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episode-69Let’s get into the party episode today..


Shruti comes to the party venue wearing a black sequinned saree looking gorgeous.. Ritika too came beside her in a blue party wear saree looking cute..

They see Swadhu who was looking for the party arrangements.. She was dressed up in a white worked saree looking stunning..

Shruti : Hey.. Swadhu.. Where is Sid??

Swadhu : He had gone to change.. It has been half an hour since he was gone.. But he did not come till now.. I don’t know what he is doing..

Shruti : He will take time.. But he will say that we take much time for make up.. Stupid..

Sid came and hit her head and pulls her hair..

Sid : Whom are u calling as stupid??

Shruti : It is u only.. And don’t touch my hair.. I will kill u..

Abhi comes..

Abhi : Why? Ur wig will come out?

Hearing that Ritika laughs.. Shruti stares at Abhi..

Shruti : idiot.. I am not old like to have wig.. It’s my real hair.. (To Ritika) Don’t laugh for the silly jokes that he make.. He may think that he is making a good joke..

Abhi : Ritika.. If u feel like laughing to my joke,u can laugh.. DOnt listen to her..

Shruti hits him..

Swadhu : But Ritu.. The point is,u won’t feel like laughing for his jokes.. U will feel like killing him…

All of them laugh..

Sid : Guys.. I have called Arnav and Vicky bro.. They will come in a few minutes..

Shruti feels happy.. Sid sees her..


After sometime,Arnav and Vicky arrive..Arnav gets a call and he is standing outside and answering it while Vicky went inside.. Shruti too came out to make a call.. She was talking sincerely over phone.. Arnav hangs up nd sees her.. He was stunned to see her.. He was admiring her.. By then, a car came towards Shruti.. But she did not notice it as she was talking over phone.. Arnav ran to her and pulled her.. Shruti leant over him..

Arnav : Stupid girl.. Can’t u see?? What would have happened if I did not see the car??

Shruti : I would have been hit..

Arnav : Stupid.. Don’t say so..

Shruti : Nothing would have happened.. Why I have to fear,when u are here??

Arnav : u saw me before itself??

Shruti : Shruti.. I can feel ur presence..

Arnav gave a confused expression..

Shruti : (thinks) dumbo..(to Arnav)Come.. They are waiting for u..


Arnav and Shruti come inside..

Sid : Welcome Arnav bro alias boss.. (To Shruti) Where have u been?? Coming with him as a couple??

Shruti asks to keep quiet..

All of them talk for sometime and their dance session began..

Swadhu and Sid make a pair.

Abhi : (thinks) I have to make Ritika pair up with me.. But how to do it??(He makes a plan) Sid,why did u call me here?? To insult me?? You have a pair.. But me and Shruti?? We don’t have anybody..

Swadhu : Hey.. U and Shruti make a pair?

Sid : (thinks) My dumb to be wife.. Swadhu.. U are going to spoil my plan.. (to Abhi) Why don’t u make a pair with Ritika?? Shruti will never come to dance with u..

Shruti : Never ever.. I won’t dance with this idiot Abhi..

Abhi : (thinks) Sid.. He has made it perfect.. (To Shruti) Who is dying to dancing with u? If u don’t want to dance with me,go and stand there..

Shruti smirks..

Swadhu : Why are u shouting at her?? He told u that Ritu will dance with u nah?? Go without much drama..

Swadhu-Sid,Abhi-Ritu went to the dance floor..

Sid : (thinks) its time to execute my plan..(to Shruti) Come..let’s dance..

Shruti : No..

Abhi : She dies not have a pair.. How can she come??

Sid : (to Arnav) Bro.. Can u please pair with Shruti??

Arnav : Me?? No..

Sid : Bro.. Please.. It’s my wish.. Please..

Vicky : Arnav.. Go.. It’s just for fun..

Arnav agrees.. Shruti feels happy..

Sid : (thinks) Plan success..

They come to the dance floor…


Sanjay goes to attend the meeting.. The meeting ends and by then,his peon comes and tells him that someone has come to see him..

Sanjay : I can’t meet anyone.. I have some important work..

Voice : Even if it’s me..

Sanjay’s face brightens on seeing him..

Sanjay : Varun.. Is that u?? It has been long since I met u..

Varun : Ya dude.. Hoe are u?? Heard that ur father passed away.. I could not come as I was in Singapore.. Now only I came..

Sanjay : Hmm.. I am good.. How are u??

He tells Varun about Swadhu’s marriage and all that..


The couples on the dance floor..

Pal ek pal mein hi tham sa gaya
Tu haath mein haath jo de gaya
Chalun main jahaan jaaye tu
Daayein main tere, baayein tu
Hoon rut main, hawayein tu
Hansu main jab gaaye tu
Roun main murjhaaye tu
Bheegun main barsaaye tu


Yeno vaanilai maarudhe,manithuli pogudhe
Maarbin vegam kooduthe
Manamo edho solla vaarthai theduthe
Kannellam neeyedhan nirkindrai
Thalli pogadhe,enayum thalli poga solladhe plays..

The couples dance gracefully..
Sid and Swadheenta danced with a great coordination,with a beautiful smile..

Arnav and Shruti were lost in each others eyes..

Abhi was teaching Ritu his steps.. And they had eyelock too..

Sid : Let’s dance together..
They were dancing.. Abhi nd Arnav got up to leave telling Swadhu and Sid..

Sid asked Shruti to go out and send them..

Arnav came out.. By then,Sanjay came to the place with Varun.. Arnav was talking with Vicky and coming,Sanjay was talking with Varun.. They face each other.. Arnav was shell shocked to see Sanjay there.. He thought,Sanjay would slap him for coming in his sister’s party.. Varun too thought the same.. Arnav thought that,he has done a great Mistake by coming to the party.. He became very angry with himself and with Sanjay too..
Shruti came out and she was shocked too see the happenings outside.. She stopped there itself..

Shruti : (thinks) Oh God.. It’s India and Pakistan facing each other.. I don’t know whats gonna happen.. God.. Please help me.. Nothing should happen..

Both of them were standing looking at each other..

Sanjay : Arnav?? U?? Here?? I mean I did not expect u here..

Vicky : Sanjay.. Sorry for coming.. Ur sister and Sid requested us to come and that’s why we came.. We are leaving..

They were about to move..

Sanjay : Wait.. I actually expected both of u on the engagement itself.. But u did not turn up.. I know that it’s because of me.. I have done so much with u.. I am really sorry Vicky for whatever I did with u..

Vicky and Varun were shocked to see Sanjay’s transformation.. Arnav was looking at him..

Sanjay : Arnav.. I thought of meeting u.. But I was ashamed to face u.. Because I was ashamed of whatever I did with u.. I behaved like a brute with u.. I was arrogant.. And I don’t even deserve to stand in front of u.. A sorry will not fix everything.. Above all,I killed Varsha.. How u would have felt??

Arnav became emotional when he heard Varsha’s name..

Sanjay : I am sorry from the bottom of my heart..

Arnav looked at him with bloodshot eyes.. He moved from there without saying a word.. Vicky follows him..

Shruti too became emotional and she thought of going and talking to Arnav.. But thinking that it is not the right situation,she did not go..
Sanjay felt guilty and was looking at the direction where Arnav went..

PRECAP : Abhi tells Ritu,”If u say yes,I am ready to talk to my parents about us.. I can take u with me too.. U don’t need to be there bearing ur mami’s torture anymore”.Ritika looks on..
Shruti apologize to Arnav.
Varun brainwashes Sanjay..

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