Friendship is also love – Part 8

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Thanks so so much for the people who support my story , I hope you all remember this story , belated Happy friendship day to all my friends in TU

Recap – Keerthy & Saumya are friends & RJs , Rudy becomes alcoholic due to death of Bhavya, Rudy & Keerthy are childhood friends, Rudy ran out of Rehab centre, Keerthy accept to come to Treat Rudy , Keerthy meets Oberoi’s


Anika – Shivaay who is she
Shivaay – Anika she is our lovely sister & Rudy’s bestie
ShivOm in unison – kittu allies Keerthy Suresh
Keerthy – and ettathis namaskaram
AniRi – ettathis namaskaram ??
Shivaay – she means bhabhis namaste
Om – pinney Kittu nee ivada vandu ride cheyila aa 1 & 1/2 hours enda seiyum ? ( Then Kittu you came here to ride that 1& 1/2 hour what were you doing )
Keerthy – you will get to know soon !!
Dadi – ok Kittu go & get fresh up, Billu make Rudy ready
Voice – ORU avasiyium illa muthashi ( no need granny )
Every one is shocked to see owner of the voice
Dadi – Billu edu nammada kuttan ah ?? ( Billu is this our “Kuttan” )
Shivaay – even I have the same doubt
Keerthy-  no need to get doubtful it’s Rudy , Muthashi
Rudy – yeah it’s me Rudhra Singh Oberoi

The family was stunned to see the costume of lovely Rudy , it’s pure black kurta & tied white dhoti he was looking dashing & black shades he was looking just like a hero
Rudy Comes near dadi
Rudy – Muthashi enganu undu?? ( granny how is it ??)
Dadi – enda ponnu money Nivin Pauly Pola undu ( my sweetheart you are looking like a Nivin Pauly) ( Nivin Pauly a actor in South India , famous for his movie “Premam”)

Shivaay & Om understood

Om – ipol manselariyam ( now I could understand ) so you have been making him ready right on that 1 & 1/2 hour
Keerthy- – illa Munna Etta njan alla enda friends aano eevaney ready cheidadu ( no Munna brother I didn’t , my friends made him ready )

Shivaay – but how ??
Dadi  – Billu vo SAB hum baath mei bath karenge , Kittu akatt peaku , thayarknum
Onathappan ( means they will worship ) undalo, pinney vegam Vara
( Billu we will talk all the things later , first you go inside get ready  Onathappan ( worship ) is there right  & come fast)
Keerthy comes down after getting ready dressed like a typical Malayali Kerala saree , a cute jhumka , free hair & jasmine flower on her hair , she Comes & hand overs a bunch of jasmine to AniRi
Keerthy – bhabs this is for you both
AniRi stunned, ShivOmRu dadi smiles to it
Gauri – but Keerthy why so much
Anika – ahan why
Dadi – arey rakhlo na puttar ( arey keep it dear
Anika – par dadi kese lagaingey ithna sara ( but dadi how to keep so much )
Keerthy – I’ll help you
She helps AniRi to keep flowers on their respective hairs
Dadi – bohot sone lagrah hai mere baccho ( looking beautiful my dear )
Rudy – thank you dadi I know I look handsome ,
Dadi – njan paranjadu enda kochu molegal patri ninne kurichi  alla prandha ( I told about my granddaughters , not you idiot )
Rudy made a sad pout

Dadi – ok ok chalo chalo dher horahi hai
The Obros , dadi, OBahu’s , Keerthy start to worship God
Everybody’s wish while they take Aarthi
(Just imagine this song Murali Manohar song from Mahabharat , or any other Krishna ji song  )

Shivaay’s pov
Hey lord please solve the problem in our home , solve the problem between Kittu & Rudy, thanks for bringing back Kittu to our lives , please keep her happy forever, don’t seperate her from us again , she is Jaan of us
Om pov
Hey Bhagwan , me & Shivaay have tried to make Rudy Normal but we couldn’t , now I understand thats why you sent Kittu back in our lives , I know our Kittu will get back him to normal but help her with your blessings please don’t again seperate our sister from us this my request and wish
Anika ‘s pov
My dear lord I just praying for our Rudy , we want him back , Shiv & Om have been saying join him in rehab centre we don’t consider it’s a good Idea , whatever please bring back our Ru back that’s enough for me
Gauri’s pov
Hey Bhagwan I’m scared about Ru’s future why you snatched his love I know without reason you will do nothing, I consider this as your testing , enough don’t test him more, please I request you to bring our Fun & naughty Ru back
Dadi’s pov
Lord Krishna I know you have started this game , please show the good destiny to my Kuttan I think to treat him through Kittu , Kittu my dear will do as a true friend that’s why I brought her here , because kittu also faced problem like this by loosing her dad so I thought to treat Rudy by bringing her & may be he may listen to his friend , please bless all my children let them live a happy life

