Gangaa 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was night and heavy storm. Shiv and Ganga tries to walk out of forest. Ganga was unable to walk. Shiv asks if her foot is hurt then holds her into his arms. Ganga resists but Shiv doesn’t leave her. They find a hiding in a lone house. The door was shut from outside. Ganga asks how this door would open now. Shiv calls if someone is out there, then watches Ganga sit beside the fire trying to get rid of cold. He insists on her to cover herself with the blanket and dry her clothes. Ganga wasn’t ready. Shiv shouts at her to do this at least for Radhika. Ganga finally walks aside and returns after having dripped her clothes. Shiv tells her to come close to fires and turns his face down as her sleeve was down the shoulder. Ganga held her foot out of pain, he comes to hold it to remove the strain from her foot. Ganga withdraws her foot. Shiv insists on her to let him have a look at the strain. Ganga was sure it will be fine by tomorrow. Shiv drags the foot towards him and twists it.
The next morning, Ganga wakes up and finds Shiv’s hand over hers. She gets up recalling Shiv treating her foot. As she returns after getting fresh Shiv was standing outside. Ganga asks how the door was opened. Shiv tells her about the wire. She asks if he didn’t think about it last night. Shiv says he didn’t find a wire last night and tells her to go. The reach the jeep, it started as soon as he attempts to start it. Shiv was thankful to God. Ganga was thoughtful about what Jhumki said. Shiv tells Ganga to go home straight away.
At home, Radhika comes to Savitri worried about Shiv and Ganga. Savitri tells Riya to take Radhika upstairs, Shiv and Ganga would soon be there. Jhumki comes to Savitri and says it would be better if Shiv and Ganga never return. Shiv drives Ganga towards home. They return home. Savitri was worried and asks were had they been. Shiv says they didn’t get a call, there was no network. Savitri wonders how was the phone ringing then, she asks Shiv to check his phone once. Pratab says may be his phone was silent. Shiv shouts that there was no signal, he himself was trying to call Muneem. Ganga wonders if Shiv is doing this all deliberately. Shiv hands Pratab the keys of jeep to show to mechanic. Pratab leaves. Shiv goes for a bath. Savitri says there was a news about storm on radio, why Shiv didn’t pay a heed. Ganga was still thoughtful. Jhumki comes to ask Ganga how was their night alone. Ganga stares towards her.
Pratab bribes the mechanic watching Ganga in the yard. The mechanic says their jeep is perfectly fine, it has no problem. Ganga walks towards Shiv enraged.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. After watching the precap, i really hope the writters don’t turn Shiv negative, like they did with Palash. Somehow I can’t see any happy episodes being aired anytime soon.
    Anna commented on April 13th episode that ‘Shiv will rape Ganga’.
    I hope the precap showing Shiv’s anger is not the lead up to the event?! Also, why Ganga so niave to fall for Jhumki, Savitra and Pratap nasty scheme? She is a lawyer and surely she would recognise conspiracy ?!

  2. Hi Summer!How are you?Here is a good news for shigaa fans. A video in youtube shows Shiv enraged by gangaa’s accusations , tries to force himself on her in order to teach her a lesson. The good news is Gangaa is going to fall in love with Shiv after this incident. If only love can happen between people so easily, how wonderful the world would be! Unrealistic and nauseating turn. Such turns are accepted with teenagers. Disgusting with an old hero and a mature heroin.I know you disagree with me. It’s okay. Enjoy watching. We are not interested any more in what this shallow and cheap gangaa does with her life! She has lost our admiration and I only wish Aditi gets a new and challenging role with a young and handsome guy soon. Let this stupid gangaa get over!

    1. Hi Revathy,

      Lovely to hear from you 🙂 I’m good thanks. How are you? Getting ready for your holiday? 🙂 Thanks for sharing the info. I neither disagree or agree with you, in fact I can understand what you are saying… however I am pleased to learn that Gangaa will fall in love with Shiv 🙂 . You will be suprised, some people can fall in love as quickly they fall out of love and find difficulty being alone (real life). I really appreciate your understanding, although you no longer enjoy ‘Gangaa’, you respect other viewers who still enjoy the show…thank you. 🙂

  3. Totally agree wid u revathy abhi toh sagar ki chitah dandi Bhi nhi hui aur woh gangaa ko ek mahine me kisi aur ladke se payaar bhi ho gyaa cheapest serial ever why u guys r tolerating this bullshit serial now this serial is meaningless!!!! Ya enjoy watching this cheap serial nd i loved the precap that’s wht i want

  4. we want sagar back and end this meaningless relation of ganga with shiv
    unite sagar,ganga,krishna

