FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14:

There is a strong feeling of this “Reyansh would never let me feel horrible” was broken in Pranati. The mother who want her child to get the world’s entire is now shattered and not able to give her child the example of Love, only to blame Reyansh for this. The sigh that he made today when Dadi nodded at him curtly got all the memories back to her.
“Today I knew it was me, only me who wanted Jugnu. Then why did I do this all? So foolish of me that I did legally wanted her custody, instead I could give her all of my love that would entirely dominate this wealth and luxury things.” She cursed herself while wiping out the tears. With a new determination she promised herself “She can learn it now, and this time I will change my daughter for the better and for best future of hers”
Later at dinner everyone witnessed Reyansh silence which was affected by everyone but not Pranati. He was so shaken up with her words and change of her emotions, he knows something was there inside her storming up even now but he couldn’t bare the hatred in her eyes for him.
After everyone’s dinner Riya made two plates for Rey and Pranati, who didn’t bother to have dinner after so much of pleas. She called Maan who was trespassing by and asked him to make Rey have his dinner meanwhile she’ll do the same with Pranati.
“Bhai!!” called Maan as he reached Reyansh who was at the bench in lawn.
“Now what MAAN…”
“Bhai! Look Riya Bhabhi has sent you the food. Look don’t blame me of invading your space but yeah now you have to have the dinner. It’s order from Riya Bhabhi.” Maan said in one go before Reyansh would scold Maan for coming into the place which he only want to be alone.
Rey didn’t say a word. He just nodded as he can’t just argue.
“Bhai can I ask you something?” hesitantly asked Maan to which Rey just nodded his head.
“Why are you so hurt? I have never seen you like this after that day, even that day you haven’t told me the reason. I know something is not right, can’t I know bhai?” asked Maan which only made Reyansh to travel back…
On the exact day when Pranati went away from him:
He was shocked by the fact of being Pranati pregnant. ‘It’s too young to them have such responsibility, and I don’t want we to waste out our life like that. Moreover I am is not ready for that so solid relationship’ He thought but somewhere inside he was feared of taking up responsibility if Pranati didn’t abort her baby.
He want to explain his reason for her, he thought she is filled with anger will come back but she never returned that day. He called her, she didn’t give any response to his call later which turned to be switched off tone. He went to her hostel and enquired about her. Her friends informed him that Pranati left the college.
Listening to that stuff Reyansh did shatter, the one relationship he wants to become his life has left him all alone again. He came back from hostel being so sad and didn’t even speak a word till next two days.
“Bhai where were you zoned out?” asked Maan looking at Reyansh who was deeply lost in his thoughts. That day Reyansh promised himself he will never fall in love with anyone, even if it’s Pranati again.
“Nothing. I have no reason to be sad.” said Reyansh and to avoid anymore questions from Maan he had his dinner.
In room, Pranati was making Jugnu do her homework when Riya entered with the tray of food.
“Riya Chachi!! You bought me something to eat?” asked Jugnu noticing Riya.
“No Jugnu, it’s dinner for Prabhi. She didn’t have anything afternoon also know, so I thought I would take dinner here.” explained Riya.
“That’s really so sweet of you Riya but believe me I am not hungry. I’ll have it when I am.” politely denied Pranati.
“No Prabhi, you cannot deny on food. Please have some thing now…”
“Riya I know I have to eat but please I can’t eat now. You see my hands.” saying that Pranati showed her hands.
“That should not be a problem, come I’ll feed you.” offered Jugnu asking Riya to give the plate. Pranati heart was overwhelmed with motherly love when her daughter is feeding food.
“Awe! This moment needs to be captured.” Riya said while clicking the picture of both mother and daughter. After feeding Pranati thanked Jugnu, she know Jugnu is with no emotions but still she made efforts to make her feed. Pranati knew Jugnu words which was earlier said was only baseless.
Riya took away the plate from there leaving both Jugnu and Pranati while saying good night to them, while she was getting down the stairs her thoughts were on Pranati’s wound. How did she get so deep wounds? Yeah, Riya was little upset with Pranati but looking at her in this condition she really felt so worried. In her thoughts she skipped a step and about to fall but in time Armaan held her. She closed her face but opened when she felt the strong grip around her waist, she saw his eyes which were looking at her with terrified expression. She adjusted the plate which felt down and thanked Armaan for his thoughtful act.