Rudhra’s pov ( Kuttan)
God I have been troubling my family members , I don’t know whether I hurted Kittu even though my heart say I’m wrong but my mind says that I’m right I donno what to choose , because of me my loved ones are sad please take me with you  , I’m not fine with out my Bhavya please take me with you ..
Keerthy (aka ) Kittu

Krishna , you know I have a big faith in you I accepted whatever you gave me you have taken away my dad when I was I just 12 I accepted , I accepted the society taunts, you made mom paralyzed still I accepted , but now you are trying to snatch my Kuttan no I will not allow you to take my friend , please help me to treat him , you can also ask me why I left him ofcourse I’m upset for his behaviour, you know the reason Krishna, that not the matter but now its about my promise I promised him on the friendship day that I’ll support him , whether he feels or not my love for him that will never change ,I’ll be his friend forever
After completing the Aarthi
Dadi – Kittu sing a song
Keerthy – njano ??
Shivaay – ah Kittu pattu muthashi parauyun alley pattu enda ponnu moley ( teasing way )
Keerthy – Billu Etta Venda , else I tell you what you have done in your childhood
Shivaay became alert – ( stammered) w..hat I… d..on..e
Dadi, Om Ru was giggling
Anika – what did Shivaay do in childhood , tell me Keerthy
Keerthy – actually bhabhi ….

Shivaay – nothing ( pleading her not to tell through his eyes )
Dadi – enough Kittu sing for me
Keerthy – ok ok muthashi only for you
(Keerthy learnt Carnatic music )
( Alaipayuthey kanna a Tamil song )
( This is my personal favourite song on lord Krishna , you guys think any song )
Keerthy start to sing

Alai payudhe , kanna , en manam miga Alai Payudhe,
UN Ananda mohana venu ganamathil,

Nilai peyandru Kanna , shilai polave nindra,
Neram avathu ariyamale miga
Vinodhamana Murali Dhara , en manam

Telinda nilvu patta pagal pol eriyuthe , un dikkai nokki yen iru puruvam neriyuthe,
Kanintha un venu ganam kattil varugudhe , kangal sorugi oru vidhamay varugudhe
Kaditha manathil oruthi padathai enakku alithu magizhttava,
Oru thanitta vaanathil anaithu enakku unarchi koduthu mugizhttavam
Kalai kadal alayinil kadiravan oli ena inayiru kazhal enakku alithava,
Kadari manam uruga naan azhaikkavo ,
Idara maadarudan nee kalikkavo,
Idhu thagumo , Idhu murayo, Idhu dharmam thano,,
Kuzhal oodhidum pozhudu aadidum kuzhaigal polave,
Manadu vedanai migavodu,

{ English Translation

Waves are flowing, Krishna, my mind is flowing like waves,
Hearing the pretty joyful music of your flute

Completely upset, I stood like a rock,
Not understanding the passage of time,

Oh very peculiar holder of flute, my mind

The clear moon light is burning me like the morning sun,
My eye brows are crunching seeing the side, where you are,
The well ripened music of your flute is coming in the air,
My eye balls are going in and I am feeling peculiar,
Are you trying to make me happy by giving the picture of some one?
Are you trying to embrace me in a lonely forest and drown me by giving me sensation?
Are you giving me dancing anklets like the waves of the sea of art which appears like the light of Sun?
Shall I cry with melting mind and destroy?
Is it all right, is it proper, and is it Dharma?
Playing flute and dancing for some time like your ear drops
When you play flute with divine joy, my mind is paining.
Everybody clapped for her soulful rendition
Kittu – kolaley muthashi ?? ( Is it good dadi ??)
Dadi gives her kiss on her forehead & says – Kollam
Om – ofcourse Kittu , your singing style have improved a lot
Keerthy – ahaan !!
Om – Han
Shivaay – madhi madhi ( enough enough) Kittu atleast tell now what did you do in that 1& 1/2 hour
Keerthy – ok ok Etta , I’ll tell you what happened

