FF: My Eloping Bride (Episode 25) “Morning With Love”

Hey guyz Sana is back, i know that i m late but i m back. koi bul tu nhi gaya mughe agar bhool gaya tu yaad rakhlo mein hn sana well i missed you all and every ff here
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Episode 24

How it feel when you open your eyes to see your love sleeping so close to you. You know how it feel, it feel ecstatic, mesmerizing and bliss. Thinking we has something something in night. No way me and Sanskar value our morels and upbringing. He forbade me to sleep on floor last night and I was concerned for him because I don’t want him to complain that I kicked him from the bed.

But seeing him sleeping peacefully I don’t think I have kicked him. My hand instantly went to his face and explored his face with my hands. This was the first time I had the very close look of his face. To say he was a handsome would be an understatement, he was a hottie handsome. My hand was caressing his cheek, when he smile while his eyes were closed

“Like what you see?” He opened his eyes and smiles. I tried not to blush but couldn’t help it
“Staring is rude by the way but I can understand when a handsome man is right in front of you how can u resist” He added and I rolled my eyes

“Self praising aren’t we” I said to which he chuckled

“Anyways how was your sleep did I disturb you?” I asked

“No you didn’t really disturb, just at 3 a.m I don’t know which ninja got in to you kicked me and I really fell on the floor” He said dramtically

“That’s an exaggeration, I can never kick a bulldozer so hard that it fall down” I said

“Hey you call me bulldozer” He grinned
We bursted out in fits of laughter. I was about to got up but a pair of arm pulled me. I looked up to see Sanskar was smirking

“Sanskar what are you doing? Common get up” I tried to get up but he pulled me more closer

“I want something” He whispered huskily

“And what do you want” I asked with narrowed eye

“Swara” he whispered again


“What Sanskar” I asked with annoyance

“I said I want Swara” My eyes got widen and felt heat generating in on cheeks

No Swara don’t blush, control it

“I don’t know what actually happened in New York that my fiancé is so changed” I asked in teasing tone

“Don’t blame New York for this baby its your love that I m head over heels in love with you. Now comon kiss me” He said in demanding tone

“What? no” I exclaimed

“What you can kiss me last night now when I m asking you, you are saying this isnot fair love”

I thought for a moment and then lean towards him

Oh god she looked so beautiful when she blush. For now she is leaning towards me for a kiss. I closed my eyes, I could feel her breath on my lips. I was waiting for her warm lips on mine but instead I felt her on my cheek, instantly she got up. I opened my eyes and there she is standing smirking at me

“Hey that’s cheating” I complaint

“Well you never mention to where should I kiss” She said giggling

“I should tell you just wait” I ran to her and she entered in bathroom and closed the door

“Not fair just wait and watch Swara” I challenged her

“We will see” She said inside the bathroom

This girl is going to be death of me

I smiled on my thought


The packing was almost done but my thoughts were on my parents reaction, are they angry from me, what if they didn’t forgive me. What will I do?

A pair of arms wrapped me behind

“Don’t worry everything will be going to fine” Sanskar said

“Still I m scared from their reaction. I know I did a big mistake and they are disappointed from me, will they forgive me Sansakr” I asked

He turned me and cupped my face

“First wipe your tears and second they are your parents. Parents love is unique in its own way no one can love us as our parents do, they might be angry not because you eloped but because they were hell scared and worried for you. So now smile because you are going they are going to be very happy to see their daughter back” He assured me and kissed my forehead. He intertwined my hand with his and left from Jaipur saying bye to everyone

Being with him feels everything is fine and nothing will go wrong. I am just little nervous and excited to go back home now


So how is it

hope u enjoyed 🙂

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