a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 19)

when karan dropped his phone, the whole family realised that something must have happened. they all rushed to him and asked him to tell them but karan, he didn’t know what to say.

meghna: karan, please say something.

karan: naina, naina got into an accident.

meghna: what?

karan: she’s in the hospital. rohit just called. i have to go, i have to leave.

nirmala: we’ll all come with you.

kunal: yes, come on. i’ll drive so we can reach faster.

at the hospital, rohit and vinod were sitting, waiting for the doctors to tell them something. karan ran in the hospital and saw them sitting.

karan: where’s naina? how is she? rohit, say something.

meghna: roh, what happened?

rohit: we found out from the car camera that she’d been in an accident. she was driving and she hit a tree. we managed to call the ambulance and then we came here. i spoke to the doctor, they’re doing an operation on her but they’re saying that she might not make it. it’s not looking good.

karan: it’s my fault. it’s all my fault.

karan went to the mandir in the hospital and prayed, then he put his hand on the fire.

karan: naina can’t leave me like this. you can’t take her away from me! i need her, i can’t live without her. i’m not taking my hand out of this fire until you make her okay. if she dies, i die and that’s a promise.

nirmala saw karan at the mandir and rushed to him.

nirmala: karan, what are you doing? you’ll hurt yourself.

karan: naina got hurt because of me, ma. i won’t move till she wakes up.

meghna: karan, she’s already hurt but, why are you hurting yourself?

karan: bhabhi, this is between me and him.

karan refused to move from there. however, they quickly got good news.

doctor: naina survived but, it was a miracle. you can take her home tomorrow, just make sure she rests a lot because there’s a lot of internal bleeding and other injuries. basically, don’t let her do a lot of walking and make sure she doesn’t get any stress because she got hit in the head and it can effect her badly.

karan: can i go in?

doctor: yes but, she’s still unconscious.

karan went in the room and broke down seeing naina like that. he sat next to her holding her hand.

karan: naina, please wake up. i’m sorry. god, i’m so sorry for telling you to leave. i know you’re in this condition because of me and i don’t know what to say except that i’m an idiot for letting you leave. naina, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. i know you came into my life all of a sudden but, i think that’s the best thing dad did for me. i don’t know what i’d do without you, naina. i can’t live without you. (sigh) i don’t know if you’ll ever forgive me for this but i love you, naina. i love you so much. please wake up. you can shout and yell at me, hit me, but please, don’t stay quiet like this, naina, please wake up.

all of a sudden, naina’s hand moved. karan felt it and called everyone in. karan felt life coming back to him. he was relieved and most importantly, he was happy because naina was awake and soon, she was going to be fine. at that moment, karan promised himself that he’ll bring naina as much happiness as she gave him because, she deserves that and so much more.

thank you for reading! i wasn’t sure if i should continue uploading after the last chapter because i didn’t get much feedback but then eventually, a few of you commented asking when i was going to upload so, sorry for the delay. i know this chapter was a little short but it was a filler chapter. after this is where all the fun begins so hang tight and i’ll try and get it up by tonight.

  1. really bad yaar short update too bad i really annoyd you. but the episode is too good waitting for next

    1. NainaSharma

      i’m sorry but it had to be short. it’s more of a filler chapter because the actual drama and all will begin in the next chapter. i’ll update by tonight or maybe sooner. ☺??

  2. Amazing.. waiting for the next chapter pls post soon… <3

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you! the next part will be up soon, i promise. ?

  3. Tamihna0808

    Yesssss! I was waiting for this part for too long! Such an amazing part, so well written! You did an amazing job and I’m excited for the next one! ❤???

    1. NainaSharma

      HAHA banana you already know everything! ? thank youuu and i’ll get the next part up by tonight. ??

  4. plz plz plz cntinue writing. the episode’s good

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much!! ?

  5. Shruthy

    Beautiful and lovely! ❤️
    He proved his love making her get back to life. It’s the miracle of love.
    Keep writing girl. Sorry if you didn’t get enough reaction from readers, I don’t even remember if I commented. But honestly, yours is one of my favourite. The “twist in the tale” attracts me. ☺️??
    So waiting for next one. ?

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much! it means a lot and it’s okay, i just wasn’t sure if i should continue or not but i guess i am now haha. i just finished writing the next chapter so it should be up sooner than you expect. ??

    2. Shruthy

      Great! Than I am waiting 🙂

  6. Loved ur update.pls update soon.

    1. NainaSharma

      thank youuu! it’ll be up by tonight. ?

  7. Titli

    Pls dont make naina go away from karan.. am scared as u said its a twist.. loved this chappy..

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you! i can’t promise anything but i can tell you that the main twist already happened – naina being a malhotra and not a solanki. so now only a few smaller twists will be there. ✨

  8. Loved it .I am always waiting for your ff.

    1. NainaSharma

      thank youuu! the next chapter is already up. ✨

    2. NainaSharma

      thank you so much! the next chapter is already up. ??

  9. It was too good. I m waiting for the twist.

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much! it’s not really a big one. just small little ones. the first part of the twist happens in the next chapter which is already up! ??

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    1. NainaSharma

      it’s already up! i love nairan too. ?

  11. Gud in this written update I am happy that how karan has pray to God for naina and God has listen the prayer of karan I hope in real life samridh should aLso realise how aniktta is perfect in all things aniktta may be a good friend and wife also it is my opinion dnt be serious about my comments.

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you for the comment! i really think that samridh and ankitta are really cute too haha and no don’t worry i won’t! ??

  12. Thank you so much for that last scene!?I am so happy you considered my request!? Karan’s lines were just perfect. The way he spoke to Naina. OMG! I was smiling while reading it! And the way Karan kept his hand on the fire and talked to God! OMG! It seriously says so much about Karan’s love! I am really happy that you are not turning Rohit negative. I was always scared that there would be a love triangle between Karan, Naina and Rohit. Waiting for your next episode. ???❤️

    1. NainaSharma

      you’re welcome! i was initially just going to make karan sit there and wait for naina to wake up but when you commented that scene i was like that’s perfect! so thank you! ? you’ll be seeing much more of karan’s love in the next few chapters and oh no, i have other plans for rohit, don’t worry. ??

  13. Threemaimai

    awesome epi…. i love how karan confess his love to naina. well written… good job upload as soooooooooon as possible….. 🙂

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much! the next chapter is already up. ?

  14. Hi …… Di the episode was mind blowing i love it yaar don’t be sad and don’t even think to end the chapter really good yaar I love the chapter it think naina will lose her memory just guessing not sure that would happen but the chapter was outstanding I love it yaarsorry for commenting, late but I am eagerly waiting for the next chapter and again I’m telling you don’t even think to end the chapter keep updating ???

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much and no i wasn’t sad or anything, just not sure if i should upload or not but don’t worry, i’ll keep uploading! ??

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