Alone Vs Together – OS Episode (Truth Revealed)


Hi friends, for some FFs I will keep it to OS episodes, as I have lots of FFs that’s why. This is final and OS episode of Alone Vs Together. Hope you like it!

Recap: Veer returns from his trip

Episode starts

Veer’s home:

Kriti: Priya …. yeh kya ke rahi ho?? Prakriti to kal milne ayi thi?

Priya : Woh chachi I have to tell you the truth now

Veer: She means to say that Prakriti had business meetings so she was in Rome as well..

Kriti: O-ok?

Priya gets a video call from her best friends, Jiya, and Diksha. She goes to her room

Priya : Jiya… Diksha..?

Diksha: Priya , tum ne chachi ko kaha?

Parallel scene:

Living Room

Kriti: I’m going to make cold coffee for Priya .. Veer chahiye tumhe?

Veer: No Prakriti I’m fine.. thanks for asking jaan..

Kriti: Prakriti? (now murmuring) jaan..?

Veer: Sorry.. I meant Kriti.. woh-

Kriti leaves to make Priya’s cold coffee and then goes to Priya’s room

Priya’s room:

Priya : no diksha.. yaar this is-..

Jiya: But Priya … bata na padega.. you need to tell chachi that your chachu is cheating on her?

Kriti: Priya ..?

Priya : Chachi..?

Kriti calls everyone to Priya’s room and calls Prakriti as well.

Prakriti comes

Divya: Prakriti.. tumhari himmat bhi kaise hui aisa kuch karne ki?

Prakriti: Di! I -.. fine- I want revenge from Kriti .. that is why I did this!

Kriti: What??

Prakriti: she knew I liked Veer, still she married him.. and has a daughter… Mishti

Veer: Prakriti didn’t come for business meetings in Rome.. we married privately  and were there for-

Ansh: Honeymoon? Bhai how can you do this…!

Jahnvi: Rajveer.. how can you do this?

Manish: Priya ya fir Mishti ke saath.. – if anyone did that to our daughters..  kya karoge tum? Will you just say.. oh fine.. I did it.. you do it too..?

Veer: Mishti aur Priya ki baat alag hai!

Manish: Out of my house.!

Rajveer stands still

Manish: NOW!

Rajveer leaves

Scene Freezes

The next morning:

Divya/Ansh room:

Divya: An-

(Ansh pulls Divya closer)

Divya: Ansh… yeh kya kar rahe ho.. Priya aa jayegiii!

Ansh: At least Prakriti ki tara to nahi hai na.. nahi uska boyfriend hai ya-

Divya starts to cry

Ansh: Divya…?


Divya (crying) : I’m sorry…

Ansh: Kyu? Galti mujhse hui hai.. mujhe nahi kehna chahiye tha.. I’m sorry..

DivyAnsh are still in their hug when Manish and Jahnvi come

Manish: Ansh..

Jahnvi: Divya..

They break their hug

Ansh: Mom.. papa..?

Jahnvi: Ansh… Manish ke saath bahar jao.. Divya ko dekh nahi sakte tum..

Ansh moves in front of Divya..

Ansh: Kyu Mom?

Jahnvi: Forget that for now… but we need to tell you something..

Kriti comes too

Kriti: Kya hua papa.. I mean.. –

Manish: You can call me papa

Jahnvi: Priya is not your daughter (looking at Divya and Ansh) and Mishti is not your daughter (looking at Kriti)

Manish and Jahnvi tell them everything (details revealed later on)

Jahnvi: So you are not married .. Ansh and Divya..

Manish: You were made to believe you were married and had a daughter so Rajveer could-

Ansh: So.. that’s why we can’t see each other?

Manish: Haan.. so Divya.. you will go to Kriti’s maika.. and stay there..

Scene Freezes

(Few days pass and functions take place and finish as well. The wedding date arrives)

Kriti’s maika:

Divya is getting ready

Divya: Thank you aunty.. for doing this..

Payal: Divya.. tumhare parents ne Prakriti aur Rajveer ka saath diya.. to ab-

Ashwin: We are your parents..

Divya: Maa.. papa.. Kriti di..

Kriti: We won’t miss you that much..

Ansh’s house:

Ansh is getting ready and is talking to his friend, Aman, on his phone.

Aman: Bhai tell me one thing.. why are you both remarrying?

Ansh tells him everything

Aman: okay.. so where is Priya .. where is Mishti?

Ansh: They turned to be siblings, they are with their biological parents..

Aman: Oh ok.. shaadi mein nahi ayege?

Priya and Mishti’s parents (Shivani and Vivaan) come.

Vivaan: Kyu nahi ayege?

Ansh: Priya hai.. you are here.. Mishti..?

Shivani: Woh Divya ke saath hai… we have decided it will be boys vs girls today… all ladies on Divya’s side.. and all-

Ansh: Men on my side.. nice plan.. so Shivani ji… Akshita.. bye!

Aman: Bye.. I will talk later.. 

Ansh: Bye..

As he cuts the call, Rajveer comes in..

Rajveer: Mujhe milne se pehle shaadi?

Ansh: Rajveer? why are you here.. go!

Rajveer: I came to say sorry… she left me already… I said sorry to Kriti and everyone.. they forgave me.. you do too?


Ansh: Forgive you? Never Rajveer.. but I will let you be part of wedding.. since you are my brother..

Rajveer: Thanks!

Ansh: It is girls vs boys.. ladies on Divya’s side and men on-

Rajveer: your side.. I’m sorry again… just forgive me

Kriti comes

Kriti: Kardo maaf ise… lekin-

Rajveer: Agli baar nahi..

Ansh: Fine.. kardiya maaf.. Veer bhai ko..

Rajveer: Kriti.. tum ladki wali ho.. to yahan kyu ho.. baraat ajayegi..

Kriti: I came to give you your wedding outfit.. we are also getting married..

scene Freezes

The next morning:

KritVeer and DivyAnsh have married

Living room:

Jahnvi: Finally.. we are a happy family now..

Manish: Haan.. we are glad you learnt your mistake Veer

Veer: She left me the moment she saw some guy named Aman.. and-

Ansh: you learnt your lesson..

Everyone smiles.

Scene Freezes

3 months later:

Jahnvi and Manish are playing with a 5 year old Akshay (Kriti and Veer’s son) and 3 year old Akshita (DivyAnsh’s daughter)

Ansh and Veer are at their Home Office, working on new jewelry designs. Divya and Kriti are helping them.

Ansh: Bhai… this is sent from an international artist.. but-

Veer: Deny karo.. we need wedding jewelry designs.. not what occasion this if for..

Scene Freezes

The End.

I hope you liked this FF!

  1. Jasminerahul

    Shocking that rajveer cheated kriti with prakriti.shocking that prakriti wanted to separate them as kriti married veer though she loved him.good that veer was asked to leave.surprised to see adiza as divya ansh.but I didn’t understand one thing.the girls are not diyansh and kriti veer’s daughters n they were made to believe that they were married n had a kid?what does that mean?shocking that prakriti left veer seeing another guy. Good that veer realized his mistake. Glad that kriti forgave him n both the couples got married.nice pics

    1. Ishika9365

      DivyAnsh and KritVeer were kidnapped, which I have not included in this, and the people that kidnapped them had kidnapped newborn sisters and given Priya to Divya and Mishti to Kriti. And Ansh/Veer’s parents were blackmailed to keep the secret as they knew abt this. Also Prakriti left Veer for Ansh’s friend, Aman.

  2. Ishika9365

    For 3 months later it should be a year later

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