Randhir bought snayukta to the clas room where she saw jiggy vids parth Yoyo and all others and was very hapy to see hten but was searching for kausto
rd made her sit on the bench
sanyu-Finally i saw everything after such a long time i m relieved now but where is kausto?
Randhir-she left FITE coz of something personal

sanyu was having some blurred flashbacks that made her have a head ace which was noticed by rd
randhir-sanyu r fine shall i take u back to u room ,or u want to go to the medical room.D O U NEED SOME MEDICINE
Sanyu-ofo randhir u na nothiung happened i fine n dont wory acha se sir has come lets attend the lecture
sanyu n randhnir attend the lecture along with vid parth n yoyo

next moment after the lecture ended abhay sir came in

ASR-hello my lovely student i m here to make an announcmtnt so open ur ears and hear very carefuly there is an soty compwetetion actually not soty by TTOY that mneans Team of th eyear comptn nd u all wil be against another team bcoz i know a team here of 6 memebersd whocan defeat u all so bought a tough comptn fr then Snyu Rd part vids yoyo and sahil they can defeat any1 but not this new team SANAYA ARYAN SUMIT ARJUN JOY AND KRITIKA come in.
All six of them come in and the dream team look at them with creepy eyes they were actually very jealouse that how can their own teacher bring someone for competing with them when the r their fav students

ABAY- see gys i know u must be thinking that u r my fav stil im increasing ur competetors, coz i want to know how well is my dream team til mnow
have they changed in two months or have the sdame caliber in them.Good luck my dear student (and he leaves the clas room)
Rnahir supports sanyu and lifts her for taking her out to the canteen for food but til then aryan had had his eyes on her and thought of taking to her

aryan-hey pretty what happened to u im so srry fr u
sanyu-well i have people to care about m u dont need to wrry ,
hope u liked it leave ur cmments down there

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