IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 41

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Omkara is surprised listening to her.

Ishu: I believe you, sir. (She holds his face.) Why didn’t you tell this that day itself?? Why you kept quiet when you were accused that day?? Why?? (She cries.)

Om: What should I tell when my own siblings didn’t believe me??

Ishu: But your other family members believed you. Shivaay sir believed you. You could have told the truth, sir.

Om: Ishana, they believed me because they thought low about you. I don’t want them to blame you again. That’s why I kept quiet.

Ishu: I’m sorry, sir. At least, I should have realised that you will never do like that to me.

Om: No, Ishana. I know deep inside your heart, you believed me.

Ishu: How??

Om: You will never sleep beside me if you didn’t trust me, Ishana. No girl will dare to sleep beside the person who tried to molest her. That is the reason I asked you to sleep with me on the bed. Why didn’t you say that you won’t sleep with a molester??

Ishu: Don’t say that word, sir. You are not a molester. You won’t even think to do like that to anyone.

Om: Why are you believing me these much, Ishana?? My own siblings didn’t believe me. How could you??

Ishu: (cries) They believed what they saw with their eyes. They were worried about me. Don’t misunderstand them.

Om: No, I don’t misunderstand them. Whoever in their shoes might thought the same. I just wondered how did you believe me when I have tortured you a lot.

Ishu: I don’t know. Maybe, I was brought up by two men. That’s why I couldn’t think low about other men. (Omkara hugs her which she reciprocates.) These days you lived by taking a blame which you didn’t do.

Om: This pain is lesser than yours, Ishana.

Ishu: No, sir. Innocent people should not be tagged as a ‘molestor’.

Om: I deserve that, Ishana. I tagged my wife as ‘mistress’. You are my wife, Ishana. Always!! (He tightens the hug on her.)

Ishu: Sir, let’s go and tell everyone the truth. (Omkara breaks the hug.)

Om: Not now, Ishana. First, I want to clear your name. Then, we will tell about this. (Ishana hugs him making him startled as this is the first time she initiates a hug. Omkara kisses her forehead and hugs her back. They break the hug and turn to go but they see Ranveer standing there crossing his arms below his chest.)

Ishu: Ranveer, you are here??

Ranveer: I went to your room looking for you but both of you were not there. One of the worker told me that both of you gone out. That’s why I came here and saw you both.

Ishu: Ranveer, actually he didn’t…. (Omkara stops her by shaking his head.)

Ranveer: I know, Ishana. I heard both you just now. (Looks at Omkara.) It’s not safe for both of you to be here this late night. Let’s go back. Where is your car??

Om: We parked at the stall there.

Ranveer: Ok. I will drop you there. Come. (He gets inside his car followed by IshKara.)





Rudra’s Room


Soumya is still looking at the files while Priyanka already fall asleep. Rudra comes bringing tea.

Rudra: Soumya, keep the files first and drink this tea first.

Soumya: I am trying to find any clues to find the culprit but I couldn’t find any. (Rudra hands over her a cup of tea. Soumya takes a sip.) Hmmmm. It’s so tasty. Thanks, Rudra.

Rudra: It’s my pleasure. (Looks at Priyanka.) Prinku slept ready.

Soumya: Yes. She get pissed off as she couldn’t find any clues. So she slept.

Rudra: You also sleep, Soumya. We will try again in the morning.

Soumya: But I’m not sleepy, Rudra.

Rudra: Of course you won’t feel sleepy if you continuously looking at the files. (He pushes the files aside and sits beside her.) Our brain need some rest. It’s been some days we didn’t have a proper sleep. We need to take care of ourselves too. Then only we can take care of Ishana bhabhi. (Soumya smiles nodding her head.)

Soumya: How can you be childish and matured at the same time??

Rudra: Maybe because of you. (Soumya smiles shyly. They chat for a while and dozed off hugging each other. Ranveer comes that time and sees them sleeping.)

