Fanaah 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhav punches Irawati in the face and drops a lantern instead. Kinjal on the other hand wants to go to Radhav and asks Vivan to let her go. Irawati kills Radhav in the fight and when Kinjal comes for her husband she kills her too. Vivan runs to Anshuman and asks for help. Preet Madam on the other hand is killing Mahi and Meath and says to Dhara that she can do anything with the dolls but cannot come out of the circle until she returns. Vivan and Anshuman come to Vivan’s house and Vivan cries as he sees the dead body of his sister. Irawati comes and says that she has been searching for him for so long, Anshuman says that what have you done Ira. Vivan says that you knew her all the time and didn’t tell me. Anshuman asks for forgiveness and says that he will return for Vivan.
Preet Madam comes downstairs and Mahi and Meath are bboth standing there. Mahi says that they both love each other and ask her to leave them. Preet Madam says that one must die and it is up to them to decide. She says that if Meath kills Mahi, and hands Meath a dagger and so does the same to Mahi. Preet Madam then suddenly kills Meath with a dagger. Mahi cries over the death of Meath and Preet says that this is the meaning of love that is betrayal. Mahi says that they had decided before that if they got caught Meath would kill Mahi because he didn’t wanted Mahi to have pain because of his death, she also says that she wanted to take her life herself so that Meath can have no burden. Mahi says that you cannot understand because you don’t have a heart. Mahi also says that love can’t be killed neither by hate nor by betrayal. Preet holds Mahi by her hair and kills her as well. Dhara sees all of this from a window and understands what the dolls were for.
Dhara holds the dolls and cries out and Preet Madam comes and says that will you ever betray me and that you must promise that you will not betray me. She says that how can she believe it. She holds Dhara’s arm and stings it with her nail and asks her to promise that she will not betray her. Dhara cries out of pain and says that she will not betray him. Preet crosses her nail over Dhara’s arm and writing appears saying that “I will not betray you.”
Irawati and Anshuman are standing in the jungle and Irawati says that they can stop now as the wolves are no longer chasing them. Irawati asks Anshuman that why you went to meet her, you go there every year near that mansion; you become weak and lose your powers. You must understand that she is no longer the innocent 18 year old. In the fourteen year time she has became very strong and she does something because of which they become weak. Irawati tries to persuade Anshuman that it is foolish to go there. Anshuman says that she can’t understand it because she only knows to hate and kill. Anshuman tells her to stop all this as that boy took care of him and she killed her family.
Dhara is packing a case while Preet Madam comes and gives a locket and says that it will protect her. She says that she would have punished her but she is worried about her. The funeral of Kinjal and Radhav is being held and Vivan is caring the rituals. He remembers the memory of his Jeju and his sister. Anshuman sees from behind the tree when Preet Madam arrives. The men there are amazed to see Preet Madam out of the Mansion after 14 years. Anshuman sees her and flees from the scene. Preet Madam senses her and runs in the trail screaming his name. She says that you ran like the last time. Anshuman is standing behind the very next tree to Preet.

Precap: Anshuman bites Irawati and Preet Madam casts a spell. Preet Madam finds Anshuman later on and wolfs come howling. Irawati goes into a fight with Preet and Preet throws her back. Dhara is leaving the place and Vivan tells her about his sister and Jeju.

Update Credit to: Sona

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