“I found my love and I found my sister” (swaragini- A few shots) (Shot-2)

Those who missed out 1st shot…….
Shot-1: Here

Ragini walked out of the hall keeping her head high. Her mother’s words echoed in her mind. “Always keep your head high choti. Do not bend it in front of anyone except God.” “Why should I cry when I am not at fault?” thinking to herself, she wiped her tears. Though she kept a nonchalant face during her way back home, she broke down on reaching her room. She kept her head between her legs and sat down beside the bed.

Ragini’s POV:
Why does this always happen to me? Don’t I deserve happiness? I always craved for your affection, your loving caress Dad. But I never got any of these. I loved you even after knowing the cruelty you did to my mother. You always accused her of snatching away your love, Sharmishta. There was never a day you didn’t beat her up for the same. Even when mom was made to work like a maid by Dadima, you never objected. Even then she loved you with all her heart. That is why she said me to obey you and never hate you. But I still had a hope in my heart that if I did all that you asked me to, I would be loved. But my wishes remained mere wishes. It never happened. I sacrificed everything for you- my dreams, my passions and even my desires. Just for some affection. That is why I didn’t cry when you broke my guitar or ordered me not to wear western clothes. I thought my dreams came true the day I got to know that Swara and I are step-sisters. But my heart broke into a million pieces when you no longer cared for me. I thought you would thank me for bringing back your love but you cursed me saying that I was a burden. I vividly remember your confession to Dadima. “Ma, I am worried thinking about Ragini. She is an utter waste. I am glad that my Shona is elder to her at least by a few months. Otherwise my Shona would have had to remain unmarried till that junk is married. I’m sure that will never happen. Which means that piece of shit will stay here under my roof. I will have to bear her till my death.” I suffered another heart break that day. I felt like killing myself. My Dadima too didn’t love me. I was only a material for her who will gain money. Had it been otherwise she wouldn’t have tried to sell me off to a man who was about the age of my father. I was only 15. Luckily that never happened again because I gave that man who tried to touch me a severe kick on his vital part. I would have hated my life had it not been for my friends. Though they asked me for an explanation, I always had their shoulders to cry my sorrows and their arms to support me when I stood up with even more courage. I have thanked God over a hundred times for it. When the Maheswari’s came with an alliance, I was over joyed. I always loved Laksh. Though he was proud and mean to me, I loved him. I was very happy and was at a loss how to explain it. It was then I heard that Swara and Laksh were in a relationship. Once again my heart broke. But I was not selfish. I loved my sister more than anything else. I never knew what fate had kept in store for me. This incident broke me. I winced in pain thinking of dad’s slap.

I raised my head after deciding something. Why should I stay in a place where I am not valued? I have had enough. Now nothing can stop me from achieving my dream. Not even you Dad. After taking a quick shower, I changed into a jeans and top and packed my bags filling it with western clothes I had bought from my hard earned money. I had hidden it till date under all my clothes. I also picked my guitar which my friends bought me for my 21st birthday. That too had not seen light until today. I left all my traditional clothes behind. I wouldn’t need it. Not wanting to spend another minute more in this house I moved out of it never to enter.
End of Ragini’s POV…..

(In the meantime, Lakh convinced his parents and Swara’s too, for SwaSan’s engagement. He made himself appear great by saying that though he loved Swara, he wasn’t selfish enough to deny her happiness. Seeing Laksh heart broken, Dp and Ap asked Laksh to get engaged to Kavya who was their family friend. Kavya had been their first choice but then they later fixed Ragini. Laksh and Kavya were happy that everything had gone as they planned. Though Swara was happy that she was getting engaged to Sanskar, she was heartbroken thinking about Ragini. She had another motive for agreeing to get engaged that day itself. If everything happened in the correct manner, she could find enough proofs to show that her sister, Ragini was innocent.)
The same time in the engagement hall, Swara and Sanskar and Laksh and Kavya exchanged engagement rings. Though Swara wanted to engage in the presence of her sister, remembering her words to get engaged, she decided to do the same. After the function, she left to Baadi in a rush to see her heartbroken sister. She wanted to hug her tight, assuring that she would always remain by her side and that swaragini will always be together. Without paying heed to Shekhar’s words she rushed to their room only to find it empty. She opened the cupboard to see Ragini’s neatly arranged stack of clothes. Quickly scanning the room, she found a note on the table. After reading it, she felt miserable for not supporting her sister. She thought that she shouldn’t have left her sister alone. Though she wanted to see her right now, Sumi assured her that Ragini should be given a break to nurse her broken heart.

Precap: The story takes a leap.

You’ll know why Kavya too decided to hurt Ragini in the next shot. I’m sorry; I said that the story will take leap in this shot. I couldn’t make it. I hope I didn’t bore any of you. Please comment. Feel free to tell your opinion. The next one may take time. My exams are fast approaching and I haven’t yet started my revision.

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