Swasan ss: MY OVERLY OBSESSED HUSBAND – part 1 Challenge

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Singhania Mansion (8:00 am)

Swara: mom.. Mom… Where is my watch!!! Mom… Where is my file!!!! Mom…. Where are my shoes!!!! I am getting late maa…. Today surely this yudi will fire me from my job…
(Soon she did her daily chores and left for office)

After some time (At Office)

As soon as swara entered the office all staff looked at her with sympathy

She quickly went in her cabin where there was waiting an angry YUDHISTIRA khandelwal for her…. Who chargerd on her as soon as she entered

Yudi: where the hell are you!!!! Its 8:45… Today I am definitely going to fire you

Swara: you cant do this to me…

Yudi: yes!! I can bcoz am boss

Swara: for your kind info the boss is my sweet jiju(arjun)

Yudi: for your kind info the boss is my darling bhabhi(Maya)

Swara: whatever!!! Ok then fire me…

Yudi:?? you are kidding ri8

Swara: do I look am kidding??

Yudi: Aey drama queen just shut up… And dont waste more time than you already did…


Yudi: waise tonight we are going club

Swara: bu….

Yudi: and thats final!!!!!

Swara: ok!!!

At Night (CLUB)

Swara and Yudi came inside and as expected the club was all dancing, drinking and partying

As soon as our they entered the whole club shouted and cheered for them as they are know as THE COOL COUPLE allover the city

Everybody was cheering for them to have a performance so for all yudi started singing.. As he sang everyone was bounded in the melodious voice of him soon the song ended now it was swara’s turn to dance but before that swara being over confident threw a rough challenge for everyone to beat her in dancing.. As time passed nobody dare to take the challenge as they know about her dancing skills…

Swara was just about to turn and declare her victory when out of the blue a voice stopped her

Other person: I take your dancing CHALLENGE

All including yuwara(yudi-swara) were shocked

Swara: Do you know whom are you competing with I am the great SWARA SINGHANIA the biggest dancer

Op: That toh time will tell who is the biggest dancer (smirked)

Soon the lights were turn off and an spotlight was focussed on both of them..

The other person started dancing and seeing him everyone was in awwww even our shona… They both danced swiftly together on the song

Ho.. Badshah hain dil ke
Aish farmaate hain
Gaadi ke bonnet pe
Peete hain khate hain (x2)

Fitrat apni atpati
Upar se jeans bhi phati
Aur khol ke rakhte
Apni shirt ke button

O kudiya kya nachengi re
Dancing floor ke legend hum
Hai laage latko jhatko se
Hero ke bhi hero hum (x2)

Dance ke legend hain hum
Speaker bole dhum dhum dhum

Show me…
What you got?

Ho tere pas Mercedes
Mere pas hai Cycle
Tu club ki Shakira
Toh hum gali ke Michael (x2)

Main cheez original
Tu chaalu note hai
Tere dance se zyada
Meri adaa hot hai (x2)

— tere fake hain sabhi
Banta hai kyun wannabe
Desi kya jaane international rhythm

O kudiyan kya nachengi re
Dancing floor ke legend hum
Hai laage latko jhatko se
Hero ke bhi hero hum (x2)

Your turn!
Whatcha got?

Main cheez original
Tu chalu note hai
Tere dance se zyaada
Meri adaa hot hai (x2)

Samjho na humko duffer
Hai apna high caliber
Baaton se zyada apne moves mein hai dum

Munde kya nachenge re
Dancing floor ke legend hum
Apne latko jhatko se
Speaker bole dhum dhum dhum

O kudiyan kya naachengi re
Dancing floor ke legend hum
Hai laage latko jhatko se
Hero ke bhi hero hum

Dance ke legend hain hum
Speaker bole dhum dhum dhum!

After dance

Swara : waise you can also dance a bit nice

Op:(raising eyebrow) thanks for your opinion

Swara: whats your name


Swara: nice to meet you

Sanky: same here

Soon they exchanged numbers and became friends… Daily they used to meet nowadays… After meetings they used to meet during lunch time aur at coffee dates even sometimes movie dates.. Yudi was unaware about their increasing friendship… Their friendship grew and soon both were having feelings for each other… Once while having lunch sanskar suddenly got on his knees and proposed her
Sanskar nervously “Tum oxygen ho aur mein double hydrogen humari chemistry ek dum paani ki tarah hai”
Swara looked shocked and then bursted laughing : koi aise propose karta hai????

Sanskar: (nervously) I am sorry I knew I screwed up but am bit no no very nervous aur mujhe koi cheesy lines nahi aati propose krne ke liye so jo kuch bhi net pai mila I tried that

Swara (still laughing her ass): I cant believe the Mr Perfectionist ko propose krne ke liye online pickup lines ki zaroorat padhi (teasingly) I thought u did everything original

Sankar: yeah yeah… Whatever!!! Waise are you going to reply or not

Swara: for what??

Sanskar: I love you will you marry me??

Swara: obviously duffer I was waiting from so long aur ab jaakar itne cheesy way mai propose kr rahe bo

Sanskar: (sheepishly) sorry mujhe is mamle mai koi experience nhi h

Swara: no problem mai hun na sab sikha dungi

After that they used to spend time as couples having the PERFECT love story but soon on one evening it was swara’s parents anniverssary…

Swasan decided to tell them about their love story but before they can Maya called yuwara’s engagement and all were happy except our love birds…

Now lets see whether their story has the perfectly happy ending or not
Sorry guyss am bit rushing with their love story but as it is a ss I want to soon start off with the main track….
Till then

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