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Hey guys.. Hope u all are doing great..

Here is the link for my previous episode..

Let’s see what happens today.


Sanjay is busy serving the guests who have come to Swadheenta- Sid’s wedding.. By then a girl comes to him and closes his eyes from behind.. Sanjay is irritated..

Sanjay : Hello.. Who is this?? Can u see what I am doing?? I want to serve my guests.. It’s my sister’s wedding.. U do ur hiding games later..

He pulled her to his front..

Girl : Chill..

Sanjay : Hey Disha.. I am ur boss,have u forgotten that? Is this the way u behave with ur boss??

Girl : Cool down dude.. U are my boss in London.. Not here.. Don’t u ask me how I came here?

Sanjay : Tell me.. And leave from here.. I have work..

Disha : U came to India without even telling me,why did u do that?? I thought u would return.. But u did not.. I was waiting and waiting and finally came here..

Sanjay :U are my employee and I sent my resignation letter.. Isn’t that enough?? Why should have I told u??

Disha : Because I loved u.. And I still love u.

Sanjay : What??

Disha : Ya Sanjay.. I loved u from the very first day I saw u.. For the one whole year,I worked with u,I have admired u a lot of times.. I loved u secretly and nobody knows that.. My love made me travel so long and I am here.. Just to see u and to propose u.. So.. I am madly in love with u.. Will u marry me??

Sanjay thinks for some time and smiles at her later..

Disha : Thank u so much Sanjay..

Sanjay : I loved a girl but she did not love me.. I am not blaming her and the mistake was mine.. I think,if I live the rest of my life with u,I will be happy.. U love me and that is enough for me to love u.. I don’t want to break ur heart..

She hugs him..

( My sisters felt pity for Sanjay,as even after turning good,he always gets insulted.. They felt it is good if he gets a Jodi too.. I think,some of my readers would have had the same thought.. So this scene is for u guys)


It has been a week since Sid – Swadheenta got married.. Arnav and Shruti returned 3 days back from Sid’s village.. It’s morning.. Arnav gets a call from his head asking him to complete the project that day itself.. He gets ready urgently..

He searches for the file but could not find it.. He calls Shruti..

Arnav : Shruti.. Did u see the file??

Shruti is unaware of his urgency.. She tries teasing him..

Shruti : How do I know??

She smiles seeing him urgently running here and there.. He goes to the study table and searches there.. Shruti had kept a pile of books over it..

Arnav : Can’t u keep all these crap somewhere else??

He began pushing the books from the table..

Shruti : Hello.. Do these look like crap to u??

He did not answer and began searching furiously.. He finds it below the pile of books which Shruti had kept.. He pushes everything down and takes the file..

Shruti too became angry..

Shruti : Hello.. U could have asked me to hold those books nah?? Why did u push them all down?? What are u thinking about urself?? U are not my boss here..

She came in front of him and shouts.. He grabs her hand..

Arnav : I don’t have time to argue with u.. That is my table.. And u keep ur crap books somewhere else..

He release her hand and started moving..Shruti runs behind him.

Shruti : U have to say sorry to me..

He did not listen and goes..

Shruti : (herself) He is back to form again I think.. What is he thinking of himself?? I have neatly aranged my books and he messed everything up in a minute.. He has changed into Arrogant Singh Raizada again.. For the last few days,he was so nice to me.. But today.. He is acting rude.. (Realizes something) I think he might be in some work tension.. But I won’t talk to him until he apologize to me.. Let me irritate him..

She arranges the books neatly.. She tries calling him.. But he did not pick up.. She sent him a message “ I am very angry at u.. I won’t talk to u.. I am going to my house(her parent’s house)”.

But no reply..


Its 7.30 in the evening.. Arnav’s mom Jhanvi is getting ready to go for shopping.. Shruti goes to her…

Shruti : It’s already late.. Can’t u go tomorrow??

Jhanvi : Tomorrow is Sunday nah?? That supermarket will be closed tomorrow..

Shruti : Oh.. U take rest Ma.. I will go and get things..

Jhanvi first hesitates to send her but later agrees..

Shruti reaches the supermarket.. She began purchasing the things.. By then ,she hears someone calling her name..

She turns to see Varun there.. She moves without talking anything to him.. But he follows him..

Varun : Shruti.. How are u??

She did not answer..

Varun : Hello.. I am talking to u only..

Shruti: I don’t want to talk to u..

Varun : U will talk with Sanjay,but not me?? Isn’t it??

Shruti : What do u want now??

Varun : I asked u how are u??

Shruti : I am good.. Go and do whatever u can to mess up my life..

Varun : Why are u talking like this Shruti?? I have turned good too..

