Fanaah 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avani Patel (Chetna), an aspiring doctor and keenly interested in naturopathy. Her mother and father ask her to stop indulging in her love for plants and herbs and go live their dream of seeing her become a doctor. She says that her herbs have magic. If they use it people will be free from diseases altogether. Her father asks her then why did she make the decoction so less. Treat everyone on this planet then what will you do to earn livelihood. Avani says that the plants are her life. One day, she will make good use of them.

Vivan(Karan) blows of all the candles of the hospital and switches off all the lights as well. One of the young patients pull him in her cabin and ask him if he hates Diwali too? Atleast let the lights stay this Festival. Vivan says that nothing can enlighten my life. Nothing. She calls him Dr. Negative and says that let’s be positive. Vivan chides that this is why she is leaving them so soon. Even I cannot save you. The girl says that that is why I have to multiply my life with 100…because I have to live the life of 100 years in these many days of my life. He calls her Ms. Happiness and asks her to rest. As soon as she lies down, she feels a hard thing below her pillow and finds a gift from Vivan. It’s a box of chocolates.

Avani is working on her herbs and decoctions when Prateek, her best friend comes to pick her up for a party for medical students. Avani’s mother sees a prospect groom in Prateek. She expresses this to her husband. Prateek is invited inside and Avani’s mom feeds him sweets. They finally leave for the party. Avani wonders why she does everything for Prateek. Prateek says because we’re BFFs. In the car, Prateek chides Avani for being MIA from internet. She says she has many other works then just sticking to the mobile phone. Prateek gets a message from Ranbir that they’re reaching.

Ranbir and Rose in a car. Rose is clicking selfies and scolds Ranbir for driving rashly coz she is not able to click right pics. As soon as they reach the venue, Ranbir speeds the car to reach the parking lot first and spoils Rose’s dress. Rose cribs and says that she always carries a backup. After changing, they reach the club.

Ranbir meets up with Prateek. Prateek points at Avani and says that he has come with her. Ranbir points at Rose and says that is my group. Ranbir tells that he invited both engg. and medical students because he got selected in both courses. He’ll see which courses are more fun and then join. They both enjoy the party when Avani and Rose join them. They propose a drink as the money is being donated to some dog foundation. Everyone takes alcohol but Avani takes milkshake. She says she doesn’t drink. Prateek asks why did Sarthak not turn up. Ranbir informs about Saher.

A conservative Muslim family is shown. Saher is introduced. She asks permission to go to the party. Her mother says we haven’t told your abbu about ur admission in medical college…how can you go? Saher says why do we have to stay like this. When shall I get freedom. Why can’t we go out? I know…medical college is my freedom. She texts her friends that she’s not coming.

A boy Utkarsh invites Avani for a dance. Avani softly refuses. He spikes her milkshake. Avani gets high and starts behaving weirdly. She stands on the bar table and reveals her love for naturopathy. Prateek pulls her down. Fight breaks between the engg. and medical students. Sarthak(Yuvraj) comes in and stops the fight and asks both the groups to back off. He gets hurt in the process and Avani, Prateek, Sarthak, Ranbir and Rose are transported to Medlife Hospital for treatment. This is where Vivan works.

Vivan just misses to see Avani and Sarthak by a fraction of a second.

Precap: A senior doctor asks Vivan to teach the new interns and guide them. Vivan says he’s here to do research. That’s it. The 5 interns are worried because they have been brought to the same hospital where they’ve to join as interns.

Update Credit to: Temptations

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