Do you find Swabhimaan interesting?

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Colors’ Swabhimaan recently started focusing on its main track. As the title suggests, the show is about fight for self esteem. Sharda has raised her daughters Meghna and Naina with good values, having taught the difference between self esteem and pride. Even then, Sharda faces a let down when she fixes Meghna’s marriage in a rich family. She unwillingly gets Naina married in the same family by mending her principles and also losing her self esteem. Nevertheless, Sharda wishes her daughters to win respect and love in their new family.

Chauhan family welcomes Meghna and Naina as their daughters in law. Meghna-Kunal and Naina-Karan were seen managing their relationships for a while. Their romance and chemistry won fair viewership for the show. Swabhimaan currently brings track around Sharda’s defamation by Nandkishore Chauhan. Meghna and Naina take a stand for their mother’s self esteem. Sharda faces a bad time when her character is questioned. Sharda’s alleged affair with the minister breaks her emotionally. Along with Meghna and Naina, Sharda’s son in laws Kunal and Karan support her. They lend support and does not let her fall in depression. Meghna finds out the culprit behind the matter, Nandkishore Chauhan. In order to win Sharda’s self esteem back, Meghna decides to get against her father in law. Do you find Swabhimaan interesting? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Manjula20

    I like the concept, they are giving equal screen space for both couples and I wanna watch more Nairan scenes but please cvs don’t let down Meghnal
    But I am irked with this Sharda drama if CM will marry her then what is the difference between SR n this n same late pregnancy drama. Please stop this Sharda’s track

  2. I also like the concept. But show more Nairan scenes and i want them to be together Meghna should concentrate on her revenge on Nand Kishore and teach him to respect sharda & Nirmala. Also i wanna know about sandhya’s past and why she hates Karan
    These things apart i really like this show

  3. I love Nairan there are just amazing and the show deals with self respect too let’s see how story unfolds

  4. I love the show. But nairan must be given more screen space. The story must focus on their lives the most.

  5. very intrusting show ilove this show

  6. I loved the pairings n romance.. Though NaiRan is moving slow but love the.. Apart from pairings, hate those dramas.. I wish india could produce some really raw series.. With a clear concept n finite episode.. Other wise we don’t need those ekta and her follower’s dramas.. Clearly dragging it one episode 1 to infinity… Serials judged on How long they run concept is totally disgusting… No one loves those serial.. Except yrkkh.. That too just bcoz of KaiRa… Other than that no one likes to watch those unlimited dramas.. One after the other moron serials.. Duh… Every one knows it.. Still we keeps our false hopes alive that THE EKTA KAPOOR PAIR WILL UNITE ONE DAY but no.. It’ll never happen till the end of the series.. That too its not needed that she’ll make our favorite couples unit.. Either she’ll kill both of them n start their kid’s story.. Or she’ll kill one of them n start a parallel love story of one of the lead n the lead’s kids..

    1. Richa19

      So true yaar I totally agree with u!!!

  7. Richa19

    Instead going in too much drama they can simply show lovely bonding between the couples and families…. Still going good!!! ??

    1. Richa19

      At least it’s interesting from other shows where saas bahu drama never ends!!! Bass want both the couples to get equal screen space keeping in mind the title of the show!!!

      1. Yes but don’t know why i feel they’ll turn meghna as antagonist… And also their couple will face many problems…

  8. I like both Meghnal & Nairan..Naina thinks from brain whereas Meghna thinks from heart..Meghna can’t control her anger whereas naina helps her to do that.these two sisters are aweosome..the show is about Self respect..but why r they dragging it so much on another track..I want naina & karan’s love..Karan to be self dependent..Kunal to understajd the reality,Meghna to expose Nand Kishore & naina to expose sandhya in front of everyone..I also want Khyati & Vishal’s love drama.They look so cuteu together…& Why is Sharda breaking nowadays.She taught her daughters to stand with true.She should also raise her voice against the blame…but she is the best pair..

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