Shruti did not answer..

Varun : I came to know that u got married to Arnav.. That too love marriage?? I can’t believe it..

Shruti : I did not ask u to believe it..

Varun : Don’t talk to me like this Shruti.. I am ur wellwisher..

Shruti did not answer..

Varun : As I told that I am ur wellwisher, I have a secret about Arnav.. Do u want to hear it?

Shruti just stares..

Varun : Do u know?? When we were in our first year, Arnav loved a girl named Varsha.. I have heard from people that he goes out with her many times.. One day, he went with her like that,but she was dead when they returned.. Nobody knows what happened..

Shruti’s eyes turned red with anger..

Shruti : Enough.. U don’t have any right to talk bad about him.. Get lost..

Varun was shocked..

Varun : Shruti.. Listen to me.. What I am saying is true..

Shruti : Will u go urself or shall I call security??

Varun : Hello.. I am manager here.. U cannot send me out..

Shruti was shocked.. She moved from the place.. She gets all the things billed and leaves the place..

Varun finds a cover near the cash counter which Shruti had left there.. He calls a worker and asks..

Worker : That lady has left it here I think sir..

He opens it and finds some herbal medicines inside..

Varun : (thinks) She will come again to take this.. ( calls the worker and says) keep it in the store room..

The worker takes it and keeps it in the store room..


Shruti reaches home.. Arnav has not returned yet as he has some work.. Shruti eats her dinner with her family.. Arnav’s mom and dad goes to their room and his sister goes to her room and she studies for her exam.. Shruti takes the things she bought from the shop and checks it.. She finds that she has missed the medicines In the shop..

Shruti : (thinks) Oh God.. I missed the medicines there itself.. Jhanvi Ma needs it for tomorrow.. Let me go and take it..

She goes without informing anyone as she did not want to disturb them.. She gets an auto and goes..

She reaches the shop and there is Varun and one worker only as it is nearly 10 p.m.

Shruti : I missed herbal medicines here.. Will u give me bhai??

Worker : Wait Madam.. I will get it..

The worker turns to move.. By then Varun calls him..

Varun : (to the worker,he gives some things) U go and keep it inside.. I will look after her.. (To Shruti) It is in the store room.. Go straight and take right.. It is there.. Go and take it..

Shruti stares at him angrily and she goes to the store room as she did not want to argue with him..

She steps inside and it was dark.. She switches on the flashlight from her mobile and finds the bag.. Varun came slowly behind her and he closed the store room’s  door and bolted it.. Shruti checks everything in the bag using her mobile’s flashlight and turns..

Varun asks the worker to lock the main door.. The worker asked about Shruti and Varun lied to him that she has gone before.. They lock the main door and go..

Varun : (thinks) Shruti.. Enjoy.. U have insulted me a lot of times.. And that idiot.. Ur so called husband.. He is the only enemy to me.. This is a good chance.. I can take revenge on both of u.. Be in that dark room.. Hahaha.. U are gonna enjoy this.. And ur stupid husband.. He will go around the city like a dog to find u.. And finally.. I don’t know how he is gonna find u.. May be dead.. Or alive.. Who knows??Hahaha..

He smiles his evil smile..

On the other side,Shruti finds the door closed.. She tries opening it.. She shouts.. But nobody answered.. She cries.. She tries calling Arnav.. But he did not take her call as he was busy.. She tries to send a message but her phone dies out of battery..

She sits there itself crying.. It was very dark and there was only moonlight coming from the window pane.. She is sitting staring at it..


Arnav reaches home by 12 o clock..

Arnav : (himself) She might be angry at me by now.. I don’t how I am gonna convince her.. It’s very difficult.. I should not have done so.. Today I am ready to fall to her feet and apologize too..

He smiles and opens his room’s door.. He could not find Shruti..

Arnav : (thinks) Where is she??

He sees her message..

Arnav : (himself) Oh. She has gone to her house.. So.. Tomorrow I have to do my convincing dramas in front of my in laws.. I have think of brilliant techniques.. Let me think tomorrow morning.. Else I will ask idea from Sid or Abhi..

PRECAP : Shruti thinks of her moments with Arnav crying.. Arnav searches for her everywhere.. Shruti suffocates and faints..

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  1. Awesome episode yarr…really lovely nd cute…arnav nd shruthi’s fight were super??…finally sanjay got a pair..???…varun ??….final part is super…precap is nail-biting..??..waiting fa next dhidhi ❤?

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u u loadz..??

  2. Woowwww sisss freaking epi…sry I couldn’t not cmt fr last epi…im having exams….but this is scary…omg wat wll hpn nxt…shru omg….precap haunts…..arnav shd save her…god..pls update soon..

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