We fell in Love – Ishqbaaz ff – OS by Sana

Hey this is Sana again back with a OS . I was in great dilemma whether I have to post it or not and now I did .This is about Shivaye and Anika and it doesn’t have any kind of relation to the present IB story and yeah do tell me how is it and now we can go for story else I wont stop my talking ?☺

They were sitting there for a long time in the beach , sitting in the sand and looking at the sea . Her head in his shoulder . They wanted to tell a lot of things to each other but this felt nice , the silence except of the waves and their position . After sometime Shivaye looked at her and said that he wanted to tell something to her . It was something he wished to tell her long back but he never felt that was the right moment later he thought he shoudnt say that because it can affect their relation But now if he dont tell this then he wont have peace till his last breath . He cleared his throat and looked at her who was looking at him still from his shoulder . Anika said she too wanted to tell something but asked him to say first because he said first .
Shivaye : I broke up with Tia , Anika . Me and Tia is not going to work .
Anika : when ?
Shivaye : two weeks ago .
Anika : So , that was all about the ice cream parlour
Shivaye : I know Anika I did wrong without telling you , we never kept any secret between us but you were all happy and busy about your marriage fixing and I didn’t wish to come in between you and Daksh .
Anika : Is that your reason Shivaye , you and everyone knows for me you come first then also you didnt tell me anything . Tia told me herself and I was shocked not because I heard about your breakup its because I was hearing about you from someone else .
( A lonely tear escaped from her eyes )

Anika and Shivaye had grown up together and were friends for Life . They always had shared every little thing and were always together . Every people envied them and it was a difficult task to seperate them . Wherever Shivaye is Anika will be also around and same with anika . Anika knew Shivaye more than herself and shivaye knew Anika .
From morning to night they will be together being away from eachother is same as asking to jump from a cliff . Their parents were also proud of their childrens friendship and supported it . They had promised eachother they will never keep any secret between them but when Anika came to know what Tia said she was hell shocked . She wanted to slap him and ask him why but she remained for him to say it . She was the one who asked Shivaye to be with Tia , even though she didnt like Tia , for her Shivaye’s happiness matters .
Anika was engaged to Daksh , her senior . He had proposed her and she rejected it but later when Shivaye asked her to she said okay and it is now proceeding to marriage . It was confusing her why Shivaye is ignoring her and giving lame excuses to be away from her . All night she used to cry hard . Today she had herself dragged Shivaye to the Beach so they can talk out things . She was hating what was happening now and she needed to change It .
She looked at shivaye again but for her now she wanted something else .

Anika : why did you break up with her ?
Shivaye : Anika , let’s end it here . You won’t understand
Anika : ooh , so now I will not understand . C’mon I know you better than anyone else .
Tell me ! Why ? ( raising one eyebrow )
Shivaye : I don’t love Tia , she is very different from me you know . I dont have any feelings for her and this thing called love looks like a burden to me Anika . I can’t do this . I won’t be able to because I

Shivaye knows what he was going to do is wrong still he wanted to tell her he was so in mad love with her . He wanted to tell her that he fell in love with her and cant even think of her marrying someone . He had realized it when for the first time leaving him behind she went to a program it was for a two days journey but still he couldn’t handle it . He was missing her so hard and didnt want her to go.
Everywhere he go he saw her . Everytime his thoughts was about her and the love angel whom his brother made him call said these are the symptoms or signs of love . He couldn’t believe it but he wished he didnt . It was too late when he heard her say when she was back that she had accepted Daksh . He couldn’t say anything it was he himself who pushed her into this . He called himself a idiot and pretended like he was the happiest person to hear it . Then he thought he shouldnt be there when the marriage takes place so slowly he was avoiding her and went morning and came late . But today when she came he had decided to tell her everything .
He was about to tell it when Anika interrupted him .

Anika : shivaye , leave it . If you dont want it , then why will I ? Do you remember I had something to say
Shivaye : yes Anika
Anika : Actually shivaye , daksh’s parents called and told soon after marriage I have to shift to London since his parents are settled there , so many things are happening Shivaye . I don’t know anything .
Shivaye : Anika , will you go ?

Shivaye couldn’t gulp down what he just heard now . He cant even think of her going away from him . He just looked at Anika who is teary eyed and was looking at the sea . She was thinking what held for their friendship in future . Shivaye slowly put his hands on her shoulder while she just couldn’t hold back her tears so she tightly hugged and Shivaye reciprocated too . His hands travelled to her back and patted it by making his shirt wet she cried hard . They stayed like for a long time but when reality struck them , they pulled from each other and composed themselves . To break the awkward silence which has been for 10 mins Shivaye made her remember that she still hasn’t answered for his question !

Anika : Do I have a option
Shivaye stood there holding his emotions back.
Anika : Do you know Shivaye that marriage sucks . I wish I had never grow up that we are still childrens . So that we will always be together . If I go to Londom , first we will be calling everyday then everyweek and atlast it would be once in every year . I cant even think of all this Shivaye . It hurts me so much . It would have been good if I didnt say yes to Daksh then nothing sort of would happen . It was stupid of me to say it .
( her face and eyes red , saying each word in a manner that she thought about it for a long time . Shivaye was just there his was face also down )
Anika : Shivaye , idiot you could have proposed me first nah , you could have fallen in love with me instead of Daksh nah . Then we would have married each other no one will be able to seperate us right ? Then we would always be one and together .
(Saying she broke down there and Shivaye was hell shocked , he couldn’t really believe what he heard . There was a hint of happiness and regretful in his face . He stood there rooted to the ground and then he was crying and his cheeks have become wet . He quickly pulled her into a hug and cried while she was shocked seeing his emotions . )
Anika : Shivaye , why are you crying ?

