

They say Muskaan has good values. They think to do something for them in return and Alok’s mum thinks to gift them Rajasthani jewelry. Naksh tells Akshara that he was with Muskaan. Naitik and Akshara work and arrange the pink sarees. Naman and Karishma also work, along with their team and elders. Muskaan comes to help them. Akshara asks her to take rest. Muskaan says she is bored and asks for some work. Akshara asks her to paint pots and Muskaan goes.

Bhabhimaa makes the food and Rama tastes it. Naman and Karishma disagree and she smiles saying Naira selected this color. Naman says fine. Naitik romances Akshara and they hold each other. Pyaar hai tujhpe aaraha…………..plays…………. Bau ji asks Naitik about lights. Naitik and Akshara turn and fall off the stairs. Everyone rush to her and see her leg strain. Bhabhimaa asks how did they fall, what were they doing. She looks at Naitik. Devyaani asks her to take rest. Akshara says she has much work. Bhabhimaa says she should rest. Devyaani says there are many works which she can do sitting in room, and asks her to do list making and calling guests. Akshara says all boring work to me.

Akshara scolds Naitik for his romance and she got hurt. He also get hurt and they both sit making calls. Dadda ji comes and asks her to make ginger tea. Akshara says she will make. She asks Dadda ji to sit, and asks is he fine. He says he is feeling strange, and asks her to make plenty of tea, who knows its his last one. They all get shocked and worried. Bau ji asks what is he saying. Dadda ji looks scared and asks Akshara to hurry up. She goes. Naksh asks him what happened. Dadda ji goes to him. Bhabhimaa gets sad. Bau ji makes him sit. Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa not to worry.

Akshara gives him tea and Bhabhimaa cries. Dadda ji likes the tea. Akshara pacifies Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa says does anyone talk so negative, he did not think how will I live without him. Akshara asks her not to think. Rajshri says if someone is ill, he can say anything. Naitik says Dadda ji is glad in Muskaan’s marriage. Bau ji also pacifies her. Bhabhimaa wipes her tears. Devyaani says nothing will happen to him. Bhabhimaa says yes and asks everyone to smile, and end their work soon.

Devyaani asks Akshara to take Naira and go for rest. Naitik thanks her for facing everything with a smile. She smiles. Muskaan says she feels like she is very weak. Mum will panic if I say, I will take rest. Devyaani comes to her and asks her to rest. Karishma shows her dress and Muskaan hugs her thankfully. Naman looks on and smiles. Akshara says she is bored resting in room, why did he romance there. Devyaani and Rajshri come and see them pillow fighting like kids. They smile and walk inside with haldi milk.

Devyaani jokes and asks them to stay fine. Rajshri says I will leave now, take care, I will take Ananya along, Varsha called. Devyaani says she is worried thinking. Akshara asks why worries now, everything is done.

Devyaani says she is worried for Muskaan. Rajshri advices her and Akshara laughs. They have a sweet scene. Akshara feels pain. Rajshri says I have to check dresses. Akshara says she did not call dress people. Devyaani gets worried. Akshara calls to arrange dresses. Naitik says the shop will be closed now. Akshara says I called before and did not connect, then I forgot. They worry for this problem. Girja shows Devyaani that Alok’s family has sent this. They are glad seeing the Rajasthani clothes and jewelry.

Rajshri says we have to arrange clothes. Karishma says no, its for you too. Rajshri gets glad. Devyaani says I don’t know how to thank them. Naksh says by calling. Devyaani says good idea. Dadda ji wears the Rajasthani dress and shows everyone. Bhabhimaa says its still much time. Bau ji says he is looking very nice. Bhabhimaa says yes, he looks good when he is happy.

Naitik and Akshara get ready and he compliments her in Rajasthani language. She smiles as he proposes her. She says about her husband, who is very handsome and he will beat anyone who sees her. They laugh. She says she is not feeling good as she got hurt, because of him. He says sorry, I m feeling bad. She makes him smile and they laugh. He says come, and she shows Naira. Naitik says she looks princess. Naksh comes and she says they both are also like Naira.

Everyone dance. Muskaan’s free hand movements slaps Alok’s mum, and everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Guys one thing the makers forgot in the show…… Jasmeet, (Anshu’s wife) is having a phobia…. she gets afraid seeing pregnant woman….. thus got scared seeing Akshara…. but during Naman’s wedding, she was not at all afraid seeing Nandini…. how the hell is it possible??? wierd.. isnt it….!!!!

  3. This show s really boring ya..when will it come to an end ..???always d same story

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