baby daddy shot -3 (last one)

Purab :abhi, tell pragya she can’t go.

Abhi knows that it would be difficult without pragya he said to her pleadingly
Abhi :You can’t go.

Pragya: Bye.

Purab came near pragya saying :Ooh, wow, abhi.
I never noticed how sparkly your eyes are.

Pragya looked at him in disbelief that he is gng to reveal abt her love on abhi. That time abhi came near her/

Abhi :Please, pragya.We’ll never make it through the night without you.
he pleaded like a child. Pragya got melted in his words and said huffingly…

Pragy :Fine.I’ll stay.
and hugged abhi.
Here Ronnie who was hvng the baby hiding his scare on handling her said smilingly not merely smiling but inside he was scared

Ronnie :See? That’s what I’m talking about.
Right? Hey, she didn’t spit up on my shirt though, did she?

All looked at his shirt but covered it saying

Pragya :No, looks good.
abhi :No, no, you’re great.
purab :Brand new, bud.

Abhi in the afternoon started gng for his work in the bar,
Abhi :All right.
I should be back by five.

Purab yelled out,

Purab :Wait.Where are you going?

Abhi :Uh, work.I got a shift.

Purab :Wait, you couldn’t get anyone to cover for you?

Abhi :Oh, see, that would have been a good idea.Too late now.

Purab :No, wait, bro.ronn and I are not watching your kid.

Ronnie who was silent till now spoke
Ronnie :Yeah.The big guy’s right.I mean, there is no—

He immediately ran out along with abhi closing the door
They both yelled
Abhi and Ronnie : hey thank dude See you!

Purab was frustrated.
Purab : How does this keep happening to me?

In the bar,
Pragya was sitting in front of abhi while he was showing of his skils flipping the bottles like he was dng with a piece of paper that much ease fr him and he was expert in that. The people in the bar clapped seeing his skills

Pragya :Whoa.Oh.Wow.Very impressive.And who said you had no discernable skills?

Abhi thinking fr a while said
Abhi :I think that was you.
Prags, what am I supposed to do?

Pragya :Well, there’s not really that much we can do until tanu comes back.How much do you want to be involved?

Abhi :I don’t know what I want.
Last year, I was doing construction.
Before that, I was waiting tables.
Now I’m flipping bottles.
I haven’t figured my life out yet.I’m not you.
he said in a sad monotone figuring his life now.

Pragya who was surprised by his answer asked him.

Pragya :What does that mean?

Abhi : Oh! Come on.
College, law school, this Transformation.
You see what you want and you go for it.

Pragya :Yeah.Not always.Hey.
I’m really sorry I sat on your head all those times.

suddenly abhii got a call after what he heared he told to pragya
Abhi :Tanu’s back.I’m on break, man( he ran out)
pragya :I’m sorry I sat on your head.Smooth move, Fatpants.

After entering his apartmet saw purab standing devastated with the bay in his arms abhi started searching fr tanu
Purab :Yes.

Abhi asked him searching for tanu in the whole apartment and asked purab,
Abhi :Where is she? Where’s Tanu?

Purab: First of all, she woke up the baby.Second, she wanted me to give you that envelope.

Abhi :You let her leave? What’s the matter with you?

Purab :Oh, I’m sorry.My bad, but I was a little preoccupied raising your child.Read it.I think you’ll be happy.They’re adoption papers.

Abhi :She’s putting Emma up for adoption and she needs me to relinquish my rights.If I sign this, I’m not a father anymore.

Purab who was excited said:Amazing, right? Well, see, I’m not the only one who’s excited.He raised rias arms too and said
purab :Yay! Whoo!

Abhi looked at him devastated.
At the evening all guys had a meeting over F12, abhi asked pragya,
Abhi :So, I sign this and ria has a new daddy?

Pragya :Pretty much.The letter says they already have a family lined up.

Abhi :If I do this, if I let her go, I don’t want to hear about it.I never want to talk about it again, okay?

All said: Okay.
abhi : Okay.

Abhi called his aunt and told her all the things but the answer he got that

Aunt : abhi u canot raise a child ust like that it needs more patience and needs more sacrifices and itself has not at all grown up u r still a child how can u expect that u can raise a child being not even settled in ur life just sign those papers dear and call me after u did that ok bye.