( Some time before )
IT officials goes for searching a junior actor asks her what to do , she says ” aadhiyamai njan enda friend room Ku povan ” ( first I’ll go to my friend’s room )
Keerthy entered Rudhra’s room
The scene before stunned her
Rudy was connected to a drips his room was filled full of medicine smell first her eyes was filled with tears the she was broken on seeing Rudy in this way then she wiped it next moment think that she have to do this at any cost , she can’t fall weak , she marched towards his bed she immediately removed drips and started to waking him up ” Ru get up I wanna talk to you I wanna confront you why you are hurting yourself and your loved ones have you ever thought about  your friend  …” But he was ineffective as he was weak , without no option she brought a jug of water & poured even it was ineffective , she brought another jug same she repeated for 10 times at the end with no other option she started to tap his cheeks he slightly opened his eyes she was relieved , but he again closed his eyes
Keerthy – enika Kuttan ?? ( Getup Kuttan )
Rudy – hey don’t call me that Kittu , you are following in my dream , not allowing me sleep at all
Keerthy – I’m in front of you idiot
Rudhra laughs & says ” I’ll not believe ”
Keerthy – kutta njan ninda munney Dan nikum
Rudhra again laughs – nikku nikku , how have you tortured me 2 months before
Keerthy – kutta enika allengil njan  ninda enika ORU Bomb vaikam pattu
Rudy – ok ok pattu
Keerthy – then ok
she keeps a Atom bomb under his bed first he thought it was just a dream but when he see the sparkle is moving closer  but he didn’t wake up atlast it blasted it Shaked his bed & him finally got up with a Jerk , Kittu smirked ..
Flashback ends

Everybody cupped their mouth, except dadi
Anika – means you ..
Gauri – waked Rudy bhaiya
Om – like this ??
Shivaay – But kittu?
Keerthy – Etta I poured nearly a bucket of water he didn’t wake up , then I warned him but he didn’t wake up , so I didn’t have any other option that’s why
Shivaay & Om laughs & hugs Keerthy ” well-done Kittu  ”
Rudy makes a sad pout
Anika – Shivaay Om you guys are laughing ,see my innocent Rudy is feeling bad
Shivaay – innocent ( sarcastically ) really??
Gauri – ah Jiju
Om – ofcourse not,
Anika – what ?? Keeping a bomb under the bed to wake someone is not at all a good idea ,it will
Shivaay – ofcourse not but after warning also Rudy do not get up is also like ignoring right , that’s why she kept a bomb
Gauri – what when do you give warning Keerthy
Keerthy – arey bhabhi first warning is I told him to wake up , he ignored , second time I assured him I was standing before him he again shrugged off , last warning is I said him I’ll keep a bomb he thought it was a dream , so without second thought I kept a bomb , but one thing is I have not kept the real bomb it was just a diwali patakas
Anika – but what is a need of it Keerthy
Keerthy – ofcourse bhabhi iit wouldn’t needed but he pushed me to do this , In our life every time you can’t be fun , some time you should be serious ,
Rudy – you don’t have heart Kittu ,
Keerthy – Even you don’t have
Rudy – what are you trying to tell that I don’t heart , without heart nobody can live Kittu hahaha ( laughing)
Keerthy – ( irritated ) wow what a big invention duffer Patti  ( dog )
Rudy – what Patti (dog) me , it’s you Patti ( dog )
Keerthy – no it’s you
ShivOm – guys calm down why you both are fighting like Tom and Jerry
Om calm down Keerthy & Shivaay calm down Rudy
Keerthy – Munna Etta kando ennadthil endhakum vazhakadhu ( Munna brother did you see how he is fighting with me )
Om – it’s ok Kuttan ORU prandhu aano nee vittu ,
Rudy – ah ah njan Dan prandhu alley ( ah ah I’m only idiot right )she is innocent girl right ??
Shivaay – it’s ok Rudy ok

Om – well Muthashi enaku veshikinadu pakshanam ready alley?? ( it’s ok Kuttan is idiot, mad Just leave it , well granny I’m hungry is breakfast ready right ??)
Dadi – ah ah come , Kittu VA enda ponnu moley alley VA ( ah ah come Kittu come you are my dear right come )

Precap – surprise
Kittu – he can’t do this …he made a big mistake brother he should bear the punishment for sure


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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Wow..Loved the way Kittu woke aur rudy kuttan..hahahaha..i think i need to try this with my bro..heheheh.. nice episode..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hey Prabha
      Thanks for your response dear, I’m glad you liked this part you too TC , this message is for you
      “Kripya dyan dey aise kuch math apney ghar mei try karna.”

      1. ItsmePrabha

        hashahah…i won’t be trying..

  2. Jasminerahul keerti woke up rudra was unexpected. Happy that keerti dressed him well with her friends help for the onam function.flower scene of aniri was nice.keerti singing alaipayuthe was lovely.all are praying for rudra. Waiting for soumya to enter her life

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hey Jasmine
      Haha yes it is , I m glad you loved this song hifi ? even I love this song , rumya meet will happen soon , thank you for your love Jasmine

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