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Hi everyone
Here I am back with the epilogue…so hope u like it guys..


5 years later

A room is shown where a girl of around 5 years is sleeping peacefully..She heard a women’s voice asking her to wake up..The little girl slowly opened her eyes and sat on the bed…She squealed in happiness seeing the room decorated beautifully with balloons..Just then her eyes fell on a couple standing at the door and watching their daughters happiness..(*I know all of u had guessed already…Yes the couple is our swasan and The little girl is their 5yr old daughter Sanskriti* ) She ran towards them and hugged them tightly..swasan also hugged her and told

Swasan:Happy birthday doll

Sanskriti:Thank u mumma papa..

Swasan kissed on her both cheeks and she also kissed her parents..Then trio shared a family hug…After sometime they broke the hug and sanskar took his doll in his lap and spoke..

Sanskar:Doll tell me what u want as ur bday gift

Sanskriti:Papa today u and mumma must spend ur whole day with me…we will go out and do lots of fun..

Sanskar smiled hearing his daughter’s wish and told:Ok my doll..acha where u want to go??

Sanskriti:Papa first shopping then mve and then lunch after that Ice cream

Sanskar:Ok..now go and get ready..we will go

While sanskar and sanskriti r talking swara is standing there silently admiring their bonding with a smile on her face..She came to senses when her doll called her

Sanskriti:mumma… (loudly)mummaaaa

Swara(coming to senses):Ha ha beta tell me..

Sanskriti:mumma chalo let’s get ready..we shall go out na..

Swara:Ha chalo..

Soon trio got ready and went for shopping…Swara bought a beautiful gown for their princess and some casuals for herself and sanskar..After shopping they went to watch mve..It is somewhat horror mve..Swara and sanskriti are enjoying the movie while sanskar is afraid to watch the movie..He is holding swara tightly while watching the mve and swara and sanskriti r laughing seeing him..They come out after the mve is completed and both bursted out laughing looking towards sanskar while he pouted..
He looked towards them angrily while both swara and sanskriti held their ears and muttered sorry..He smiled and hugged both..After sometime they broke the hug and sanskriti spoke

Sanskriti:Papa chalo I am feeling hungry..let’s go to restaurant

Sanskar:Ha doll chalo

They reached restaurant and had their food..After eating swara and sanskriti ordered 2 ice creams for both of them..Sanskar looked at both of them amused and muttered to himself

Sanskar(to himself):both r pagal.. (smiled)but I love those pagals

Seeing him smiling to himself swara asked

Swara:Sanskar are u fine??

Sanskar:Ha…what will happen to me

Swara:woh u laughing to urself like mad na..so I asked u

Sanskar:Woh ntng sw.. (realized what she told and showing fake anger)Swara what did u call me??


Sanskar:No I heard..you called me mad na

Swara(laughing):sanskar see now you urself told that u r Mad

Sanskar was abt to say something but his doll interrupted him and told..

Sanskriti:Offo u both don’t strt fighting now…come let’s go home

Saying she stood up and held sanskar’s hand..Swasan stood up to move..They paid the bill and went towards car..

Soon trio reached home and entered inside..They r shocked to see the house beautifully decorated with sanskriti’s pics..Trio r seeing the decorations amusedly..Suddenly they heard some voices..They turned towards the source of voices and r surprised to see Raglak standing there with their 3yr old son Ansh..
(*Guys Raglak shifted to Mumbai with their son and swasan r staying in Kolkata with their daughter *)

Sanskriti jumped in Laksh’s arms and kissed his cheek tightly..Laksh
also kissed her back on her cheek and spoke to her

Laksh:Happy birthday princess

Sanskriti:Thank u chachu..u know i missed u so much

Laksh:Even I missed u so much doll

Ragini(with a pout):Seems like no one is missing Maasi

Listening this sanskriti jumped in ragini’s arms and kissed her cheeks tightly and spoke

Sanskriti:I missed u too maasi..

Saying this she hugged both Raglak..Soon swasan also joined the hug with Ansh in Sanskar’s arms..

Same day evening

SM mansion is decorated beautifully for their princess birthday..Guests also arrived and r waiting for our little princess..Within no time their wait is over..Sanskriti is seen descending the stairs holding swara’s hands..Sanskriti is wearing a white colour gown looking like an angle while swara is wearing black and maroon combination saree…Sanskar went towards them and picked his doll in his arms and kissed her cheeks and told..

