Dil Bole Oberoi 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tej asks when can we meet. Kaali says right now. Shwetlana takes Om along. Tej meets Kaali. Om comes downstairs and thinks where did that man go. Gauri and Kaali miss to see each other. She gets hurt and screams. He turns to see. Some time before, conductor says bus will leave in 5mins. Gauri cries and goes to bus. Buamaa holds her hand. Gauri turns and sees her. Buamaa shows Jhanvi.

Gauri says you here. Buamaa says Om has a friend Chulbul, did you see him, he is a nice guy, he wears glasses, he wears cap, Rudra calls him poor people’s harry potter, did you see him. Gauri cries and says let me go Buamaa, I should have gone before, I m not having courage to leave Om, I want to help him, I know I lied to Om and won’t get place in Om’s and your heart, I fell in my eyes, I don’t want to lie more, I don’t want to become Chulbul, I m Gauri. Buamaa says Om always says, love is believed after love happens, Chulbul is such story which will turn true if repeated by heart, Om has his brothers Rudra and Shivaye, but he has no friends, he has one friend, when he needs Chulbul the most, will Chulbul leave him, every lie is not fraud, some lies are true than truth, Om’s friendship and devotion are true, today my Om needs Chulbul the most. Jhanvi says I think Buamaa is saying right. Gauri says Om… Buamaa says don’t worry about Om, just come. They leave.

Om says that freezer is in basement, I m sure I will get clue related to Shwetlana there. He enters the basement. Shwetlana poses for the photos. Om gets shocked seeing her. She asks what are you doing here. He says its my house. She says I thought to use this area. He says if I m not mistaken, this area is getting used since long time, some interesting things are hidden by fear. She says more interesting things will happen, I arranged a pre wedding shoot for us. He says you are thinking of ahead time. She says I m such, come Om, we will have some couple photos. He says not interested. She insists and asks photographer to click their photos. Om thinks I will find your secret. She thinks its not possible to reach my secret, I know you came here to find freezer, I kept it where none can think. FB shows Shwetlana hiding the freezer behind some furniture. Om takes Shwetlana with him.

Tej says I m sure our project will set a benchmark, it will be our big profit, I was thinking to meet again and discuss legal formalities, tell me when can we meet. Kaali says right now. Tej turns and sees him. Kaali greets him. Tej says what a pleasant surprise. Kaali thinks I came to give surprise to your son Om. Tej says I m glad seeing you. Kaali says I m happy, I just want two things in life, from you, its fine if you give else I will snatch it.

Tej says you are very funny, what are those two things which you want. Kaali recalls Om. Tej asks him to say. Kaali says respect and money, we will take respect and money too. Tej says anyway, I m very glad you came here. Kaali jokes. Tej says you are very funny, it will be fun working with you. Kaali says yes, it will be fun. Tej says I kept a party, I will introduce you to my business associates. Kaali says I will come.

He sees Om’s photo and says you would be thinking Kaali’s chapter is over, but I came back, I lost Gauri, my brother died because of you, see what I do of you now. He recalls the past moments. He removes the photo from frame. He throws the frame and burns the photo. Om and Shwetlana are upstairs. Kaali says this is nothing, I will punish you and Gauri. Shwetlana asks Om to get wedding dates by pandit or finalize dates. Tej gives deal papers to Kaali and asks him to read it once, we can discuss the changes. Om sees them from upstairs.

Shwetlana asks what’s this Om, you have a beautiful girl with you, you are seeing somewhere else, sometimes look at me too. Om says I will see you. She says I have to remind you about our deal and Tej’s 3000 crores deal, its a big amount, you look handsome in anger, sometimes laugh on jokes, like Tej is laughing, I m sure that man is one with whom Tej is having the big deal, we are getting late, let’s go. Kaali turns and sees them partially. He thinks I felt there is something. He takes a leave. Om and Shwetlana come downstairs. Om turns thinking where did that man go. Kaali leaves. Gauri comes home with Jhanvi and Buamaa. She sees a jeep and gets worried. She asks whose jeep is this. Jhanvi says such vehicles come in Oberoi mansion, come with me. Gauri recalls Kaali. Kaali passes by. Gauri and Kaali miss to see each other. She gets hurt and screams. He turns to see.

Gauri sees new servant and says new guy… She gives him the food order. She sees the servant adding something. She sees the rat dying after consuming the juice and runs to Om.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Ishq pe hoga yakeen isha hojane ke baad… hoga na!!!
    harry potter.. ha ha…rudy and his funny names…
    Dekha mera prediction on black thakur of searching Omkara became true…
    Gouri… poor people’s Harry Potter…. best buddy of Omkara.. just remember my words…”wife is the best friend for life”…
    This time Tej on trap…
    Chudail ke baare main i will not tell anything… i am never tired of hating her…

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah, great going Astha–.. your prediction was right.. as for Fakelana, our wishing of her disappearance is going to take a while.. though i sure am glad that her DBO mins have been slashed because of KT..
      CVs please increase some positive fun moments in DBO.. why is the serial always just filled with villaingiri?? Name should b changed to Dil bole villainbaaz..If only the villains– are getting the screen time and funny or scary dialogues.. i like how they try to contrast Swetlana and OM’s thoughts.. but I hate her character so much that, giving screen time to her irks me.. wish there were parallel but opposing dialogues like this written for Om and Gauri than Om and Swetlana..

