Ek Hasina Thi 6th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 6th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaurya exercising. The servant brings tea and knocks the door and Shaurya opens the door being on wheelchair. Dev comes and says I know you don’t drink tea at this time, but we can have it, green tea is good for health. Shaurya says then he would have had it, and he is thinking he is back at home, and is his legs working fine. He laughs and asks is he afraid. Dev says I want you to stand on your feet and go to jail, it won’t look good to go on wheelchair, so I have a deal for you. Shaurya asks what deal. Dev says you accept your crime that you have done Payal’s rape, and when you get released, I will give you all luxuries like before. Shaurya laughs and asks how did he expect he will accept this deal. Dev says trying is my duty, and makes the tea fall on his leg.

Shaurya does not react and asks him what will he catch him, if he can’t hold a tea cup. He asks him to leave and shows the door. Dev leaves. Shaurya stands up and shuts the door, and puts water on his leg. He says I know he came to take my test, to know can I walk or not, was it me behind Dayal’s murder, he is thinking right, but he took a wrong man’s test. He whistles. Sakshi comes o the orphanage. Durga and Akash follow her. Durga says what is she doing here. Sakshi plays the piano and Durga and Akash get the sound. Durga says Sakshi is playing it. Akash says he does not understand anything. The secret vault in the piano opens and she gets the tape. She is relieved seeing it. She keeps it back and leaves. Durga says she is sure the tape is here. Akash asks how can she be sure.

Durga thinks of Sakshi’s words. She says she has spent her childhood here, this is the safe place for her to hide her secret, I m sure she has hidden the tape here. Akash says we will get it. Durga says not now, else she will know, we will know it tomorrow. Akash says maybe she took it with her. Durga says no, this is safest place, Rajnath is at home and she can’t let him get it, she has punctured the car tyres also, so that he does not follow her. She says let her sleep peacefully today. Akash says ok, lets go. Dev thinks if Shaurya has underlined this, I have a strong doubt. He thinks to meet Mohanty and gets ready. Suchitra brings juice for him. Dev says he was coming downstairs. She says she was thinking about school function. He asks will she lie to him now, and asks whats the matter.

She says she hopes Arnav forgives her, she wants to leave this house, she is worried for him and Durga, she can’t forget Payal and Nitya’s tears and pain. Dev says what you are saying is right, the house is negativity, it has many wrong things done by our family, and we were blind and became a part of it. He says don’t worry, attend the school function, we will talk about this later. She asks about Durga, will she come in function. Dev says she is at Dayal’s house, and I will get her. She leaves. Dev thinks its my dad’s house, they all have to leave, not us, I will make this house pure, I know Shaurya is a rapist and murderer, I will make sure of this by meeting Mohanty, and Maa don’t worry about Nitya, Durga is Nitya, and she is where she should be, in this house, as your bahu.

Durga and Akash meet the orphanage incharge. She praises Sakshi and says she takes care of all expenses of the orphanage. Durga says she will go to washroom and goes to music room. Dev calls her and she ends the call. Dev says why did she cut my call and goes to meet Mohanty. Durga says where will the tape, it’s a challenge for me, and I have to do it. She looks for the tape. Akaash keeps the lady busy. Durga thinks Sakshi was playing piano, why did she play, why will she do this. She plays the piano recalling Sakshi’s tune. The incharge says who is playing piano, I think Sakshi came, its her fav tune which she always plays, no one told me she came. Akash gets tensed and hurts his hand by a nail. The secret vault opens. Akash says he did not notice it. The incharge says she will do the dressing and first aid. Durga sees the vault and gets the tape from it. She smiles.

Durga tells Akash lets see whats in the tape. Dev also looks on and is shocked seeing the tape of Rajnath shooting his dad Arnav. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. i jst hate tu mera hero promos

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  9. dalvir bains

    thats great job ,,,,,,durga and akash

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  11. sravana bhargavi

    Tu mera hero cannot replace this show i hope durga clear all the doubts of dev soon

  12. Fabulous episode. I have a feeling that tu mera hero is just another usual kind of teledrama

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  17. Just loved today’s episode… Gonna miss this show like hell… Btw thanxxxx a lot amena for the update…

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  21. Can anyone tell will it b in the same timing..or changed from Monday..

  22. Superb. Mind blowing. Awesome.
    Each day it’s better than the last!
    Of course if they had just bit more time things Wudnt be rushed 🙁

  23. Tight story lines. Superb cast. Excellent writing. Even my 65+ old parents love it more than diya Bati hum! They are going to miss it too much and this was the only drama they looked forward to each night!

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  29. Love this serial since its not dragged like other shows and is going off air accordingly. When every good things come to end at the right time, then it adds a feather to the cap.. Wish the story writter gets another such show with again fixed no of episodes.. Love the EHT..

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