Game of Destiny (KB) Episode 56

Episode 56
Roy: saley madad to kar uthne me (idiot help me getting yp)
Soham: I will not because you are stinking now go to hell you dig your own grave now why you want to take me with you
He was about to go when Rohit came there
Rohit: Oye come fast
Soham: what happened
Rohit: arey yr Abhishek fell down unconscious yr
Roy: how

Rohit: why are you taking bath in this stinking water
Soham: leave him first tell how this happened
Rohit: wo I was throwing something on someone and he became victim
Roy: Abey saley koi nahi tha seedha bol tu Naina se lad raha tha aur bakra bana gaya Abhishek (no one was there say it directly that you was fighting with Naina and he became victim for that again)
Rohit: okay now come fast as he is there

Soham: you know what RT now we are going to dead because just now in your fight his wife became victim
Rohit: hain really! Then better to escape from here because I don’t think so that she will leave us now
Soham: we don’t need to do so mr you need to do because this all blunder is created by you
Roy: exactly

Rohit with a tensed face: Now what to do she will kill for sure already her temperature was high
Roy : not only she he also will not leave you because already you have trapped him into your fight
Rohit: save me yr its my marriage few days later and I don’t want to be dead before it please save me
Roy: Isko badi jaldi hai shadi abbey abhi tak to tune apni hone wali biwi ko dekha bhi nahi (he is so desperate to get marry you idiot fellow you haven’t seen her yet)
Rohit: Blind marriage samjh le isey (assume it is a blind marriage)
Soham: sari duniya blind date par janey bhi katrati hai aur ye sala blind marriage karne jaa raha hai chal theek hai apna kya hume to khana chahiye bas (the whole world hesitates to go on a blind date and he is going to do blind marriage great yr anyways what we want! Only good food so doesn’t matters)

Rohit: have you done with making my fun or something else is left
Roy: no we have done now you continue your save me song
Rohit: Tell me if you have any solution otherwise don’t talk nonsense
Roy: there is one solution
Rohit: what is that
Roy: Try not to come in front of her when you will not go infront of her then her anger will also not raise simple
Rohit: But what if somehow I went infront of her then what will I do
Soham: If it happens then just call us we will dig your grave
Rohit: it is not funny

Roy: who cares! We are okay as it was funny for us
Soham and Roy laughs and shares a high five Rohit being irked about to leave from there but Soham shouted
Soham: RT

Rohit turned: what?
Soham: don’t try to go in front of Naina also because if you will go in front of her then surely indirectly you will go infront of her understood
Rohit: you have no need to say that who will go infront of that sea plant
Roy: Oh you yourself will go because now a days you can’t resist from fighting with her that’s why (abbey koi nahi tu khud jayega kyuki tere kaleje ko thand kaha padti hai ajkal ussey bina ladey)
Soham: what if she is the one whom he is going to marry because her marriage is also after few days na
Rohit : oye if you can’t speak something good then better to stay shut up
He left from there being irked and both the boys laughed at him hard then the screen shifts to Pragya here she was seated on a chair which was near their and was playing with her son she was rubbing her nose gently to his he was laughing and it was extreme heat outside as it was a sunny day and she was near that place where food was getting ready so she for saving him from that heat she hid his head in her dupatta and he was stumbling in that she was laughing looking at him like that and someone is shown coming there and slowly the person headed towards Pragya she was busy in playing with him that she forgot that she has to cover her face with veil and as the person came there and kept hand on her shoulder she thought that it is one of RSR so she in full anger said

Pragya: kaun hai be (who the hell is this)
As the person spoke her eyes got widen with shock and she made an oops expression then turned to see and said
Pragya: Milind Bhaiya you! What are you doing here?
Milind: I should ask this question from you that what are you doing here in this area and that too like this
Pragya trying to cover up: Wo bhiaya I…. I was wandering here then I got tired so I seated here
Milind giving a stern look: really then what was the need of wearing this kind of clothes tell me
Pragya: wo..wo….

Milind: tell me the truth otherwise I will tell this to Richa she is here only inside
Pragya: no no no no don’t tell her I am telling you actually to hide from her only I adopted this look
Milind: Pragya you are too bad at lying now tell me the truth or shall I..
Pragya: Okay ok I am telling you
Pragya narrated out the whole thing and Milind burst out in laughter looking at him laughing like that chhutku also laughed
Milind: do you think It is going to work
Pragya in a kiddish way: I know it Bhaiya but they have trapped me and him also
Milind: and what he has become
Pragya: I cant tell you but you see yourself
Milind: okay show me where he is

Pragya: there in that decorating area
He looked at Abhi like that and again started laughing Pragya was showing annoying expressions trying to escape from there
Milind: this happened good with him always he use to tease me that I am doing work like this now he is doing the same
Pragya: Bhaiya he is your own brother
Milind: yes I know that’s why I am laughing by the way don’t feel strange okay
He sensed that she wasnt feeling easy
Milind: By the way cover your face first otherwise your plan will flop surely and give him to me we will take care of him
Pragya: really!