Ranveer: Finally, they slept. I thought they will continuously looking at the files to find the culprit. (He looks at RuMya and smiles.) Oh!! Love birds!! Priyanka was right about them. Not bad. (He sees Priyanka is sleeping at the edge of the bed. He goes and holds her before she could fall. He makes her to lie properly on the bed. Priyanka opens her eyes.)

Prinku: (sleepily) Ranveer, you are back!!?? Sorry, Ranveer. I fell asleep.

Ranveer: It’s ok. You sleep.

Prinku: You too sleep, Ranveer. You didn’t sleep properly since few days. (She pulls him making him to land beside her.)

Ranveer: (startles) Priyanka??

Prinku: Sleep, Ranveer. We have a lot of work tomorrow. (She hugs him. He chuckles and admires her cute face for a while. He too dozed off after a while.)



Next Morning


Omkara’s Room


Ishana wakes up from her sleep and sees Omkara is sleeping peacefully beside her. She recalls yesterday’s happening and goes near Omkara. She ruffles his hair and caresses his face gently. She leaves from there.



At the Kitchen


Ishana is boiling water on the stove. Shivaay comes that time. Ishana is startled to see him.

Shivaay: Are you going to make something?? (Ishana is surprised with him. She thought he will scold her for coming to the kitchen.)

Ishu: Yes. I want to make tea.

Shivaay: Black tea??

Ishu: No. Milk tea.

Shivaay: Ishana, you should boil the milk first.

Ishu: Oh!! (Shivaay takes a packet of milk from the refrigerator and gives to Ishana.) Thank you. (Shivaay starts to make breakfast when he sees Ishana cutting the packet by holding it wrongly. He immediately goes and holds the packet.)

Shivaay: Careful, Ishana. How are you cutting the packet?? You should hold that side, not here. You will drop the packet if you cut like this.

Ishu: Sorry, sir. I never had made any tea or coffee before this. (She looks at him in guilt.)

Shivaay: It’s ok. I will teach you. (He takes the packet and pours the milk in a pan. He teaches her how to make tea. Annika comes there.)

Annika: Arrey!! Both of you are here??

Ishu: (smiles) Good morning, Annika di.

Annika: Good morning, Ishana. What are you doing here??

Shivaay: Nothing. She wanted to make tea. So I taught her. (Looks at Ishana.) Put two spoon of sugar inside it and mix it. (Ishana nods and does as he said while Shivaay looks at Annika.)

Ishu: Done, sir. Thank you.

Shivaay: You are welcome. Have it.

Ishu: This is not for me, sir.

Shivaay: Then??

Ishu: For Omkara sir. (ShivIka look at each other shockingly.)

Shivaay: Ishana, no!! (She already left.) Oh no!! Omkara doesn’t like milk tea. I thought she was making for herself. (Annika looks at something and becomes shocked.)

Annika: Oh, no!! Shivaay, this is salt bottle. She mixed salt in the tea. (ShivIka look at each other don’t know what to do.)


Omkara’s Room


Omkara wakes up and sees Ishana is not beside him. He looks at the washroom and sees the door is open. Ishana comes that time.

Ishu: Good morning, sir!! (Omkara turns and sees her smiling at him. This is the first time he is seeing her smiling like this.)

Om: Good morning!! (Ishana walks towards him bringing tea.) Where did you go??

Ishu: I went to bring tea for you.

Om: Tea?? It’s a pleasant surprise!! (Ishana gives him the cup. Omkara looks at it.) Milk tea?? (Ishana nods.) Thank you. (Ishana smiles again. Omkara takes a sip. His expression changes.)

Ishu: What happened, sir?? Is it horrible?? Sorry, sir. This is first time I made tea.

Om: Did I say anything?? This tea is superb. But it’s just extra sweet like you. (He continues to drink and finishes it. He places the cup on the table. ShivIka came that time.) Shivaay?? Bhabhi?? What happened??

