Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 18

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Continuation from Episode 17:

Sun Is Up:Good Morning
7:30 a.m.

Shivaay and Anika are sleeping on the bed holding each other.Shivaay is sleeping resting his back with two pillows.Anika has kept her head on Shivaay’s chest while holding him with both the hands.On the other side Shivaay is seen holding Anika placing his both hands on Anika’s back.They are looking really happy in each other’s arms.Few seconds later a nurse enters into the cabin.She smiles watching them and leaves without disturbing closing the door behind.
Shivaay stirs in his sleep that irritates Anika.For that she grabs Shivaay more closely while snuggling into his chest.Shivaay’s phone starts vibrating.He opens his eyes and tries to move but realizes that is difficult to do as Anika has caught him in her arms very strongly.After much struggle he manages to take off Anika’s hands off him and puts her head on the pillow.
Covering Anika with duvet,Shivaay pushes aside the hair strand from her face.Observing her for few seconds he tries to get up but Anika catches his hand.Watching that Shivaay smiles but does not pull out his hand from Anika’s grasp.He takes another pillow and places it on Anika’s right side.then he puts her hand on that pillow and slowly takes out his own hand.Anika stirs a little in her deep sleep.Standing up Shivaay looks around.He goes and switches off the lights as sun light is flooding in the room through curtains.Phone starts vibrating once again.Shivaay takes out the phone from his pocket.Omkara is on the call.Glancing Anika one last time Shivaay walks out of the room to call Om back.

Trivedi Villa
Gauri tells everything to Mrs.Trivedi.Hearing all those she scolds Gauri for keeping her in darkness.Gauri makes her realize the situation and somehow pacifies her.Mrs.Trivedi calms down thinking that Shivaay is with Anika.Mrs.Trivedi insists on meeting Anika as soon as possible.Gauri tells her not to worry and she will arrange everything.But fortunately or unfortunately,Mr.Trivedi overhears their conversation!

Finishing talking with Om,Shivaay returns into cabin.Anika is awake and doctor is checking her.Watching Shivaay doctor says-
Doctor:There you are Mr.Oberoi.I was waiting for you.Your wife is ready to go home.Before that I need to talk to you regarding her medicine,daily work out etc.Would you plz come with me?
Shivaay:Sure doctor.Anika looks at him worriedly.He goes to Anika.Cupping her face with his hand Shivaay says-
Shivaay:Don’t worry,I will be back soon.Shivaay leaves with doctor.

Doctor Mishra is talking with Shivaay in his chamber-
Doctor:Mrs.Oberoi is responding very well.We did not expect such fast response but it’s really good.We can hope for her recovery from memory loss.You have to keep a sharp eye on her activities.She can act weird,abnormal even very impulsive at times.You have to handle those with a calm mind.Doctor gives some papers to Shivaay-Here some methods are written.Using these you can try making her remembering the past.Just make sure she does not take any extra stress.And for the head injury we have prescribed medicine.If you feel she is unwell going back home,do call us as early as possible.
Shivaay:Thank you so much doctor.I would do as you asked.Before I leave,I want to tell you something.
Doctor:Yes plz.

Shivaay comes out of doctor’s chamber.Onthe way to cabin he meets Omkara.
Om:Hey Shivaay,I was waiting for you.Everything is arranged the way you asked.I have checked everything.
Shivaay:That’s great.And did you bring what I told to you over phone?Om hands over a gift box to Shivaay.Taking it he says-
Shivaay:Thank you so much yaar.I am making you work so much.
Om:When things become so formal between us?I am doing everything for my brother,his happiness.Every time you manage.Let me do some work too.Now,shall we?Shivaay pats Om’s shoulder happily.They go back to the cabin.Reaching there Shivaay gives the box to Anika.She asks-
Anika:What is it?
Shivaay:Something for you.Get ready.We will be leaving soon.Om comes and says-
Om:Gauri wants to talk to you.She is on video call.
Shivaay:You talk with Gauri.I am just coming.He leaves.

2 Hours Later
Shivaay is seen standing in front of the cabin door which is closed.He takes a deep breath then knocks at the door.Entering into the room he notices no is there.He is looking around.Hearing some sound Shivaay turns back.Anika has come out of the wash room.She has worn a saree which Shivaay brought for her.Walking slowly she comes in front of Shivaay.Anika is looking extremely beautiful in that pink-white floral print saree with full sleeve blouse.Shivaay is looking at her without blinking,unable to take off his eyes from her!

