Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi is pregnant

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pakhi sits next to Agastya. He’s asleep. Ishaan comes and says I want to talk to you. She asks what? He says I really appreciate it if Agastya saved Shanaya. But still, I am scared what if he’s pretending again? He did the same with me. He was very good to me. What if Samir’s fear is right? What if it’s his big plan? Pakhi says Agastya consider Shanaya his sister. HE can never harm her. I trust her. Ishaan says you can’t blindly trust him after what he did to your dad. He said the same that he saved Samir but instead he was the one who kidnapped him. Pakhi thinks about it.

Pakhi meets Shanaya. She says please smile. We will go home. You will be discharged today. Agastya brings balloons. She smiles. Shanaya says thank you jeju. You saved me like a fighter. He says you’re a fighter yourself. Pakhi asks what were you doing near her college? He says I was driving past it since it’s near my office. It was a coincidence. Like a good coincidence when I met you after Mira ruined my life in childhood. A girl came into my life and taught me how to smile. She taught me how to live life. He says Shanaya you should thank your didi. Pakhi says in her heart he can never harm Shanaya. Agastya says let’s go home. Dadi says won’t you go with us Pakhi? Agastya says she said she needs time to think. So I will give her 6.. 10.. no whole life to think if you need it. I can wait for you all my life. Agastya and and dadi leave.

Scene 2
Agastya comes home. He says I have learned love can’t be forced. Pakhi will come back when she feels comfortable. Agastya calls his detective and asks if he found the man? He says I’ve traced the goons. We can trace their boss too. Pakhi thinks about what Agastya said. The doctor comes to Pakhi and says we got your blood report. You’re pregnant. Pakhi says what? I am pregnant? He says yes congratulations. Pakhi is shocked. The ward boy brings food for her. He says Agastya sent it. Pakhi says Agastya.. our child. You’ve changed. I can never find a better husband than you. And our child, a better father. You will make the best father in the world.

Pakhi calls Agastya. He says don’t take the stress. You can come whenever you want. She listens to me. He says first you tell me when will you come? She says I will come back in 9 hours. I will tell you some very big news. Our lives would change, and you will be so happy to hear this news. He says I love you. I will wait for you. Ishaan looks at Pakhi. Samir tells Prema Shanaya is better now. He tells Shanaya your Nani will be taken home today. Ishaan comes and asks how are you now Shanaya? He says to Samir we’ve to sign some papers. Samir says but Shanaya is alone here. Ishaan says I will send a nurse don’t worry.

Scene 3
Agastya thinks about what Pakhi wanted to tell him. Pakhi says I can’t wait for his reaction. There can’t be better news. She prepares flowers. Agastya decorates the house. Pakhi dances around in happiness. Anand calls Agastya and tells him something. He’s shocked. Pakhi comes to Shanaya’s room. She says why are you trying to get up? She says the goons who attacked me the came here too. He was outside, he looked at me.

Episode ends

Precap: Agastya pays a man saying dare you say I was behind kidnapping. Pakhi walks in with Ishan and hears that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Can someone confirm if there is a leap on this show? Hopefully not, Ishaans character is annoying hopefully it doesn’t drag like Mira’s storyline.

  2. I don’t like ishaan anymore
    He’s so cunning and annoying
    I just hope he gets exposed soon

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