Abhi was angry and disappointed on himself that everyone is saying I cannot be a good father cant I handle a kid who is mine damn it no one beleive3s as if I am good for nothing even if it true from now I think I will learn some responsibility I love this girl a lot she is just like my carbon copy how can I just leave her for adoptiong and let some random man to be my daughters daddy no way but here no one is supporting me what should I do now? Accept them or reject them?accept or rejeact? Accept or reject?

Abhi :I can’t sign those papers now.It’s not gonna happen.

Purab :Hey, don’t worry about mom.You gotta do what you think is right.I’ll totally back you up..

His aunt says to him.
aunt :This baby needs a grown-up.You gotta sign those papers.

Abhi was more devastated hearing those words so with heavy heart he called the adoption agency and told them he is ready.

Abhi :She’ll be ready.(in phone)
after speaking he came to his and his friends favourite place that is the fire exit of their apartment where they could see the calm roads of new york
Purab :Done.

Abhi :Somebody from the adoption agency will be here first thing in the morning.

Purab being the elder brother sensed his little bros heart fights and asked him
Purab:You okay?

Abhi:Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?

Purab :abhi, if you don’t want to do this, man– It doesn’t matter.

Abhi :aunt was right.
I couldn’t raise this baby even if I wanted to.

Purab :Bro, it’s going to be okay.
It happened, you dealt with it, and now, like you said, we’re never talking about this again.

At the hotel, purab and pragya were talking and purab was teasing her with her love,
pragya warned him :No, don’t.
purab:I swear to God. Okay.

Pragya :Okay. No, I will hurt you.
purab :Okay.
So Did you always like abhi?

Pragya :Oh, my God, you’re obsessed.

Purab :I don’t know.Kind of.

Pragya :Guess I always thought maybe someday, but back then I just figured I was too fat,

Purab continued,
Purab :or too– loud, or too hairy, or—

Pragya with some stern :Okay, we’re not making a list.

Purab :Well, you’ve grown to be a beautiful and successful woman– I think you can safely move on from abhishek mehra.

Pragya :Why would I want to do that?

Purab acted like thinking and said,

Purab :Uh, did you miss the part in the story about the baby?

Pragya :The baby he doesn’t want to give up?

Purab:If that’s true, then why did he make that call?

Pragya : Because his entire family is telling him he can’t do it.If nobody believes in him, how can he believe in himself? He can’t do it alone.You don’t know that. (suddenly she got a message)
Oh, it’s abhi.
Your aunt’s about to leave him alone with the baby.

Purab :You’re going?
Pragya : “Alone” is in all caps.
She again pinched purab he shouted,
purab :Ow! Ow! What was that for?

Pragya : For making me talk about my feelings.
You know I hate that.And go easy on your brother, okay? He looks up to you.In his eyes, you have everything.

Purab :Not everything.
He shouted at pragya as if he got remembered of something
purab:Wait, wait, wait! – Wait.
pragya : Oh, my God.
purab :You– you gotta give me a minute.Maybe now I know why I was traded.You were right.I didn’t believe in himI didn’t think he could do it.

Pragya :So why are you telling me? Because If you go in there and help him, he’ll never believe in himself, either.

Here abhi called pragya not knowing what to do of his kid who was crying he didn’t know why she is crying even,
Abhi :Pragya, Pragya,Pragya,PRagya, please? She’s hungry, or thirsty, or tired.
I don’t know, I don’t speak baby.

Ronnie was walking through the lift of the apartment there he saw purab and pragya sitting near the stairs which was opposite to the entrance of their house.
Purab : ronn.(he gestured to come near).

Ronnie :What is going on? Vanessa and I were at the movies when abhi called and said ria’s having some kind of meltdown.
purab :I don’t think ria’s the problem.