  2. Nivedita

    Glad that Gauri came back..? but how did Buama and Jahnvi know of her whereabouts?
    Liked the pacing of today’s episode.. and Om’s fake smile to Swetlana, when they were chatting while KT and Tej were sitting below, was a killer smile..???? wish Kunal would smile more often like that..
    KT is so menacing.. btw how come only Om’s pic was there at that table? And why do the CVs only have that one pic of Om in that white shirt/ kurta? That pic makes him look like a chef from Master Chef..
    Gauri’s blue eyeshadow looked better on the jagrata day, but the past two days it’s been a bit distracting, CVs please tone it down to a less glittery shade – she otherwise looks like she has clown eyes..
    I don’t think KT will see Gauri tomorrow too.

    1. I’m glad Gauri is back but not so happy with kaali since we already have shwetlana . I also want a hour special with Ishqabaaz the entire cast together trying to find out on how to expose shwetlana’s secret but Shivaay already has to deal with the whole kamini situation. Also I agree with Gauri’s eye shadow, at first it looked gorgeous but it’s quiet distracting.

  3. dear asthu let me tell you the whole story.so lets start….one day i suddenly remembered that i had read a ff on swaragini written by a girl named astha.then i saw the name of astha reddy and i asked her if she had written any ff on swaragini and she told me that she didnt do write any ff on swaragini.then you replied my comment and said you are the same girl from swaragini page.i was so happy to find you.hope you have understood my point that i was not searching for any ff but i was searching for you.hope you have got your answer.if your confusion is not clear you can ask me.hope you will reply.actually i have a request please reply to let me know your opinion.please do reply….

    1. Aasthu

      ok ok….now I understood completely…….what is your request??? are you going to start a new ff???? If so I’ll try to read…..

    2. dear astha you again didnt understand.i requested to you to reply my comment.i am not writing any ff.actually i never thought of writing any ff.dont know what made you think that i am going to start a ff.hope you wont misunderstand my comment again

  4. OMG … yeh kachuae??? (tortoise) ke chal wale episodes….. dheere dheere episodes chala rahe hai….
    Aaj ke episodes mein Gauri bas kisi tarah OM ke bahar tak he pahuch payi….

    Buaama ur just rocking the show… so dum tabad-tod dialougs (when she stopped
    gauri from going to bareilly)…..

    Tej: Tumhara sirf naam he tej hai… par har koi tumhe he Chuuna lagata rahta hai… Pahle woh chudail svetlana aur ab yeh Kaali thakur…. So I don’t think Tej name suits u… ur name should be Blunt singh oberoi…..

    Kaali: Jaisa naam waisa kaam…. naam bhi kaala.. kaam bhi kaala.. dil bhi kaala… aur aaj ke episode ke hisaab se … kapde bhi kaala…shoes bhi kaala… jeep bhi kaala…. Lagta hai Cvs matching matching khel rahe the..naam ke saath saath sab kuch kaala….ALL BLACK hmmm… Par inn
    kaali beard ke beech mein white beard
    kaise???? …Lagat hai makeup man ke pass Black dye khatam ho gayi….
    Waise kaali how dare u burn my Omkara’s photo haan?? Kitna accha lag raha tha mera Omkara uss photo mein…..

    Svetlana: ur the only person in this show jiska Kuch nahi ho sakta…. tumhe bas ek he besuraa raag gaane aata hai i.e mera raaz mera raaz… Agar tumhe apna raaz itna he pyara hai toh tum OM mein kyun aayi… Na he OM mein aati… na he Gauri Omkara se jhoot bolti… na he tej tumhare peeche padta… na he viewers ka time waste hota…. na he show ke Trp mein drop aata..Dekho tumhare naa aane se kitna bhala ho raha hai….
    Waise there is a good news for Svetlana…. some is really in like u….Guess who….Chalo I will tell….. Its none than Cvs of DBO….SURPISED….even we are also surprised…. Cvs like u so much… woh tumhe show se jaane he nahi we rahe….
    kya kare #stupidcvs #stupidsvetlana… kya jodi hai….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Maahi… ha ha ha…. Your bright thought about Black Thakur…!!!
      bang on sarcasm…

  5. Khushnuma Khanam

    Hope so shwetlana track will end soon…nd gauri nd om’s romance will be seen..

  6. Shiv

    I wish thakur should get mesmerised by our very own plastic swetlana in a minute glance and should get obsessed abt swetlana and forgt gauri … see thakur also rich only na imagine how that love chase m acceptance would be its my gift to all swetlana fans here!!!????

    1. Same here. Even I was imagining the same. Dono villains ek doosre ke peeche pad gye toh Om Gauri ki toh saari problems hi solve ho jayegi.
      I am sure kt will like botox kumari and according to Swetlana kt is quiet rich.

    2. Shiv

      I also feel kaali n swet will have wonderful chemistry??

  7. Same here. Even I was imagining the same. Dono villains ek doosre ke peeche pad gye toh Om Gauri ki toh saari problems hi solve ho jayegi 😉
    I am sure kt will like botox kumari and according to Swetlana kt is quiet rich.

  8. Hii ishqies…. Astha dii… Maahi dii…. You two are superbbbbbb…. I am reading your comments and laughing loudly…. Ha ha ha…….
    Mere dimag garam ho gya tha … Is kaala kaala episode ko dekhe k baad…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Dekha Nikku …khushi pe hua haq.. TU page mein aane ke baad…

    2. Hey nikki dear…. what to do …. inn Cvs ne humare dimag ki bhi O My Mata kar di hai….
      Really very happy to see ur comments again….

  9. Haa astha dii.. Tu page pr aa k for some time I forgot my tension…

  10. i good thing gauri came back 1 thing i loved poetry bua maa speak

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