Annika: Woh…. (She sees the empty cup.) You finished it??

Om: Yes.

Shivaay: How was it??

Om: Tasty. (ShivIka look at him in disbelief.)

Ishu: What happened?? Why both of you are reacting like this??

Shivaay: Nothing, Ishana. We were simply reacting. See you guys later. Annika, let’s go. (ShivIka leave from there.)

Ishu: Why they are shocked??

Om: Because I don’t drink milk tea.

Ishu: Oh!! You don’t like milk tea?? Sorry, sir. I don’t know about that. Why did you drink if you don’t like it??

Om: Ishana, I won’t say no to you. I will have whatever you give me even though it’s a poison.

Ishu: Sir, please don’t be too filmy. (Omkara chuckles.) Sir, you stay here for a while. I want to go and see RuMyaPri. (Omkara nods.)

Om: Ishana, I wanted to ask you yesterday itself. Where is Mishti?? It’s been two days I didn’t see her. Is she still with SouPri??

Ishu: No, sir. I gave her to Avni as she was dejected thinking about Neil and Pooja.

Om: Oh!! (Ishana turns to go when she remembers something. She looks at him.) What??

Ishu: Sir, why did you say that Mishti is your baby??

Om: Correct it, Ishana. Mishti is our baby. (Ishana nods and leaves from there in a confused state.)



Ishu: (while walking) Why he is saying that Mishti is his baby?? He knows well that Mishti is not his baby. Then, why he is agreeing that Mishti is his baby?? He always take the blame on himself when it comes about myself?? (She goes to Priyanka’s room and sees Priyanka not there. Then, she goes to Soumya’s room but she couldn’t find SouPri there too.) Where SouPri went in this early morning?? I will tell Rudra.


Rudra’s Room


Ishana enters the room and surprised to see RuMya and PriVeer are sleeping hugging each other.

Ishu: These four love birds are sleeping hugging each other. So cute. Ishu, don’t disturb them. (She goes and adjusts the blanket on them. She adjusts the curtain so that the sun rays won’t disturb their sleep. She leaves after that.)


Omkara’s Room


Ishana comes there while Omkara is getting ready.

Ishu: Sir, are you going somewhere??

Om: Yes. I need to go to the art gallery. I need to pack some paintings there as the client will come and collect them.

Ishu: Is your wound ok??

Om: It’s very much better than before. (Ishana nods.) Ishana, are you going to the hospital??

Ishu: Yes. I thought to go with Ranveer but he is still sleeping.

Om: Come. I will drop you at the hospital. (Ishana is about to refuse.) Why are you hesitating?? You said that you believe me. What happened now??

Ishu: Of course I believe you, sir. But my friends are at the hospital. I don’t know how they will react if they see you.

Om: I don’t mind. They are having the rights to scold me or hit me for whatever I have done to you. I am ready to face that. Don’t worry and let’s go. (He takes Ishana’s hand and leaves from there.)


Rudra’s Room


Priyanka wakes up when she hears a mobile ringing. She tries to move when she feels a grip on her back. She is surprised to see Ranveer beside her and both of them are hugging each other. She feels embarrassed seeing their sleeping state. She takes her hand from him slowly without disturbing his sleep.

Prinku: How did I sleep beside him?? Better I leave before he wakes up. (His mobile rings again.) His mobile is ringing again and again. Maybe some important call. (She takes the mobile and sees the caller ID.) Gautham bhaiya?? (She is about to answer the call when Ranveer wakes up.)

Ranveer: Priyanka, who is calling?? (He removes his hands from her.)

Prinku: Gautham bhaiya. He is calling for the second time. (She gives the mobile to him.)

Ranveer: Hello, Gautham!!?? Sorry, yaar. I was sleeping. Any problem??

Gau: No, yaar. I just wanted to ask if you can find anything from the files. Did Shivaay recognise anyone??

Ranveer: Where are you now??

Gau: I am on the way to the hospital.