Abhi was speakingto Ronnie inside the house not knwing the fact tey r just outside their house,

Abhi :ronnie, I swear if you’re not home in two seconds I’m gonna eat all your food.
ronnie?!( he yelled but the phone was already off)Okay! Turn it off! Okay.
So, it looks like it’s just gonna be you and me, huh?( he said to his bay) Guess we’re really gonna do this thing.

he walked ever to the sofa and tried to ria from her cradle he was like scaring to get the toughest question paper from mam.
Abhi :Okay ( he went near her).Okay, ria, hi.
Hi, baby.
Come on, it’s okay.
He took the baby and was holding her a feet away and was trying to grasp her carefully
abhi :Please don’t break, please don’t break, please don’t break.Okay.Okay.
It’s okay.It’s okay.
It’s okay.It’s okay, ria.
Daddy’s here.( he consoled the bay from crying)It’s okay
While taking her to kitchen he had hit the sofa,,. He yelled

abhi :Aah. One second I cant think I am the bestIt’s okay.

purab telling to Ronnie by biting hs pzza :I’m telling you, there is no way.Bodily functions make him queasy.He can do it.(to Ronnie)Where’s your faith, man.

abhi was trying to feed her the milk
abhi :Ria? Please eat.
Come on, ria.
Look, look,ria, it’s good.
He took a sip from his daughters bottle
It’s good.
the face expression immediately chaned.
Abhi :Mmm.Oh, total lie.It’s actually quite disgusting.No wonder you don’t want to eat.
he was now sitting in th sofa trying to make ria drink her milk
Abhi :Please eat.
Come on, ria.
Just a sip, okay? Come on.
Okay, come on.

he is now in the kitchen in front of ria
Abhi :Come on, you have to eat.
I’m begging you.
He was frustrated and flipped the bottle he was hvng like he does in his bar he heard a different sound yes it was his daughter smiling after a long journey of crying.

What? You like that?(he again flipped the bottle for her) Look what daddy can do.Huh? I do this at work every day.Huh?
(he asked like ria wants the chocolate he is hiding he took the bottle near her mouth)You want some now? You want some? Here it comes.
Here it comes, baby.
ria started to eat.
Abhi :Oh, my God, you’re eating.

Thank you so much.( a lone tear escaped his eyes after seeing his beautiful daughter finally drinking smthng)Holy crap, now I’m crying.Crap.Don’t say crap.Don’t use swear words.
Oh, I can’t believe you’re eating.( he kissed her)
You’re so cute.

In the morning, outside the apartment, purab was sleeping on his right side Ronnie was slepping upside down over his chest and pragya was sleeping next to him in his arms which were stretched.

Purab :Hey, wake up.
Dude, you’re drooling on me.
they entered the apartment catching the sight of abhi playing with his cute daughter sitting in the sofa hvng ria over him. They saw the cutest moment ever.
( he was playing with ria closing his eyes and..) abhi :Ahh Boo! Ooh.
purab and all entered the apartment and Ronnie said,
Ronnie :Hey.
abhi :Hey.
purab:You okay?
Abhi : Yeah.I think I want to do this.I can’t let her go.
I love her.
Purab and Ronnie sm iled at his statement as if they knew it well abhi asked reassuringly,
abhi :Did you guys hear me?
Purab and Ronnie :Yeah.Yeah, we heard you.You should probably call the agency.It’s almost 7:00
. Abhi who was so tired after a long night with his princess got up while,
purab took the baby.

Purab :Come on, mi amor.Here we go.
Ooh, somebody could use a bath.( he smelled and said)Oh. You both could.

Ronnie :I’m gonna go get a bottle ready.
abhi :But I want to give it to her, okay?

Ronnie :We’re really gonna have to get on some kind of schedule though.
purab :For real.
Ronnie :What do you mean? Well, we have a baby now so I mean, we kind of have to be adults.
purab :Okay.
Ronnie :I’ll do the shopping.
abhi :Okay, but let’s talk about .

He ended it and pragya who saw this beautiful morning sight closed the door and went thinking now this baby has got the best family she could ever have and the boys is enough for her to handle her,…

Thank u so so so so much guys for ur support for this ff I just had an idea and after seeing ur comments it amused me thank u so much and for my fans of love makes life beautiful so so so sorry guys actually I had been my way through some competitions so couldn’t get time to post it so so so sorry tomorrow I will post it again I am sorry love u all and stay blessed……

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