“What are you thinking Riya, you’re almost to fall!” scolded Armaan.
“Nothing I was just thinking about the scars and wounds Prabhi got, how can she get those wounds being in home?” Riya told her doubts out.
Armaan not sure how to explain what’s happening around her maintained silence. She kept plate and came back.
” I have a doubt”
“Yes go ahead!”
“Why did you take food to Prabhi while you can ask any servant to do that?” asked Armaan
“That’s because I care for her. Look she might think whatever she wants but for me she’s always like a big sister.” told Riya remembering the words of Mallika.
Later at night Pranati woke up when felt her thirsty only to see the jug was empty, she slowly moved apart from Jugnu and slowly walked down the stairs with help of railing and somehow managed to get into kitchen. Reyansh was already there keeping something in rack, to avoid him she immediately turned back to go but as result of force stomping her leg got hurt again.
“Ouch!!” she winced in pain getting Reyansh attention to her.
“Prani, you here at this time?” asked Rey looking at her.
“I know Rey this is your home but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t drink water.” chided Pranati.
“I didn’t mean that Prani” saying that he came a step close towards her.
“Don’t stay back and what is this Prani? I am just Pranati for you. Never dare me call that” spatted Pranati.
“What’s wrong with you Prani? Why are you behaving so weird from morning? First you hurt yourself and blamed me for whatever reason you’re thinking off which I don’t even know till now, told Jugnu to not believe anyone and now scolding me without any reason!” admonished Rey thinking it would get some sense in Pranati but looking at her expression he knew she is going to say something which he never heard.
“You don’t why Mr. Reyansh Khurrana? Okay then let me tell you, because I got to see your true colors today when you agreed to kill Laya and her unborn baby. You’re just a monster and guess what? That’s why your mother left you with this evil hearted so at least she could not able to see this nature someday. I being fool loved you so much thinking you’re a human, not you’re a beast. Actually no you’re more than a beast. How could you do this to them? How could you kill a mother and unborn baby?” shouted Pranati in her anger. Reyansh was just shocked listening to her, how could she think so much disgusting about him? he was hurt but she touched the sensitive part of his life, his mother. His anger has flooded over his emotions.
“I Hate you Reyansh! and everyone hates you…” she stated with all her anguish.
“Stop it!!” shouted Reyansh while dragging her to the nearby wall.
“One more word about my mother I’ll never forgive you. Think whatever you want I’ll never care but dare you something about her I’ll kill you right there.” seriously warned Reyansh and left from there scaring the life out of her. She recovered from the shock and gulped a glass of water. Filling the jug full of water she walking slowly but her legs didn’t help her much this time due to the stress. Her foot is hurting her and she can sense the wetness of new forming blood. She took the support of kitchen wall to stand for few seconds then she saw him coming back.
He stood in front of her silently with blank expression. She didn’t dare to say anything after his warning, but she gave him a questioning look like-why-are-you-here-now, without saying anything he lifted her in his both arms.
“Reyansh Khurana, put me down.” told Pranati. There is no response from his side. She slapped his cheek, yet he didn’t say anything, she was making him hard to climb stairs by moving continuously. He with lot of effort came back to her room and placed her on bed and changed her bandage. She didn’t even get chance to yell at him as Jugnu was beside her. He left from there immediately after changing the bandage. 

  1. Jasminerahul

    Oh so reyaansh didn’t want break up..just want to be away from responsibilities. Reyaansh feeling sad when pranati left him was emotional. Riya is so sweet n caring.jugnu feeding pranati was nice.hope pragati’s misunderstanding gets cleared soon.it was sad to see pranati scolding him n reyaansh shouting at her.but still when she got hurt he was so caring.

    1. Vyshnavi

      Yeah Reyansh never wants to break up with pranati. She’ll understand soon…. Thank you 😊

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