Sanskar:Arey wah my doll is looking like an angle today…

Sanskriti(innocently):Sacchi papa


She smiled happily and kissed his cheeks tightly..Then she jumped from his arms and went towards Raglak and Ansh..Here sanskar went towards swara and whispered in her ear


Swara blushed listening him..Sanskar smiled seeing her blushing and told

Sanskar:Swara don’t blush so much yaar..if u do anything don’t blame afterwards..

Swara is shocked listening him and hit his chest and told:Shameless

Sanskar chuckled and told:Only for u my love..

They r looking towards each other and have an eyelock…They came to senses when Raglak came and shaked them..

Laksh:Guys if ur romance is over shall we go…it is time to cut the cake…

Swasan were embrassed while raglak laughed at them….Soon they went towards the cake and both swasan held their daughter’s hands and helped her to cut the cake..Then sanskriti fed first piece to sanskar followed by swara then she fed Ansh and Raglak…Everyone enjoyed the party…

Soon the party is over and all the guests departed…Swara also came into room with sanskriti…She changed her dress and is trying to make her sleep but sanskriti is adamant not to sleep and started playing her tantrums with swara…At that time our hero entered the room and saw the scenario and smiled while Sanskriti who saw her papa standing at the door and jumped in his arms…Sanskar happily took her in his arms and went towards bed…He lyed on bed and made his doll lye upon him and started telling stry..Swara smiled seeing them and went towards washroom to freshen up…

She came out after sometime and saw the two most important persons of her life sleeping peacefully while Sanskriti is hugging sanskar tightly and sanskar wrapped his arms protectively around her..Swara went towards them without making noise..She pecked their foreheads and covered them with comforter…

She went and stood near the window and started reminiscing the past..Her marriage with sanskar…their friendship…her jealousy seeing sanskar with kavitha…her confession…their consummation…get first pregnancy..miscarriage…Sanskar’s support…Her being pregnant again…Sanskar’s care for her..Finally taking sanskriti in her arms for the first time…A slight smile appeared on her lips while she is thinking all those memories…(*Thank u kaku for ur idea..*)

While swara is lost in her thoughts she felt two hands around her waist and wet kisses on her nape..She smiled feeling the touch of her hubby and tested her head on his chest and muttered

Swara:Thank you sanskar..

Sanskar looked towards her surprised and asked:Swara why this thank you suddenly

Swara:For everything sanskar…For coming into my life and making it colourful…For giving me this much happiness that I don’t want anything more in my life now..

Sanskar:Swara in that case I should be the one thanking u..U brought me out frm that darkness and made my life beautiful..U r with me in my every stage of life..U also gave me the most precious gift of my life..our daughter…our sanskriti..Thank u so much…I love u Swara

Swara:I love u too Sanskar…

Saying this she hugged him tightly…Sanskar also reciprocated the hug…They broke the hug after sometime and Sanskar started leaning towards her lips..Swara understood his intentions and spoke

Swara(feeling shy):Sanskar doll is there..

Sanskar:She is sleeping swara..

Saying this sanskar reduced the gap between their lips and started kissing her..Swara also reciprocated the kiss with equal passion wrapping her one hand around his neck and the other arm combing his hair while sanskar wrapped his arms around her waist tightly..They broke the kiss when they r out of breath..Swara hugged him tightly feeling shy and spoke

Swara:I love u sanskar

Sanskar smiled and replied:I love u too swara…

At that time they saw towards the bed and saw their doll sleeping peacefully..Both went towards her and kissed on her either cheeks.She smiled in sleep feeling her parents touch..

Swasan(together):Love u too doll

Then sanskar lye down on bed and took his doll in his embrace..Swara also joined them and wrapped her arms around both sanskar and sanskriti..Soon both swasan slept peacefully with their doll sleeping between them..



With this I end my first ever story..I hope u all liked the ending…

Thank u so much for all the support you have given me..it is because of u all that my story reached to 10k reads and 1k votes in wattpad…Thanks to each and everyone who encouraged me to write and thanks to everyone for ur votes and comments…

Thanks to all my readers and sissy’s in TU for ur wonderful support…

Thanks to my silent readers too….

Love u all???

Let me know abt ur views abt this part through ur valuable votes and comments…

See u soon…Till then

Keep smiling:-)
Take care

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