  5. I’m so disappointed with how they’ve dealt with Shiv and Gangaa after Saagar/memory gain. I knew it wasn’t going to be smooth and easy but I was expecting it to be dealt with a lot better than this. G behaving like an immature brat and forgetting she has a daughter!! Now we have S going to attempt a ‘fake rape’ scene just like the movie Dil. This is not something S would do and has G forgotten who S is, how he puts his family before everything, how justice is so important to him, he could have bed her after they were married but he didn’t, how he put up with her silly act because a promise he made to Saagar, how can she imagine that he would be lusting after her? Instead she listens to the evil SIL and believes what her MIL says about the weather .. Unbelievable ! I don’t even want to watch the next few episodes, it will be too upsetting to see them butcher these two characters that I have grown to love. @ Summer – S wont go ahead with it – even though the writers have messed up here Shiv IS the new hero, they wont go the same way as they did with previous characters as Vishal was still around so everyone else were expendable (I just started watching after G memory loss so wasn’t a SaGa fan, I loved watching the mature, aloof widower with the young vivacious, confident but sensible wife ..(Mills and Boons fan here). I think eventually their relationship will smooth out and everything will be ok but they’ve definitely spoiled what was becoming my new favourite pair after Arshi (Arnav and Khushi from Is Pyar ..).

    1. Hi Sandy! I completely agree with you! Can’t imagine why gangaa would pay heed to the words of the ppl who have always been against her.! Instead of believing shiv who has always been by her side And proven to be a person worthy of trust and love. I will anyway be reading the updates only for some days as I have my final sem exams starting from 21st! I do hope they improve the storyline a bit by Then :p

      And, I am also a big fan of Mills & Boon! Though I have read most of the older ones as compared to the modern version of M&B 🙂

    2. Hi Deeksha,

      Good luck with your exams..all the best! 🙂

    3. Hi Deeksha
      Yes it makes no sense to me either but I’ve learned not to take Indian serials seriously, they always disappoint in the end. To be honest I fast forward most of Savatri, Pratab and Jumki scenes, I just find them so annoying . Even if it goes down hill from here I still have those lovely scenes from Mid Jan to end of March that I can re-watch. Dispite what Vishal/Sagar fans might think these two do have good chemistry, some of my favorite moments are when they aren’t even talking but just communicating through their eyes. Anyway lets see what happens in the next few episodes. Yes the old M & B are the best, haven’t read one in ages. Good luck with your exams 🙂

    4. Thanks Summer and Sandy 😀
      Yes agree with you sandy! I do like Shiv and Gangaa’s chemistry! And fast forward the “not so interesting” scenes 😛

    5. Hi Sandy,

      Yes, i could not have put it better! 🙂 Like you, did not expect a swift and smooth transition after Sagar left, however I did not expect the silly pranks to last as long as it did either. Before the revamp, they ruined what could have been a beautiful relationship between Sagar and Ganga with too many ‘will they won’t they’ that it got frustration to the point that any magic was destroyed!
      You are right, I too felt Gangaa was behaving rather obstinate and all senses and reasoning were consumed by her goal of being Sagar’s widow. She is an intelligent woman, was a practising lawyer, so surely you would recognise the signs of ‘porky pies’ wafting in the air?
      I’m just waiting for justice to be served upon Pratap and Savitra. The guilty culprits for Pavarti
      and Sagar death.
      P.s. If you like Mills and Boons, you may like ‘Mary Balogh’ romance novels…why not give them a try? 🙂

    6. Hi Summer

      Yes I know about the frustration many fans had about how the SaGa love story was treated by reading comments on India Forums (a lot of angry fans over there LOL). Many felt the love angle was rushed and the writers had to find ways to keep them separated/bringing in others to form a triangle in order to keep it fresh. I thought the writers had learned from their mistake and was happy with how they were dealing with Shiv/G – it was slow and steady, you could see the bond grow btw them. I liked that most of the obstacles that they faced came from their own insecurities, lack of trust etc, especially Shiv. I also think it was very clever that they made his first wife very beautiful because it wasn’t G beauty but her confidence, strength, moral judgment, how she stood up for herself and his family that made him fall for her. To tell you the truth I’m not expecting any justice either for Parvati or Sagar from what I’v read the makers tend to leave a lot of loose ends.

  6. @ Revathy, Julia and dddd .. I totally get where you guys are coming from, I really do. If I watched the show from the beginning I would most likely be a SaGa fan and to see the outcome of that relationship would have been devastating. Like I mentioned I was a huge Arshi fan and when Barun wanted to leave there were talks of the makers bringing in a new hero for Khushi (fortunately it didn’t happen!) and it wouldn’t have mattered how young, good looking or great the actor would have been I would never accept anyone but Arnav. But there are people like me who have either just started to watch the show or who’ve not been invested in SaGa or just more interested in the story.

  7. I am actually saddened to see the precap! I never wanted shiv to turn negative or force himself on gangaa but then, I never expected gangaa to be so blind towards the reality and that too after going through a lifetime of villains!
    As for the fact that Gangaa will fall in love with Shiv,I am actually curious to see how anyone can fall in love after such an incident?

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