Bigg Boss 8 26th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 26th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 35
Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage, he dances on song. After dance, he welcomes all in bigg boss. Salman says there are four people in house who thinks that they are alone, they are lonely, infact every human thinks that he is alone, now see me, if I say I am alone, audience laughs, Salman says I am not alone, I have family and Fans. Salman says welcome music directors Sajid and Wajid, They come on stage and starts singing, they sing for bigg boss, Salman jokes about wajid’s weight, he says welcome saroj ji looking at wajid, Sajid says salman bowled sajid, Salman says sajid and wajid had composed song for bigg boss in 15 minutes. Salman makes Wajid wear his coat, he says give it back after show, Wajid says our bigg boss (salman Khan) Is in demand, not for acting only but he is in singing competition, he is in demand to sing, I got a offer for film but producer asked me to bring Salman khan to sing song for movie, salman says I am not able to sing properly for my film even, he then jokes that many singers will go home if I start singing, Wajid says Salman today is going to sing with us a medley live on bigg boss, all applauds, Salman alongwith Saji-wajid sing mashaalllah song, then they sing tune tou chori kiya re jiya, they sing some other songs.

The video is connected to inmates, inmates sees sajid-wajid and applauds for them, Wajid says we have chosen two songs for inmates, they first sing kamina hota song, all inmates laugh, Wajid says now I will sing for Arya and minissha but they have to dance, Arya and Minissha dances, wajid and sajid sing dhagabaaz song, Minissha and Arya acts in dance, minissha shows attitude to arya while arya runs behind her in song. All claps for them, Salman ask is there any song for gautam and Sonali, SAjid says they are hot couple too, he says we are singing song for you, come and Dance. They sing song love me baby, Gautam flirts with sonali, Sonali and Gautam dances nicely, Wajid praises Gautam, Salman greets Sajid and wajid, They leave the stage. Salman says to inmates that I have noticed that you people answer for each other, so now I will ask question to one inmate and other inmate will answer it, Salman ask sushant to bring something from store room, he brings, its play cards, Salman says the one who will answer question for other will raise the play card, Salman first ask Puneet that who see in top three, he ask Arya to answer for Puneet, Arya says I see myself, Gautam and Pritham, he says I am possessive about my group so I see them, Puneet agrees with Arya’s answer, Salman next ask Ali that why people in house cant understand you and from whom you get negative vibes, he ask pritham to answer on his behave, Pritham says they don’t understand me as I have come after some days, I have broken the groups, I have given them tasks, I have divided them to work so they don’t understand me and I get negative vibes from Gautam, Salman then ask Sonali to answer question on gautam’s behalf, he ask whom Gautam is afraid of in house, Sonali says I am not afraid of anyone, I play with heart, Gautam says her style was different but my answer would be same like her. Salman ends the call.

Salman says that soni, sonali, Minissha or Diandra, one will go out of house today. He says welcome Urvashi ( BB6 winner, ex-contestant), she comes on stage, salman ask how you are feeling to be back, Urvashi says I like it, the call is connected to house, All screams in happiness seeing urvashi, urvashi says I know Karishma and Sushant, sushant passes her flying kiss, Salman ask her favorite, Urvashi says I like PRitham and Gautam, Salman ask to rank them and start from till she likes, Urvashi ask Sushant to bring something from store room, Sushant is wearing shorts, Salman jokes to wear something, this pair of shorts is very short, all laughs. Sushant brings another paly cards, Urvashi says to sushant that you are my all time favorite but you are not doing anything in house, Urvashi says these play cards have numbers, you will take the number according to your thinking that how much you are popular in house, Puneet takes number that he is most popular, Urvashi ask why did you pick no. 1, puneet says I couldn’t any other number, I wanted to have 12 number, Urvashi ask pritham to give him 12 number, Pritham gives him 12 no. and takes one number, he says I selected 12 number because I have chance to grow from there, Urvashi says nice thought but people are liking you a lot and you should be one number one, Urvashi says now I will rank you all, she gives number to all inmates putting them on popularity rank in aundience.
Pritham # 1
Gautam # 2
Diandra # 3
Ali # 4
KArishma # 5
Soni # 6
Praneet # 7
Minissha # 8
Soanli 9
Sushant # 10
Puneet # 11
Arya # 12
Upen # 13

Urvashi says to Arya that you don’t posses your own point of view, you just say on other’s behalf, you don’t talk for yourself but talk for other. Urvashi says diandra wanted captaincy, she cleared it but nobody talked about it because some were saying that sushant should become captain then all started saying that he should be captain without even thinking with their mind, all just follow each other. Urvashi says that in my year of show, one person called me his sister even before entering house and other person made me sister in house but today no one of them are in my life (she is hinting at Upen and Soni), so I want to say that relations doesn’t work in house, she ask diandra to talk, Diandra says I even think that relations made here in house are not real, Urvashi ask diandra why she didn’t get votes? diandra says I think sushant is cool, calm and he has cordial relations with all, urvashi says so inmates thought that sushant is not a threat so make him captain, Urvashi ask minissha, doesnt she want to be captain, minissha says I wanted to but I knew that we won the task only because of diandra so I supported her. Urvashi says to Ali that you think you know every contestant as you have seen them on Tv before entering but let me tell you Tv only shows what inmates have shown till yet, the much they shown about themselves will only be shown on Tv so you don’t totally know them. Urvashi wishes them all the best, Salman says thank you Urvashi for demoralizing my contestants, Urvashi says no I just said what is opinion of audience, she leaves from the stage.

