I was full of tashan But u was full of love-19

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I Was full of tashan but u was full of love-19

Kunj s pov:
I heard sme wierd noises outside, while my twinkles voice is least heard.
I tried breaking the door fr longtime as it’s too mightier. Finally sme hw I managed to break it. I came out to see few ppl dragging away her.
I shouted n ran behind her.
They dragged her into their car n left while the dust covered all over my face.
End of twinkles pov.

Some other place far away frm the city, in a huge house.
A girl is seen walking into the house with unknown expression on her face. It was quite dark.
While a man faced her in the dark. She was quite scared to knw wts happening all over her as she was unable to see anything in little lights.
The person infront of her clapped twice, all the lights came back.
The girls face lit more than the lights, she was extremely happy to see the man of her dreams infront of her.
She ran and fell I to his tight embrace.
‘Stupid!! I missed u a lot,’ she screamed.

‘I m sry baby , I knw that u missed me bt i too missed u like anything more over I love u twinkle….’ the man replied.
‘Uv, I am tired of being here, plz take me back to Thailand. I dnt wanna stay here, ppl here suck a lot!!!’ Twinkle replied. ‘ that to kunj oh my God such a big fool, I hv never seen a person like him, his shyness n respect to others, man no one can bare him, I dnt knw whether he is man or nt ,as a girl is throwing herself on him this much n he is nt at all reacting, uhhh’, she blabbered.
A wild shout came frm her behind she turned to see shock over thr.
T: kunj…..
uv ordered authoritatively while kunj was surrounded by goons. He was tied n made to sit on knees.
T: uv wts dis?

U:lets clear all things n leave baby, why u wanna carry all these shit back. Clear him wt u mean.
T: thats right!
Twinkle moved towards kunj n held his chin n made him look at her.

Twinkel s pov:
I could see how many feelings he is carrying in his face. Those little eyes were asking so many questions
Oh pity man!!!
‘ Sry baby… u knw I love him a lot, I just came back to India to see my family only on his insistence. I was struck up with this ppl. I tried runninv away many times bt u are hero of this part na so u always saved me. I had no choice reather than using u.so I used u, that’s it. Just a game play where u r my pawn.’
Sry again….

I spoke clearly while he had no expression left.
Before I could speak, he let out a faint laugh smewr it pricked me while this stupid heart had no reason fr it.
‘U knw I always keep my promises n enjoy my challenges.’ I proudly said to make out wts running in his mind.
But… he murmered.
I looked at him with curiosity while his words made me go mad again.
‘But….u….u…r…wrong baby, as u forgot abt ur last kiss fr me.’ He spoke with huge confidence. I wondered a lot…
Before I could reply he was on the floor as uv kicked him on his face.

Kunj was on the floor while uv made me move away frm the place.
Within no time we both took back flight to Thailand.
Oh yahhhh!!!Finally I am free n going back to settle soon.

Precap: restless twinkle, but why?


I knw frnds i am very late. I am really really sry.
I am quite busy with work schedule till end of this month. Today Sunday na so made some time. I knw its short bt next time bigger one…

Only 4 to 5 episodes to go. Will be done!!!

Thnk q
Urs lovingly

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  1. Wow roshni I never expected this very shocking yaar but I loved the episode post soon plsss

  2. Sohi

    The episode thrilling
    I think twinkle is up to something
    This curiosity is killing
    Do continue

  3. Awesome Rosh
    N I’m pakka sure twinkle will miss kunj
    Amazing episode
    Love u keep smiling

  4. Damn! This was a huge twist girl! And twinkle is disgusting! How could she break kunj’s heart like this! ?

  5. Omg,This is very shocking episode yarr, ???? A unexpected twist ?? oh my poor baby kunjjj ???? twinkle cheated him ?? how can she do this with kunj ?? and this uv ?? Plz make suffer twinkle to cheated on kunj ?? Plzz post soon eagerly waiting 4 next ??
    Love you❤?❤

  6. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hiya rosh,
    I missed your ff and aaj tho roka hi nahi gaya so I messaged you and when u said that I have posted I was happy like hell…

    aur mujhe patha tha twinkle itni asani se maanegi nahi… aur jab us epi me kunj ne kaha tha betrayal… I was sure that twinkle is planning something… I felt really bad for kunj… how could she do so? and jab yuvi uska bf patha chala tho mere mann sirf ek hi sawal aaraha tha ke usne kunj ko without love kitni baar kiss kiya hai lekin uv ko kitne I can’t imagine… aur future plz aisa koi scene math bathana… dard hoga plz its a request… haan jaldi post karna iss baar maaf kiya lekin agli baar nahi… got it

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  7. Presha

    Hey rosh love bed it n the twist was awesome and know the reason of twinkles restlessness by will like to read from ur side

  8. SidMin

    Loved it ❤❤❤
    Awesome I mean I knew it there was definitely something wrong with Twinkle ….. But but she used my Kunj bechara……. ?? feeling sad for him ….. I can not believe this year I mean Twinkle should have not done this …..
    And your ending ???????? why I want you to continue …. I just love this ff
    Love you post soon ???

  9. Ohh ohh??
    Twistyy episode rosh di???
    But it was awesome???
    Oh stupid twinkle????
    But episode is superbb

    Post soon can’t wait for it.??

  10. SidMin23

    It was nice and this twinst give me shock and twinkle cheat kunj for that uv seriously ? and how confidently kunj was talking about the kissed that twinkle for kunj and if it possible don’t show yuvle scene and make twinkle missed kunj and spending time with him and hope u will not show YUVLE scene.

  11. Chiku

    Loved it!! What a twist… i am baffled. Omggggg????
    Post soon

  12. RUTU.....

    Hey Roshani
    Mind-blowing episode dear and shocking too eager to know about the new twist post it asap please love you so much& keep smiling ????

  13. Baby

    ohhhhhh god rockstar……..
    u r damn killing me wid dis twist
    like srsly how culd twinkle do dis wid kunj…….
    bt lalaalala………i guess she dont know who kunj is………
    ohhh god luvd it di……….
    plss post nxt asap cant w8☺☺♥♥☺☺

  14. Baby

    hhahaaa srsly di maza aayga wen twinkle ll cum to know bout kunj being don ☺
    hahhaahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhh srsly silly me☺
    love u lods♥♥
    plsssssssssssssssssssssssss post nxt asap di☺

  15. Aanya_pandey

    What????? What did just happened!!!!
    Twinkle was playing all this long… That she is going to get married to kunj??

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