Shivaye : I am s..so..sorry Anika , I am idiot as you mentioned . I am a fool .
( Anika stood there totally confused she was thinking of something now )
Anika : what do you mean shivaye ?
Shivaye : Anika , I loved you infact I still lo..love you . I was a fool that I didnt tell you . I thought you will hate me for that . I thought our friendship will be destroyed , I m so sorry . That is why I ignored you , avoided you . I couldn’t love Tia when I was already in love with you .
( he cried his heart out while her face was expression less . She stood there and was recalling all the times which made obvious that he was in love with her . She pitied herself for not understanding at all . She was not angry with Shivaye for being in love with her but she was angry and hated him for not confessing it to her . The friendship that she was proud burned her now . She looked Shivaye who was still crying she put his hands around his waist .

Shivaye was shocked and removed her hands . He looked at her while with tears were flowing in her cheeks she said those three words too . She said ” I love you too Shivaye ”
But it was too late for them before Shivaye could say anything his father called him home and asked him to get Anika too .
They were confused for what their parents were calling them . For the rest of journey they both were silent and didnt speak at all . They listened to song O Jaana which was playing in the radio and remembered all their moments . When they reached Shivaye’s home they saw Anika’s parents too at the doorstep in a angry way .

Laxmi ( Anika’s mother ) : where have you been all this time . Its late now
Kumar ( Anika’s father ) : laxmi calm down .
Pinky ( everyone will know , Shivaye’s mother ) : oh my mata , kumarji how can you tell like that see the time our children coming .
Shakti ( ofcourse , Shivaye’s father ) : time is not the matter , we have something important to ask you .
Kumar : Yes , how can you do this ?
Laxmi : why did you hide this ?
( Shivaye and Anika were confused and scared whether they got to know everything )
Kumar : Is this why we brought you up together .
You always used to tell we are your bestfriends then why didnt you share it with us ?
Pinky : yes , Shivaye beta and Anika beti why ?
Shivaye : uncle what are you saying ?
Shakti : son , you misunderstood us . You thought we will not know anything right ?
Anika : but uncle , what are you talking about ?
Kumar : about your so called Friendship which has now blossomed into Love .
( Anika and Shivaye was shocked and looked at each other and at same time they ask )
Shivaye and Anika : how do you ?
( then they both are embrassed and keep silent , seeing this their parents started laughing )
Shakti : we knew it before itself beta , that you will never able to leave eachother . But we got to know it from Tia .
Anika : Tia ?
Laxmi : yes , she came to call to invite us for her marriage .
Shivaye : with ?

( Anika interrupted asking about someone who she thought she played with his life )
Anika : what about Daksh , dad ?
Kumar : it was a week before Tia came , we called Daksh’s father he was first angry but to be honest he himself said that he forced Daksh to propose you Anika for your property and Shivaye , dont you want to know with whom Tia is going to marry ?
Shivaye : yes , who ?
Shakti : with daksh
( Anika and Shivaye are shocked but happy too inside but they dont express it )
Pinky : have any guess what their wedding board read ?
Laxmi : what ?
Pinky : Tish ✌
Anika : what on earth is that aunty ?
Pinky : first of all , start calling me mom and second it is their couple name – Tia+Daksh=Tish?
( Anika blush and Shivaye smile too )
Shakti : Oh my maata Pinky , very funny
Pinky : that is my line shakti ji .
Kumar : come , come we have to discuss about shivika’s marriage
Laxmi : kumar ji , you too

Everyone laugh and go to the living room and discuss things . After a month their marriage take place grandly and Shivaye and Anika lead a very happy life and no one couldn’t seperate them now . After three years Ansh
came in their life and made it more beautiful .
So this is the ending , hope you like it . I know that this concept is very familiar but as usual it came in my mind and I penned it down .
Please do tell me what you think and yeah positive and negative response are accepted .


  1. Amayaa

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyu sana
    U did a gr8 gob by informing me
    Thank u so much dr
    I m very happy
    See many of my ishqies forget 2 inform me nd I m very angry with them tooooooooooooo
    Hmmmmmmmmm so u r saved from carryyyyyyyyyy my anger on uuuuu
    Ha ha ha
    I m kidding dr
    As usual fantastic episode
    Thank God that evil daksh left my bhabhi
    I mean Anika 2 my bro only
    Well every 1 is telling so correct
    SANA r u stopping this seriously
    Not fair ha
    U can’t do this
    We want more ……….we want more………..we want more…………..
    Nd this time no villains

    So I’ll wait for ur ff 2 come
    Hope u will not disappoint me ?????

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hi Amaya , I am so happy that you read it . Thank you so much dear and your long comment is making me love you more . I am so delighted by your comment which gave a positive energy .
      Currently I am writing ff , I will update asap . This is one shot dear and it will end here . I am not sure whether I will be able to write another one because my school is starting on 2nd may . Whatever , now I am addicted to TU . Thanks again and yeah Tish Tish ????

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