From The Day I Saw You Ft Riansh and Jabir – Ep4


Hello guys!!!!!! So sorry, I was down with flu. So, I couldn’t update any episode.

Episode 4

Scene 1

Kabir: Didi, are you ready, shall we leave?

Riddhi: Yes, coming.

Kabir comes out to start his bike and he accidentally hits Gunjan while coming out. Gunjan feels shy.

Kabir: Hello Gunjan, sorry, I didn’t see you.

Gunjan: It’s ok, already you are in a hurry.

Kabir: Yeah, it got late.

Gunjan: Yeah, didi told me that you both are going to a movie. Have fun.

Kabir: It’s been a long time since we both went alone.

Gunjan smiles…

Gunjan: Kabir, I need to tell you something.

Kabir: What?

Gunjan: Maybe I’ll tell you after you return.

Kabir: No tell me now. What is the matter?

Riddhi comes and hears this, she hides.

Gunjan: Kabir, I really love you. I wish to marry you.

Kabir laughs, and Gunjan gets disappointed.

Gunjan: Why are you laughing?

Kabir: How much sensitive this is? But you told me as such.

Gunjan: You know Nah, I can’t hide anything.

Kabir lifts Gunjan’s chin up.

Kabir: I know this long before.

Gunjan gets happy.

Gunjan: Really?

Kabir: Yes, we’ll talk about our marriage after didi’s.

Gunjan hugs him. He kisses her forehead.

Riddhi sees this and smiles.

Riddhi comes out…

Riddhi: What is happening here?

Gunjan and Kabir move apart.

Kabir: Didi…

Riddhi: I heard everything.

Gunjan: Sorry didi, we both didn’t tell you before.

Riddhi: Even now you didn’t say, I only heard. And you want to know my decision?

Gunjan and Kabir: Yes…

Riddhi: Gunjan, I always saw our mom’s shadow in your character. So, I loved you more. You are the perfect daughter-in-law of this family and you will be an amazing life partner for Kabir. So, I’m happy for you guys.

She hugs them both.

Gunjan: Didi, you are happy for us, but we are worried about your marriage. Let’s start searching groom.

Riddhi: When the time comes, it will happen. Now, it’s time for the movie. Shall we go?

Gunjan bids bye to them and feels happy. She prays that Riddhi should find a suitable groom.

Scene 2

In theatre…

Vansh comes there with his friend. He keeps on telling about Riddhi….

Friend: Do one thing. Go and speak with their family.

Vansh: Yes, need to tell my dad.

Just then he hear the voice of Riddhi.

Vansh: It’s Riddhi’s voice.

He turns and sees goons clutching Riddhi’s dupatta and harassing her.

He runs and fights with them. Kabir comes and sees this. He sees Riddhi and understands the situation. He too fights with the goons. Just then, one goon comes to hit Vansh but Kabir saves him at the nick. Riddhi sees them both. One lady tells that they both look like brothers-in-law seems since they both are fighting hard for this girl. Riddhi feels something when she sees Vansh. The goons run away. Vansh and Kabir come to her. Vansh gives her a dupatta. She thanks him.

Riddhi: You came to mess that day, right?

Vansh: Oh, you remember me, great.

Kabir: You both know each other before?

Riddhi: He came to our mess on that rainy day. Just a few days back.

Vansh: Are you ok now?

Riddhi: Yes, and you both are ok right?

Both: Yes…

Kabir and Vansh get introduced to each other.

Kabir: I’m Kabir, her brother. Working as a constable.

Vansh: That’s great, I’m Vansh Thakur, going to take over my father’s hotel Thakur Bhavan.

Riddhi gets excited.

Riddhi: Thakur Bhavan is yours?

Vansh: Yes…

Riddhi: That’s my dream hotel. I always wanted to intern there. I love cooking. But I got rejected because I don’t have a catering degree.

Vansh: You come tomorrow and join. I’ll make sure of that.

Riddhi gets excited and thanks him.

Kabir also feels happy. Then they go to a movie.

While going, Riddhi and Vansh turn back and look at each other and smile.

Scene 3

At night…

Riddhi and Kabir reach home and sees Gunjan arguing with Pooja. Kabir sees her and smiles. He thinks she looks different every time he sees her.

Riddhi: Gunjan who is this?

Kabir: Hey what are you doing here?

Pooja is full drunk.

Pooja: Hey constable…

She tends to fall but Kabir holds her.

Kabir: Why did you come here?

Pooja: To eat. Then why should anyone come to the mess?

Kabir: Keep your logic to yourself. You are not even stable.

Gunjan feels jealous seeing Pooja in his arms.

Riddhi makes her sit.

Riddhi: Gunjan, why didn’t you give her food?

Gunjan: Didi, the food is over. I gave the leftover food to the slum children.

Riddhi: Wait, I’ll make something.

She goes and sees only egg and onion are available. She makes an omelet and brings it to Pooja.

Pooja smiles.

Pooja: You are so sweet.

Riddhi smiles and feeds her.

Kabir gets irritated.

Kabir: Didi, why are you feeding her?

Riddhi: Don’t be harsh. Look at her state.

Pooja eats and gives her purse and asks them to take the money and gets unconscious.

Riddhi gets worried.

Gunjan: Didi, don’t worry. It’s due to her drunken state. She’ll wake up if we splash water on her.

Riddhi: No, Kabir calls her relatives. Check if anything is in her purse.

Kabir: I can’t do it.

Riddhi then sees Thakur’s visiting card and gets to know her name as Pooja Thakur and Kabir also remembers her saying that.

Riddhi makes a call….

Let’s meet in the next episode……………



Vansh holds Riddhi while she falls, Gunjan and Kabir see this and smiles…

Riddhi meets Jogi and Vansh…

Ritika proposes Vansh in front of everyone in a grand way…

Pooja tends to humiliate Kabir while Gunjan uplifts him…

Jogi gets shocked to see Dev and Pooja together…

  1. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that kabir too loves gunjan n riddhima supports them.vansh n kabir saving riddhima from the goons was surprising. Riansh smiling at each other was romantic. Pooja gunjan kabir riddhima scene was nice.why pooja got drunk n how did she reach there?missed pics.

    1. Revu

      Gunjan and Kabir scenes were cute.Happy that Vansh saved Riddhi. I am excited to see their bonding. Pooja irritating Gunjan was shocking. Waiting to see the update. Take care of your health . It was nice reading this episode

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