FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 2)

Precap: Pranati oversmarts dadi and return back to home.


Pranati takes her luggage and shifts back to Khurana house. Everyone in house are getting ready for Riya’s muh-dikhai rasam (The ritual where newly married girl face will be seen by the relatives and give her gifts.) Riya is super excited and get ready in red and gold saree where as Armaan wears asymmetrical golden color. They both sit on the couch arranged with flowers, people start doing the ritual and give riya gifts, every one over their praises Riya for her beauty. She feels so happy, at last Jugnu comes to Armaan and says “You got a beautiful wife chachu, do take care of her or else this ninja will show all her tricks on you” making everyone laugh.

“Okay Ninja madam” Armaan says pulling Jugnu’s cheeks. He also adds ” Glad that you’re safe and sound here with us. I was really worried for you.” Jugnu gives a faint smile and goes to Riya and says “You’re so beautiful chachi”. Riya blushes a little and says “Thank you Jugs, And you’re looking pretty.” Jugnu thanks Riya for the compliment and about to leave then Mallika says “How can a girl be pretty when she wears clothes of a boy, riya? She looks like a tom boy, don’t know how her mom is upbringing her? How can anyone expect a mother without married to raise a girl with values?”.

“Mallika aunty, this is the clothes I am comfortable, and coming to my upbringing you would have know till now if it was not my values given by mom who always told me to respect elders or else you would be wearing extra foundation to hide the marks.” whimsically replied Jugnu and left from there.

“Did you see riya? The nerve of this girl to give such kind of answers to me.” told furiously Mallika, “Mallika it was you who taunted her, so please don’t try to show it as her mistake.” Riya replied while smiling towards the photographs. Mallika leaves from there with disappointment. Armaan holds Riya’s hand in assurance that she did correctly and no need to worry. Riya and Armaan were really couldn’t enjoy after their wedding when they got to know Jugnu was kidnapped, from then onwards riya and armaan decided to not let anyone hurt jugnu especially on their wedding day even before they got to know the conditions by court.

Reyansh was really astonished by pranati’s act but also upset because she went against Dadi. He went to Pranati’s room to confront her act, but she opened the door before she could knock. His eyes were magnified to see her glowing bright face with little bridal makeup along with that she wore a light pink saree with silver embroidery work on it making her look more beautiful than ever. He just kept on looking, his eyes kept boring into her eyes to find the love which he used to find in their college days, with lot of effort he could only see a tint of the love shade and lot of pain in her soul. A flash disturbed their moment, which was caused by Maan’s mobile when he was taking pic of this adorable pair. Both Pranati and Reyansh towards the flash catching Maan clicking their pictures.

“Maan, What are you doing?” asked Rey with a command in tone, for which Maan just said he was clicking pictures of the most adorable couple making Pranati blush a little. When Rey went back of Maan to take his phone, Pranati got a call from Archit. She attended the call and asked “Why are you calling now Archit? How many times I have to say that I can’t contact you and we have no more relation.”

“Yeah Pranati I know, we don’t have any relation of love or marriage as you don’t want but tell me one thing what about our friendship?” asked Archit.

“I can’t lose our friendship archit, but this is also true that you loved me and also love me even now in this case we cannot be friends.” sternly said Pranati and put off the call. Her fresh tears were formed because of her Archit has to suffer like this. Reyansh who listened everything came in and questions “Why you always act like you don’t love Archit and hurt him? When you really love him and want to be with him, it’s because of Jugnu right?”

“That’s really a worse thought of you Reyansh Khurana. Till now I have told you hundreds of time that I feel guilt for hurting such a good friend of mine and I hold the responsibility of his heart break which hurts me. And remember one thing Mr. Reyansh I am not like you or your dadi to use and throw every person in life.” bursts out Pranati.

“Don’t you dare speak a word against my Dadi, I have already told you to not stay here but you being so stubborn haven’t considered my words at least once. How many times I have told you that this family doesn’t consider any emotion of others unless there is matter of money in that. Haven’t I told you, but why did you go against everyone and staying here? Why did you went against Dadi and growing troubles for you.” Asks Reyansh in the tone full of concern and angry.

“Waah Reyansh Waah! How easy for you people to blame others right?” mocked Pranati, “I am not blaming you, I am just telling the facts. I know women in this house cannot survive with respect.” explained Rey.

“Exactly Reyansh, then how do you think I can leave my daughter here, in a hell? I cannot leave my Jugnu here alone to fight with your family for her rights. Till now because of what my mom did thinking of me, my daughter suffered alot and now when I know she is alive and especially when she is with me I will go against anyone to let her grow in a mother’s love and I will make sure to learn her real meaning of love.” told Pranati.

“And yeah I don’t want to feel her incomplete like you are feeling.” added pranati before she left. Reyansh was shocked at her boldness. Dadi who heard everything came towards Reyansh and told “Wow! She got the nerve to go against me and live in this house right? Then even I will show how difficult it is to live in this house challenging Diljeet Kaur Khurana. And you Khothiya, in the entire world you got only this girl to flirt with?” and left from there. Reyansh thought only god can save pranti from dadi and left from there.

In hall Pranati went to Riya and started doing the ritual, Pranati praised Riya’s beauty and gave her a book which is useful for her exams. Riya thanked her and they both hugged. Armaan looked at Pranati boringly because of the gift she gave to Riya. Armaan, Maan and Riya were really tensed seeing Pranati condition when Jugnu was kidnapped, as both Maan and Armaan were unaware of this kind of pure love. When they saw that in Pranati, they both wholeheartedly accepted her as Bhabhi(in short they all call as PraBhi).

“What Prabhi, this is such a boring gift… And Riya how could you enjoy this?” asked Armaan.

“Arey! Armaan this is my favorite book, and this is not boring I have been searching since so long. Thank you Prabhi for such a precious gift.. By the way where did you got this?” asked Riya.

“I got this on yesterday before your wedding, I was supposed to give it yesterday itself but ..” tears formed in Pranati’s eyes thinking of yesterdays event.

“Prabhi that’s fine… Any how you gave it now right? Thank you” saying this Riya hugged Pranati.

“Oh God! How does these people can enjoy such boring gifts also?” Jugnu exclaimed making everyone smile.

PRECAP: Jugnu and Reyansh have a happy time.

  1. Jasminerahul

    nice reply by jugnu to mallika.reyaansh lost in pranati’s beauty was romantic.sad to see them fight.loved pranati riya scene

    1. Vyshnavi

      Glad you liked this chapter. Thank you so much for being so sportively commenting on every chapter.

  2. Vyshnavi

    Glad you liked this chapter. Thank you so much for being so sportively commenting on every chapter.

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