Ranveer: Ok. You go there first. I will come and tell there. (Gautham agrees and they end their conversation.) I will get ready to go the hospital. (Ranveer looks at Priyanka. She just smiles and about to get down from the bed when she sees RuMya are sleeping in each other’s embrace on the couch. She smiles seeing them and leaves from there. Ranveer too leaves to his room.)


Ranveer is walking towards his room when he sees IshKara coming out from the room. He goes towards them.

Ranveer: Both of you are going somewhere??

Om: I am going to the art gallery and Ishana wants to go to the hospital. So I will drop her at the hospital and will go to the art gallery.

Ranveer: You won’t give a simple answer like ‘yes’ or ‘no’, right?? Always elaborating everything.

Om: You won’t satisfy with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You will ask another question next. That’s why I answered before you ask.

Ranveer: Really?? As you answered all of my questions??

Om: I have answered all of your questions, Ranveer. If you are not satisfied with the answers, then I can’t do anything.

Ishu: I don’t understand what both of you are talking about.

Ranveer: Nothing, Ishana. Ishana, can you go to the hospital later??

Ishu: Later?? Why?? I want to see Neil, and Pooja too!!

Ranveer: Actually, Avni having some prayers for NeilJa. She needs to do it for three days. She completed one yesterday and she was almost collapsed. Can you go and accompany her?? (Ishana becomes worried.)

Ishu: Yes, sure. I will go to the temple first.

Om: If you don’t mind I can drop her at the temple.

Ranveer: Won’t you be late for the art gallery??

Ishu: You said that you are having some orders, right?? You go first, sir. I will go with Ranveer later.

Om: Sure?? (Ishana nods.) Ok. Be careful. (He turns to go.)

Ranveer: Omkara!! You also be careful. (Omkara nods and leaves from there.) I will come in 10 minutes, Ishana. (He leaves to his room.)


Rudra’s Room


Soumya wakes up from her sleep and sees herself in Rudra’s embrace. She recalls their last night conversation and smiles to herself. She pats Rudra’s hand waking him up.

Soumya: Rudra, it’s morning already. Faster get up.

Rudra: Another five more minutes, Soumya.

Soumya: At least leave me, Rudra.

Rudra: (sleepily) Cannot. It’s nice to hold you like this.

Soumya: I’m not your wife, Rudra. Leave me, first.

Rudra: You are going to be my wife in future. Practice from now. (Soumya is surprised to hear him.)

Soumya: What?? (Rudra realised what he said and gets up in jerk.) What did you say??

Rudra: Nothing. I didn’t say anything. (He runs towards the washroom cursing himself. Soumya smiles excitingly biting her lips.)



At the temple


Ranveer drops Ishana at the temple.

Ranveer: Come to the hospital after finishing your prayers. I already arranged a car to pick up both of you. So don’t worry. (Hands over a piece of paper.) This is the car number. (Ishana nods taking the paper from him. Ranveer leaves after Ishana enters the temple.)


Art Gallery


Omkara finished packing the paintings when Ranveer comes there.

Om: You are here?? I thought that you are going to the hospital.

Ranveer: I am going to go to the hospital. But before that I need to do something.

Om: (confused) What??

Ranveer: Kidnap you.

Om: (shocked) What?? (Ranveer handcuffs Omkara and takes him from there.) Where are you taking me??

Ranveer: To meet Ishana’s fathers.

Om: What??

Ranveer: Stop asking what!! I wouldn’t do this if you have answered my questions. I asked Ishana to go to the temple because I want you to meet NeilGau first. You have to answer them.

Om: Answer what??

Ranveer: Why did you say that Mishti is your baby??

Om: What question is this?? The baby is Ishana’s. Obviously her baby is mine too.

Ranveer: Oh!! You are thinking that you are genius by answering like this, right?? Ishana’s baby doesn’t mean your baby. The baby can belongs to someone else too. Because Ishana didn’t stay with you almost one year.

