Fanaah 6th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranbir is with Saher when Samir comes to the party and when Saher sees him, she is surprised and worried. Ranbir asks Saher if she is blushing while Saher puts on a mask. Someone bumps into Ranbir and Saher goes and stands in a corner and prays to the lord to protect her and says that I won’t do this from next time. Samir comes and stands next to Saher without noticing and when he asks her something she runs. Samir goes to Prateek and asks for Ranbir while Prateek pukes and he runs from the place.
The joker goes around casting a spell on everyone and when he sees Ranbir alone he goes and snaps his fingers in front of him. Ranbir goes under hypnosis and starts to follow him, Samir calls Ranbir but he can’t hear him. Avani also sees Ranbir and wonders what the Joker is taking him. Vivan comes to the party as well. Avani is pleased to see Vivan and runs to him and falls in his arms. Avani thanks him for coming and he says to her that what your problem is.
Avani is very happy and thanks him again for coming to the party and in the Vampire costume she got for him. Vivan asks for Ranbir and Avani says that a Joker guy took him and he might be his friend. She wants VIvan to enjoy the party when he stops her and asks her which side the Joker took Ranbir. VIvan takes Avani and when she wants him to dance he roars at her showing his fangs.
Avani gets scared and then smiles and says to him that the Vampire fangs look great. He leaves while Avani says that Vivan sir is totally in character and wonders why he is searching for Ranbir and decides to follow him. Saher is still hiding and says that I can’t take any more risks as I will be banned for life. Avani is going when Yamini takes her to Sarthak who doesn’t know how he broke his arm. They start to talk about the decoration while Avani wonders that this can’t happen because of the cookies.
Saher comes and asks her for Ranbir while Avani says that he went with someone who came dressed like a Joker. They leave to find him while Ranbir is being tortured by the Joker who is taking revenge for something. He says his name as Uddha panday and was a kid who got bullied by Ranbir is school. Uddha says that the joke of yours destroyed three years of my life but I got a power to hypnotize people and one after the other I came to you.
Sarthak says to Yamini that I want to ask you something but you must promise to tell me the truth. Yamini promises to answer truthfully and he asks her why she talks to him rudely. She says that this is not fair and asks him from where he got the haircut and rubs her hand against his head. They are about to kiss when someone comes and sits between them. They sit back and when the girl goes to sleep the come to kiss.
Saher and Avani are searching for Ranbir when Saher gets a call from her mother and she leaves. Uddha says to Ranbir to go to the spear when I tell you to. He gives the sign to Ranbir but Vivan comes on the right time and stops Ranbir after hitting Uddha. He tries to wake Ranbir up while Avani comes in the way and VIvan kills Uddha and saves Avani. He scolds Avani again and says that are you mad as you roam around everywhere. Avani says that what if something happened to you.
The body of Uddha of disappears and everyone under his hypnosis wakes up even Yamini and Sarthak. Rose is scared as the bar counter is empty and says that my papa is going to kill me. Vivan leaves telling Avani not to say anything to anyone. Ranbir wakes up and Avani tells him that you drank a lot so lost your way. Samir comes and asks Ranbir where his girlfriend is and Ranbir says that she left early. Later Rose’s birthday is celebrated and she thanks Avani.
The next day they Avani and Rose come to the class discussing about the party. Rose says to Avani that Vivan sir wore the dress you got him and that means something. Avani asks if that is true while Rose asks if something happened and she promises not to tell anyone. Avani says that nothing happened but Rose insists and Avani says that we hugged. Rose is going crazy and when Avani says that she hugged him and Rose says that she wants to know all of it. Avani says that whenever I go in front my hands and feet go cold and that is why I do bad things when he comes. Rose starts to tease her while Avani says that he likes Dr.Vivan a lot and there is something that drags her to him.

Precap: Vivan tells Avani the rules if she wants to stay his assistant. The rules include of Avani staying 4 feet away from him, only coming when he asks and only talking when says.

Update Credit to: Sona

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