Milind: yup
Pragya: then what if Bhabhi asked you where am I then?
Milind: you leave it on me and by the way tell me one thing did he stamped his feet in shimla also
Pragya laughed: yes but at different time and different places so the oil didn’t came out
Milind: this boy can never think my profit
Pragya: don’t say like that now he is leagal economic advisor in a MNC
Milind: don’t talk like a wife now okay because for me you are better in that silly girl form
Pragya: okay ok
Milind : now you leave and I am taking him with me

Pragya: okay boss
Milind laughed and left from there Pragya went back to her work and here Rohit was with Sumit he was telling him about what they have planned as he was the one who can make him understand and Sumit was shocked hearing all that and said
Sumit: have you people gone mad no this is not the way I cant do this you are asking me to change my bride in mandap and what if someone comes to know about it can you tell me what will I answer when my parents will look changed daughter-in-law next morning what and how will answer them and moreover how will I answer to the girl’s family

Rohit: It was the time when you didn’t know that she loves you but now you know it right! Still you are doing this Sumit this is not fare
Sumit: don’t tell me RT what is fare and what is not I am saying that it was all past and now I want to move on its too late
Rohit: Sumit really! If you want to move on then why your eyes are still moist why are you not happy like that a person must be at their time of marriage tell me and not only this why have you kept all her gifts like this in your cupboard tell me

Sumit: RT it doesn’t means that I will do that no if she is in my destiny then I will get her after much difficulties also but if she is not then I will not get her any how
Rohit yelled: Sumit you have gone mad
Sumit: think whatever you want to think but what I said is truth
Rohit: Sumit try to understand Bhai

Then a sound came from near the door it was Somya who heard all their conversation and she said
Somya: leave it RT what was among us were just feelings nothing else let him what he want to do because he is still a scared cat that’s why

Sumit shouted: Somya
Somya shouted: don’t shout at me Mr Sumit Oberoy because I will not hear you anymore and yes do complete your preparations of marriage completely because now I will come with a person who will be my life partner and will send you an invitation for my marriage too because I thought that you also want what I want but I was wrong now it will be better for me too that I must move on and shouldn’t expect anything from you
Sumit: I don’t care Somya (turning his back to her)
Somya: congratulations Mr Sumit I too don’t care from now

Rohit: Somya do you have any sense what you said just now
Somya: I meant it RT and I will prove it at the same day I will marry you just wait and watch
Saying this she left from there and RT followed her, Sumit took a deep breath and then turned to see her and saw her while leaving with sad and helpless eyes here as Somya reached her room she was about to close the door but Rohit stopped it and went inside the room
Rohit: Have you gone mad Somya what are you doing you are spoiling our whole plan
Somya: I am spoling your plan then I am sorry to say but there is no need to do so now
Rohit: Just shut up I know you are saying all this in rage
Somya: I meant It Rohit I have said it earlier
Rohit: Really then tell me madam from where you will bring the groom and that also in just two days

Somya: no need to find I have it already
Rohit: What! But how?
Somya: after 8 years maa called me that day and asked me my wish as she don’t want to take a blame that one of her daughter isn’t married just because her family members want to live on her earnings people were making gossips regarding that and that’s why Maa and Papa decided to do this and

Rohit: what did you said then don’t say that you said that what is their wish its your wish
Somya: What else I could do RT I can understand under what situation she is going through I was just hoping that before she could find anyone for me he should agree with what we want
Rohit: Somya sis why didn’t you told this to earlier
Somya: because I was believing that he will not do so and today also I came there to tell you that only that she found someone for me and wanted to get me married soon as possible please do something but before that I heard everything and got the reason and answer too that what I have to do now
Rohit: but how will you make them agree marrying same day

Somya: I know my parents better RT they will manage when they forgiven me that time itself when I was escaped from my marriage then they can do anything it was me who wasn’t able to gather courage to face them
Rohit: Are you sure
Somya: I have already said RT now both the marriages will happen together same day and same time just wait and watch
They were talking when Rohit was disturbed by A phone call it was Aryan
Rohit: Ji Bhaiya
Aryan: Rohit come home as soon as possible Girl’s family is here with the girl and they are wishing to meet you
Rohit: Oh okay Bhaiya just give me half an hour
Aryan: do soon Bhai otherwise you know didi very well she hates being late
Rohit: Of course I know you don’t take tension bhai I will be there in half an hour
Aryan: Okay

Saying this he hanged up the call and Rohit said to Somya
Rohit: Look don’t take any decision in hurry just think before you do okay that’s all I can say
Somya: the Boy is coming tomorrow along with my family
Rohit: Okay we will talk about it later now I have to go see you in guest house in the late night along with other group members okay
Somya: okay
Saying this he left

woo ho what is going to be happen is still a suspense who is going to be the boy and finally after so many episodes Richa is going to re-enter the show has she changed or she is still the mystery person lets see tomorrow with next episode see you with next episode it is 4:00 pm i am uploading it dont know when the TU person will upload it but the fact is i kept my promise

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