Cargo boy (airport devil) comes on stage with box, Salman ask what is in box? he sings for devil that tere naina maar dalengy, Salman opens the box and finds spice packet, he says it is related to revenge, he says lets see the video. in video, all inmates are busy in cleaning house, ALi assigns them tasks and keeps them busy. Then all inmates b*t*hes about ALi, Sushant says ALi is nothing, Diandra says ALi have no strategy, Praneet says I will see this Guy, Soni makes weird face on ALi’s back, On dinner inmates take the revenge, inmates put spice in ALi’s food, he screams with spice and runs to get the water, All inmates laugh seeing his situation, then on other occasion, they throw ALi in swimming pool, Arya pushes him in pool, all laughs, Ali takes it in high stride and laughs too. video ends.

Salman says now we will see who is going out of house. call is connected to house, Salman ask puneet who is most nervous in house? he says Minissha, Arya says I differ, I don’t think that she is going out, the thing for which she was nominated is cleared, you cleared that it was misunderstanding what I said about her, so who would not vote to save her as she is cleared in things. Salman talks to Diandra and ask her opinion, she says I am strong contender, Salman says congrats DIANDRA you are SAFE, all claps, Salman then ask Sonali what she thinks, she says I don’t I have played well, Salman says to SONALI that you are SAFE, Salman jokes with Gautam about his relation with Sonali, Gautam says I have no scene in house or out of house, but Pritham, Praneet and Puneet teaches me things as how to take things further with Sonali, Salman says they are married and teaching how to make girlfriend. Salman ask Sonali what Gautam is saying, sonali in ignoring style says even I don’t know what is he saying, Salman laughs. Gautam says Sonali is good girl but we should take time, Salman says till you both are not sure don’t take things further. Salman says minissha or Soni will be going out today. He ask soni her last massege if she is going out, Soni says I will miss everyone, she gets emotional and cries, Upen consoles her, Salman ask minissha her last massage, Minissha say when I get in house, I thought I would not get people in house who would support me and will be my friend but I am surprised to know that I have made many friends that I would want to meet even after going out, Salman says you will meet after big boss but not now, you are in house and soni is going out, SONI is ELIMINATED, Upen hugs Soni and kisses on her cheek to console her, Salman ask inmates to see off soni to gate, Soni meets everyone, she hugs sushant and everyone, she says sorry to gautam for misunderstanding, he says its okay, they take soni to gate and see off her, they meet her, Sushant and Upen are most sad, Soni leaves the house.

Sushant is crying, he says to Sonali that Soni got eliminated because of you, you dotn talk to me, Sonali says she is actresses, she had upper hand than you, its good she is gone, Sushant goes from there.

Soni comes on stage, she meets Salman, Salman ask her strategy, Soni says I used to not fight, I didn’t want to fight, I used to enjoy in house, Salman says let me show you what inmates say on behind. he plays the video. in video, it is shown that Puneet and gautam are gossiping about soni, Puneet says she eats a lot and will go out soon, she will cook for Upen and will make him sit in her lap and will make him eat the food , Gautam says she keep running behind Upen, puneet agrees. then video plays in which Diandra says to upen that Soni feels bad, her face get pale when you talk to someone else and its kind of weird, its totally weird. Video ends. Salman says lets chat with inmates. Call is connected to house, all inmates talk to Soni, soni says I am hurt to listen your taunts on my back, you people have so much filth in your minds, you think that Upen and I have relation, Gautam did I ever say to you about sonali but why you commented on me and Upen, she says Puneet that I cant even think that you will says these things about me that I will make upen sit in my lap, I cant even think that you will say about me, I am very hurt, Gautam says whatever I have said was infront of you, I never b*t*hed about you, soni says I saw the video, you were talking about me and upen, you were imitating me, she says I thought you all respect my relation with upen, I will keep this brotherly relation forever, I will show you all that how will I carry this relation with upen, I am advising you Gautam to be with one person, you are with one on one week and with other on other week. Salman says now its time for danger bomb, he says you have the right to free two people from Arya, Puneet and Minissha from household work and from punishment that they cant use luxuries of house and select two people in replace of them who cant use house luxuries and will sleep on floor, Soni says I am freeing Minissha and Arya. I am selecting Gautam and Pritham to stop them from using luxuries and they will sleep on floor. Arya and minissha thanks her. Soni gives flying kiss to upen, Call ends. Soni greets Salman and leaves the stage, her journey ends. Salman ends the episode.

PRECAP- Nomination special. All inmates comes in confession room one by one and nominates others. later Ali says to bigg boss that Praneet is very lazy in work, he doesn’t complete the household work which I give to him. Later Praneet gets angry on Ali and says only Praneet can raise voice against you, he shouts that only I tell you that this is right or wrong so you get angry on me, all do work like me, they don’t work too much but you always target me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Sushant was talking about minisha not about sonali , please check and update

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