Om: Shut up!!! Don’t you dare to say anything about Ishana!! I know about my Ishana!!

Ranveer: She is just your mistress!! Why are you caring about her!!??

Om: She is not my mistress but my wife!! You know about it, right!!??

Ranveer: Then, why the hell you gave that type of interview recently??

Om: No!! I didn’t say like that. They have edited it!! (Ranveer looks at him.) I didn’t say like that.

Ranveer: What did you tell them?? (Omkara leaves a huge breath.)

Om: I stopped to do paintings for some time. The media always called and ask for interview when I will continue my work. I didn’t agree to give interview to them. Suddenly, few days back, they called me that they wanted to interview me. I agreed as I made them to wait for long. They were asking normal questions and I answered normally. Then, one of the reporter suddenly asked about Ishana.




Reporter: Where is your mistress, Mr Oberoi?? Has she left you??

Om: You came here to interview about me or her??

Reporter: We are media, Mr Oberoi. We can ask whatever we want.

Om: You are here because I allowed you to interview me. Don’t think that you can ask whatever you want and I will answer that. I don’t have any time to answer any of your stupid question.

Reporter: You can’t say like this, Mr Oberoi. You are the one told that she is your mistress. So you should answer us if we ask about her.

Om: Oh!! You don’t have to know more about her. One statement of mine last time is enough.

Reporter: We heard that she left you for another man. Is that true??

Reporter 2: Is she a gold digger?? (Omkara get pissed with the questions and bangs his table in anger.)

Om: She is a gold digger and she left me for another man?? Wow!! What a people are you?? You simply create a fake news for your trp ratings, right??

Reporter 3: We are not creating any fake news, Β Mr Oberoi. We got a picture of her with another man. (They show him a picture where she is hugging a guy.)

Om: Is that wrong for a girl to hug a guy?? He can be her brother or her friend. Why are you making a propaganda with this picture?? Ok fine!! Let her be a gold digger or she left me for another man. So, what is your problem with that?? It’s her life, her choice!! Who are you to ask that?? (The reporters kept quiet.)


*Flashback Ends*


Om: This is what happened that day. Is that anything wrong in what I said?? I didn’t expect that they have edited it and made like I spoke bad about Ishana.

Ranveer: Do you know whom Ishana was hugging that day?? (Omkara shakes his head in negative.) It was Rudra. (Omkara looks at him shockingly.)

Om: They spoke bad about bhabhi and devar!! IshRu’s relationship is like a mother and son’s relationship. How these people can be so mean??

Ranveer: You didn’t watch the interview when they telecasted it??

Om: I won’t watch normally.

Ranveer: Fine. Why did you accept Mishti is your baby??

Om: You are back to the same question?? How many times I have to tell you?? Mishti is my baby.

Ranveer: Ishana told me that both of you didn’t share any type of physical relationship before. Then, how come Mishti is your baby??

Om: If the baby is not mine, she is not Ishana’s too.

Ranveer: Why?? She is just a mistress. It’s not necessary Mishti must be yours. Maybe, Ishana was someone else mistress too.

Om: Shut up!! Don’t you dare to say like that about her. She is my wife!!

Ranveer: If she is really your wife and not your mistress, tell me the truth!!

Om: What truth!!??

Ranveer: Did you get her pregnant last time?? (Omkara looks at him.) If Ishana is really your wife, tell me the truth.

Om: She is my wife!! (Omkara closes his eyes making the tears to fall from his eyes.) I didn’t get her pregnant!! (Ranveer sighs in relief and wipes his tears. He feels bad that he spoke like that about Ishana but he didn’t have any options than that. He knows what is Omkara’s weakness and he needs to attack there to make him spill the truth.) Are you happy now?? I didn’t get her pregnant!! That is what you want to hear, right??

Ranveer: Whose baby was that??

Om: I don’t know, Ranveer. I really don’t know.





To be continued…..


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