Spoilers 9th August 2019

Kulfi Kumar: Sikandar knows that Amyra will come soon, but Kulfi may not come. He wishes that some miracle happens and Kulfi comes back. Mia and Kulfi come to a restaurant while being on the way. Kulfi wishes to get the coin back. She gets upset when she doesn’t get the coin. Amyra comes for the play and gets the script to do a lead role. Sikandar is happy to see Amyra. Kulfi wants to talk to Sikandar once. He doesn’t answer the call being busy in his work. Kulfi gets upset that she doesn’t matter to him. Mia asks her not to be disheartened, maybe Sikandar is away from his phone. Mia tells Kulfi that her friend will be taking her to Panchgani.


Kulfi Kumar

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