Har Mard Ka Dard 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with host asking Vinod about her wife’s best friend. Vinod says I am her best friend. Host says he answered all questions rightly. Jyoti tells her husband that even Vinod answered all questions. Host gives next round chit to Jyoti’s husband. He shows to Jyoti. Rasika and her husband come there. Sonu gets happy seeing them. Rasika says damad ji called them. Vinod says he called them so that they can see the participating. Next round begins. Papa ji is blinded and dances with three women and Anju is one among them. Other host asks him to identify who was his wife. Papa ji tells that 2 one. He loses. Jyoti and her husband cheat in the second round as she wears rose in her hands so that he can identify her. He identifies her seeing the rose. Vinod comes and dances with three ladies. He dances with Sonu while being blindfolded and realizes her presence. Host asks who was his wife, 1st, 2nd r 3rd. Vinod thinks for a while. Apsara comes and asks shall I say. Vinod says it was difficult to say, but the girl who came last to me was my wife. Host says right answer.

Vinod says his heart starts beating fast seeing Sonu. Taneja says next round will decide our perfect husband. Host asks both jodis to come on stage. Taneja says whoever replies this answer right will get this title. He says question is that, if you go on an outing with your wife and mum on a boat, and if water gets filled in the boat and it is about to drown, whom you will save thinking you can save only one person. Host ask Sachdev to answer first. Sachdev says I will save Jyoti. Jyoti gets happy. Taneja asks so you will make your mum drown who have given you birth. Sachdev gets tensed and says he will save his mum. Taneja asks if he will let his wife drown to whom he has given vow to protect her. Sachdev is shocked. Taneja says we got your answer. He asks Vinod to answer same question. Mishra ji’s wife ask him to answer. Mishra ji says he will save himself.

Rasika says Vinod can’t answer this. Vinod says I wish nobody shall land in such situation, but if I get trapped in such situation then I will save my mum. Anju is glad and emotional. Vinod says she gave me birth, brought me up, and I was having one chance to fulfill my duty as a son. Taneja says so you will let your wife drown and asks if this is your duty. Vinod says how can I let my wife drown and leave her only in one birth. We will be together for 7 births and says after saving his wife, he will drown with Sonu. He says if my mum have brought me up, then my wife made my life liveable, and says my heart beat says Sonu Sonu….Everyone gets emotional. Vinod says I have given promise to her that we will live together and die together.

Everyone claps for him. Sonu hugs Vinod. Host asks Taneja to declare the Mr. Perfect husband. Taneja says audience will decide. They take Vinod’s name aloud. Taneja says trophy for Perfect husband goes to Vinod Khanna. Everyone claps for him. Vinod receives the award with Sonu and is happy. Rasika apologizes to Vinod and says even if I had searched then also I couldn’t search son in law like you. Vinod thanks them for giving birth to Sonu. Dadi takes selfie with them. Apsara says today she is proud of herself for finding perfect man in the world and says she is going to tell Rani Apsara.

Apsara tells Rani that she has found Perfect man. Rani says he will become her Diwani after 2-4 days. Apsara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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