Song Plays
“(Laage re laage re laage re
nayanwa laage re laage re)
Jab se tere naina mere naino se laage re-
Tabse deewaana huwa,sabse begaana huwa
Rab bhi deewaana laage re
Rab bhi deewaana laage re-ho o o o…
Jab se tere naina mere naino se laage re…”

Watching Shivaay is not taking his intense eyes off her,Anika looks down feeling shy.Breaking the romantic silence she says-
Anika:How,how do I look Shivaay?
Shivaay says nothing.Anika asks again.This time Shivaay responds.

Shivaay:Very beautiful,absolutely gorgeous.He smiles sweetly.
Upon his words Anika comes running to Shivaay and hugs him.She says happily hugging Shivaay-
Anika:I am so happy today Shivaay.I am going back to my home and I can’t wait for that.How much I missed my own home!Thank you Shivaay!Hugging Anika,Shivaay listens to Anika’s talks and enjoys her child like happiness.

Hospital formalities gets completed.Shivaay and Anika leave in the car.Om left before them in other car.Their car moves towards Vasant Vihar,where Oberoi’s Delhi guest house is located.Car stops coming inside boundary of the guest house-Sunflower Petals
Getting down from the car Shivaay comes at the other side and makes Anika get down too.He forwards his hand towards Anika.She puts her hand on Shivaay’s hand.Together they move in the direction of entrance door.Door bell rings.Gauri and Om open the door from inside.Shivaay welcomes Anika inside.She steps into her “New Home” with a happy,smiling face.Shivaay watches her….

Precap:Shivaay brings Anika’s medicine.She asks-“Shivaay,are you hiding something from me?”Shivaay gets shocked.

#Author’s Note:
Thank you so very much for each and every precious “Like” and “Dislike” and “Comment”.Lots of love to my regular and silent reader.Keep supporting like that.Thank you.

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  1. ShivikaSCNM

    Super lu…. ur each episode makes me happy and while reading I Imagine,sometimes I think what if they really shoot this kind of episode..?.
    I wish one or the other day the makers reed ur episode and making new serial giving different name to the character with same cast.
    Ur grammar is good it’s easy to reed and understand.

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooooooo….very much for your valuable love and appreciate.Thank you once again.Lots of love???

      1. Luthfa


    2. Luthfa

      Replies are getting scattered.Sorry for that dear???

  2. Luthfa

    Hi Shivika,
    I am so very happy seeing you enjoying my FF and its naration.I am trying my level best upholding SHIVIKA and IB’s awesome,second to none standard.Don’t know to what extent I am getting successful.Silent readers who read but don’t comment are in majority.If they would I could get glimpse of their choices.Never mind,I am happy anyeay.And you all are here for me.Your love and support are always special for me and my writing.Keep supporting me like that.

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      I have to thank you for writing such beautiful story lu.. good job.

      1. Luthfa

        Soooooo…Sweet of you dear.Love you???

  3. Aniriya

    Hi luthfa
    What a update it was wow
    You always make my day thank you so much. I was too tired but after reading i felt relaxed and gets happy and excited whenever I see your update.
    How are your exams going on?
    New year is coming lets plan something since we are also a family here in tu lets celebrate.
    Bye angel if possible do update asap
    Haha from now onwards i will call you angel don’t mind it.
    Keep rocking keep smiling

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Medh,
      Very glad to know that yaar.And my exams are over.I am free now and focusing on writing.Thank you soooooooooo….very much for your absolute love and supporting.Thank you once again dear.Angel is a cute and most pure name.I would love to be called by this name.Double thanks for this sweetest name.Love you???

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi director mam.
    Good morning. Super episode mam. Sply how anika was feeling comfortable with shivay… I’m excited to c know shivay is going take care of anika. Lots of love. Tc

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi dear,
      Good afternoon?
      Director Ma’m,is that a compliment or taunt?Hehehe….I loved it dear.And thank you soooooooo…very much for your valuable love and praising.Love you???
      P.S.I am facing log in problem.Could not reply your message.I am really sorry for that unintended mistake dear.Hope you can understand???

  5. ItsmePrabha

    hello darling..i am absolutely fine…. How are you?? and exams kaise likhi??
    coming to the update..i can clearly imagine shivika’s sleeping position..pata hai they looked so adorable..happy to see both shivika happy..Amazingly cute episode…will be waiting for the next..till then take care..Love you..

    1. Luthfa

      I am fine Sweetheart.And exams gone khidkitode.Thank you so very much?
      Is it?How I am doing Sweetheart?Very glad to know that you visualized that scene.Thank you sooooooo…very much for the compliment.Love you???

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooooooo…very much for your love dear Nikita???

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