Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part 25

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Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Part 25

Dedicated to Blakey as she has been requesting me to bring out the truth before everyone since a long time.

Part 25

Raman thinks:how come Ishita is outside?she was with me here
Suddenly kangana comes:who is that Raman?
Raman,Ishita,Rashi r shocked.
Ishita goes near Kangana with thrill:kangana,u r alive?i’m ur sister
Kangana becomes angry:so u r my sister who pretended 2 b dead to trap my husband?

Raman,she’s Subbu’s company,I’ll kill u lady
Kangana beats Ishita.Raman forcefully pulls Kangana back.Kangana faints.Raman keeps her on bed.
Raman-Ishita look at each other emotionally.

Then hug each other.
Rashi:I thought u r a heartless man who deserted ur wife who suffered 4 u.but I was mistaken.u mistook kangana for Ishita and took care of her.

Ishita smiles emotionally.

They tell everything 2 piyush.
P:This is a great Raman can escape from law.

They smile.
P:but b4 that its essential 2 find out where kangana was b4 she reached Raman

Subbu’s car brake down.Piyush comes:shall I give u a lift?
SUBBU:thx a lot
Subbu gets inside Piyush’s car.Subbu finds out that Piyush is driving 2 another route:where r u going?stop
The Car reaches Raman’s house.
SUBBU:y did u bring me here?u r Raman’s man.he wants 2 kill me too
P:I’m not ur enemy.u go inside.then u’ll understand the truth

Piyush brings Subbu inside.
RAMAN:kangana is alive.she’s here
SUBBU:stop it
RAMAN:u go 2 the bedroom& c
Subbu goes there and sees kangana sleeping.
SUBBU:u made Ishita 2 sleep here 2 fool me again.

“I’m here Subbu”.
Subbu turns back and is shocked 2 c Ishita.
Raman:At least you can believe that this is Kangana.Right?

Subu becomes emotional and looks at Kangana.Subbu is happy 2 c kangana:my kangana is alive,.My Kangana is with me.
Kangana opens her eyes and is shocked 2 SUBBU.
Kangana:u came again?u can’t touch my husband when I’m alive.i’ll kill u

She catches his neck.Raman and Ishita save Subbu by pulling Kangana back.
Kangana faints.Subbu keeps her on bed with tears.
ISHITA:kangana thinks that she’s Raman’s wife Ishita.she thinks u r her enemy,bcz u tried 2 harm Raman
Subbu weeps:my wife,.I want her back

Doctor tells them:kangana thinks she’s Ishita and Raman and palak r her world.u can’t suddenly break her’ll danger Raman has 2 pretend 2 b her husband
RAMAN:no,I can’t.i feel ashamed of myself for behaving like a husband 2 Kangana thinking that she’s my wife I know she’s not my wife.Ishita is with me now.b4 my wife how can I live with another lady?its impossible
Dr:but kangana’s life..
SUBBU:plz jeeju,u act as her husband.
Raman is shocked:how can a husband tell another man 2 pretend as a husband 2 his own wife?
Subbu is dull:I’ve been compelled 2 do so 2 save my wife

ISHITA:plz do so Raman.
Raman is shocked:Ishita!u also?
Ishita weeps:yes,bcz she’s my sister and I can’t c her dying inch by inch.

v both r responsible 4 her present v’ve 2 do anything 2 save her.
i can understand ur condition.but plz 4 my sake Raman…


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  1. nice update kangana is thinking herself ishita now raman have to act as her husband

  2. Rashita

    Woooowwww super duper epi…loved it sooooooooo much…..????? at last ishra became one….thank god the truth is revealed I was waiting for this moment since very long…thanks Jasmine…..

  3. Superb dear

  4. Veronica

    Superb dea…. Ishra scene and piyush forcibly bringing Subbu to Raman’s hse was nice. And Subbu and Ishita asking Raman to act is expected. Waiting for next. ??

  5. Zaira

    Thank u soooo much jasmine to atlast open up the main thing I m soooo happy ??????☺☺☺☺☺☺……ishra scene was nice….subbu n kangana scenevwas emotional …poor subbu ….I know Raman ll agree ??….

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